Official Russian Swimming Roster For Rio Approved

It seems as though the dust has finally settled in the ongoing Russian doping saga following the IOC announcement that they cleared 271 of the 389 Russian athletes submitted to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Among those cleared are a total of 32 swimmers who will be competing at the Games. Both Vlad Morozov and Nikita Lobinstev were given clearance to compete after both being named as part of the “disappearing positives” program revealed in the McLaren report on systematic Russian doping.

While both Morozov and Lobinstev were cleared for competition, the most high-profile doping swimmer, Yulia Efimova, was denied a spot on the Olympic team after appealing the decision to the CAS earlier this week.

Daria Ustinova, Mikhail Dovgaluk, and Natalia Lovtcova were also all removed from the Russian roster prior to the IOC ruling. Marathon swimmer Anastasia Krappivina was as removed as well.

While many of their top stars such as Efimova and Ustinova were removed from the roster, they still have plenty of top contenders who could fight for the podium in Rio.

Morozov is one of the biggest names, a sprint guru who’s in the medal hunt in both the 50 and 100m freestyles.

Anton Chupkov could be a threat in the breaststroke events, and the depth on the Russian relays can never be overlooked.

The full roster is below:

  • Sofia Andreeva
  • Viktoriya Andreeva
  • Daria Chikunova
  • Svetlana Chimrova
  • Anastasiya Fesikova
  • Natalya Lovtsova
  • Daria Mullakaeva
  • Rozaliya Nasretdinova
  • Arina Openysheva
  • Veronika Popova
  • Vyacheslav Andrusenko
  • Anton Chupkov
  • Andrey Grechin
  • Danila Izotov
  • Ilya Khomenko
  • Evgeny Koptelov
  • Alexander Krasnykh
  • Nikita Lobintsev
  • Vladimir Morozov
  • Aleksandr Popkov
  • Yaroslav Potapov
  • Kirill Prigoda
  • Evgeni Rilov
  • Aleksandr Sadovnikov
  • Andrey Shabasov
  • Aleksandr Sukhorukov
  • Grigoriy Tarasevich
  • Vsevolod Zanko
  • Aleksei Brianskii
  • Ilya Druzhinin
  • Semen Makovich
  • Daniil Pakhomov

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4 years ago

Looks like Efimova is going after all. Her agent posted so.

4 years ago

Any podium they make will be suspect. Just say’in. The IOC is a corrupt organization that will be the “downfall” of future Olympics.

Attila the Hunt
4 years ago

I hope Morozov and Lobintsev got booed loudly everytime they are on the starting block.

Reply to  Attila the Hunt
4 years ago

I doubt that either of them breaks 48.2

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