Norway Releases Senior & Junior National Teams For 2018-19 Season

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October 09th, 2018 Europe, International, News

Norway has released both their senior and junior national teams for the 2018-19 season.

Senior National Team 2018-19

Norges Svommerforbund, the governing body for swimming in Norway, has split their senior national team into five different groups. The groups are decided based on qualifying times designed using the 2017 FINA point system.

  • To see the short course meters qualifying standards in Norwegian click here.
  • To see the long course meters qualifying standards in Norwegian click here.
  • T0 see an outline of the performance-based grant process for Norwegian national swimmers click here. 

All athletes on any of Norway’s national swimming teams are required to carry a training log.

Included in the country’s top team is Henrik Christiansen, who won silver at this summer’s European Championships in the 400 free (the same position as he took in 2016). He finished 4th and 5th, respectively, in the 800 and 1500 freestyles at the 2017 World Championships.

Elite Group (885 points)

  • Henrik Christiansen

Challenger Group 1 (860 ponts)

  • No swimmers at present time

Challenger Group 2 (835 points)

  • Markus Lie
  • Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas
  • Niksa Stojkovski

Recruit Group (810 points) 

  • Eva Kummen
  • Ingeborg Vassbakk
  • Malene Rypestøl
  • Truls Wigdel
  • Patrick Toth
  • André Klippenberg

Hospitant (Foreign National of Norwegian Club)

  • Jolann Bovey (Switzerland)


  • Coach: Petter Løvberg
  • Team manager: Ingrid Haslev Anmarkrud

Junior National Teams 2018-19 Season

Qualifying for the Junior National Team includes different criteria than the senior team. The qualifying standards are based around 2017 FINA points like the senior, and the team is split into four distinct groups based on those standards. To qualify swimmers In 2001 need at least 775 points, 2002 750, 2003 725, and 2004 675.

Like the senior team, swimmers must record training logs and participate in any meetings. They must maintain their healthy status (assumption is the translation is referencing their ability to compete and train injury-free).

Junior Team Roster

  • He Stamnesfet Næss (04)
  • Tobias Moen Olsen (02)
  • Nicholas Lia (01)
  • Jon Jøntvedt (03)
  • Mats Fjogstad Tobiassen


  • Coach: Kay-Arild Paulsen
  • Team manager: Ingrid Haslev Anmarkrud

Younger swimmers also have the opportunity to qualify for the Junior Development team. They’re required to qualify in multi event combos, making them demonstrate versatility in order to make the team.

In order to make the junior team, swimmers need to at least have made events in any of these six combinations:

  • Category 1: 50, 100, 200 free
  • Category 2: 400, 800, 1500 free
  • Category 3: 100, 200 fly
  • Category 4: 100, 200 back
  • Category 5: 100, 200 breast
  • Category 6: 200, 400 IM

Swimmers are considered based off 2017 FINA points scores of 525, 575, and 625.

Junior Development Group coach: Beda Leirvaag.

To see team Norway’s schedule over the 2018-19 season click here.

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