Missy Franklin Joining Stand Up to Cancer Telethon with Hanks, Timberlake

Whenever a superstar wunderkind catches national attention that seems to-good-to-be-true both within their chosen profession and outside of it, there’s always a bug in the back of the public’s head about how much of it is genuine, and how much of it is a show (see Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan).

But for those who are wondering about our very own newest superstar: Missy Franklin is the real deal. She’s purely genuine, purely class, and purely spectacular.

Since rising to national attention beginning with NBC’s Olympic hype-up in the spring, she’s thrown herself after a number of charitable causes. When she was at the Olympic training camp in Tennessee, she heard about a fundraiser auction to send the family of a member of the Paralympic swim team to London to watch their daughter swim.

Missy called up her mom and told her to donate a free Missy franklin swim lesson. So overwhelmed was the 17-year old by the response, raising over $1,700, that she offered a second lesson to the second-highest bidder, which they snapped up with joy. All-told, she raised almost $3,500 purely on her own ambitions to help.

Her latest endeavor will be as a part of the third annual Stand Up to Cancer telethon. She will join superstars like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Justin Timberlake on the tv event that will spain more than 16 channels on Friday from 7 to 8 PM Eastern Time. The festivities kick off at 2PM, and Missy will man the phone bank along with fellow Olympian, and gymnast Gabby Douglas. Among the stations airing the special are all of the major networks (CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC), VH1 (to capture some huge musical performances from groups like Coldplay) and HBO.

The program has raised more than $180 million since 2008, as it awards grants to multidisciplinary research “Dream Teams” that are using new and innovative methods to cure and treat cancer. Donations can be made online here, or better yet, call in during the show and you might just get the chance to talk to Missy Franklin.

Franklin is an athletic specimen. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a thousand more times if I have to: the swimming community is lucky to have gotten her.

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For anyone on here who knows Missy Franklin, pls tell her how much we appreciate her support. I have literally lost track of how many of my family members and friends have lived with or died from cancer, but the “Stand Up To Cancer” initiative not only boosts the morale of those living with cancer, and their love ones, but also makes a real difference in their lives.

More often than not, I find that swimmers tend to be generous types in general in terms of giving back, but for Franklin to take time from her busy schedule right after the Olympics like this is beyond the call of duty!


Thank you for this article. What are some of the channels that it will be broadcasted?

Billy Jeane

I find it great that these olympic athletes (especially the swimmers) have been able to give back. I have been continuing to follow articles on the swimmers because as a former college swimmer I immediately recognized how close-knit the team seemed and how genuine they are. And while the media focuses on Lochte and Phelps partying I’ve been impressed with the others ability to give back. It’s a great side to the story that needs to be talked about more. a few examples (and btw I basically sit around and read articles on swimmers all day cuz i have tons of free time haha): This wonderful story on Missy! and everything about Missy is so cute and wonderful! She’s my… Read more »

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