Mary-Sophie Harvey Clocks 4:36.79 400 IM On Day One Of Giant Series


Day one of the 2024 Meeting Nice – Camille Muffat, part of the Giant Series, kicked off today with a big splash by Mary-Sophie Harvey in the women’s 400m IM.

The 24-year-old Canadain already established herself as the woman to beat in the event, courtesy of the 4:44.79 top seed she produced in the heats.

Flash forward to tonight, however, and Harvey busted out a head-turning 4:36.79 to wind up with the gold. That beat the field by over 6 seconds as she came within a hair of her personal best. That PB remains at the 4:36.48 logged in 2017 and keeps her ranked 5th on the all-time Canadian performers list.

Splits for Harvey this evening included 1:02.74, 1:14.68, 1:17.45 and 1:01.92 to get the job done and rank 4th in the world this season.

2023-2024 LCM Women 400 IM

4:24.34 WR
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This swim comes on the tail of Harvey having recorded a series of personal best times at last month’s Quebec Cup, highlighted by a 1:57.26 200 free.

Olympic medalist Noe Ponti of Switzerland made his presence known early in this competition, firing off a quick 51.07 as the top-seeded men’s 100m butterflier. That inserted the Swiss ace 3rd in the season’s world rankings.

He ultimately nabbed gold tonight in a result of 51.37 to keep Frenchman Maxime Grousset at bay by .10. Grousset settled for silver in 51.47 while teammate Clement Secchi rounded out the podium in 51.92. American Michael Andrew snagged 5th place in 53.30.

Entering this competition, Ponti’s season-best rested at the 51.34 put up on the World Aquatics Swimming World Cup circuit.

24-year-old Grousset topped the men’s 1fly podium at last year’s World Championships, clocking a time of 50.14 there in Fukuoka.

2024 World Championships silver medalist Melanie Henique followed up her success in Doha with gold in the 50m fly this evening.

Henique bagged the gold in 25.58, the sole result of the field under 26 seconds. Sara Juvenik of Sweden was next to the wall in 26.00 while Beryl Gastaldello of France touched in 26.31.

Henique took silver in Doha behind Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom, producing a time of 25.44 to make her mark on that competition. She owns the French national record in 25.17, a time she put up in 2021.

The host nation’s Yohann Ndoye-Brouard ripped a huge lifetime best en route to winning the men’s 200m IM. Ndoye-Brouard, known for his backstroke prowess, registered 1:58.91 as the sole swimmer under the 2:00 barrier.

This race marks the 23-year-old’s first-ever foray into the sub-2:00 zone, entering this competition with a previous lifetime best of 2:01.61 from 2021.

Additional Winners

  • Florine Gaspard of Belgium won the women’s 100m breast in 1:07.78
  • Brazilian Joao Gomes Junior grabbed the gold in the men’s 50m breast in 27.20. Andrew was the silver medalist in 27.55.
  • Distance ace Anastasia Kirpichnikova topped the women’s 1500m free field in 16:03.54. That crushed her Doha performance of 16:12.98 and rocketed her up the world rankings to take slot #6 on the season.
  • Emma Terebo clocked a time of 2:09.66 to reap gold in the women’s 200m back. In January she notched a new lifetime best of 2:09.08 at the Luxembourg Euro meet.
  • Breno Correia of Brazil was too quick to catch in the men’s 200m free, establishing himself with the gold in a time of 1:48.72 this evening.

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Aragon Son of Arathorne
2 months ago

Mandrew did a 100? Is he ok?

Former Big10
2 months ago

Awesome swim for Secchi, sets up well for his 200

2 months ago

MA was 52.52 in semis 53.30 in finals. #Jetlag

Reply to  Hank
2 months ago

The fly to breast swims were 7 minutes apart. However his fly and breast looks great.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous
Reply to  Anonymous
2 months ago

The fly was before the breaststroke so not sure what that has to do with it being a second slower in the evening. Nonetheless, a 52.5 is a good time and hopefully he can drop into the 51s in Paris.

Reply to  Hank
2 months ago

Not jet lagged. He has been over in south of France for a while “training”.
More likely, he is still struggling in events over 50….and even they are hit and miss!

Last edited 2 months ago by Diehard
Reply to  Diehard
2 months ago

He went about 5-7 days ahead of the meet. There is 8 hours difference between California and France. So he still has some jet lag.

2 months ago

A PB for Secchi after a season at Missouri last year, could actually get the second 100 fly spot behind Grousset if he keeps on improving. Didn’t know that Ndoye-Brouard is also an IMer now lol

2 months ago

Michael Andrew was second in 50 breast minutes after he swam 100 fly. He did a great job.

2 months ago

53.30 for Mandrew in the 100 fly… what could have been for that man.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  DK99
2 months ago

He’s talented enough that I’m not counting him out for the next decade (at least in a 50 free)

But it does really seem like something’s gonna have to change, and that almost seems more unlikely than anything at this point.

Sapiens Ursus
Reply to  Steve Nolan
2 months ago

Damn people downvoting this.. we really not going to pin the blame for MA not living up to his potential on whatever his wacked out family situation is?

Get him any traditional coach like a Durden or Reese and I say he’s a force to be reckoned with, we’re definitely looking at a case of wasted physical potential

Reply to  Sapiens Ursus
2 months ago

At this point MA prob doesn’t have the aerobic base to handle a traditional training program like Durdens. His best fit would prob to have a program structured out to him focused on sprinting such as Cam Mcevoys. Also on the topic of him failing to live up to potential even if he didn’t live up to Phelpsian expectations he actually has had a pretty decent career for a child phenom. If you look across other sports a lot of child phenoms fail to go pro or reach the highest levels of competition. For every Michael Phelps or Lebron James there is also a Julian Newman. MA may not have lived up to his full hype but the comments calling… Read more »

Reply to  Facts
2 months ago

I wouldn’t write MA off just yet for Paris, but I am not sure about the 100fly. Even if he hits his PR in the event at trials it doesn’t assure he makes the team. Every OLY event he competes 100fly, 50fr, 100br, 200IM is stacked. He has as good a shot as the other contenders but is guaranteed nothing.

Last edited 2 months ago by Hank
2 months ago

I know she’s said in the past that she mentally struggles with the 4IM, but this may be her best route to an individual berth for the Olympic team. The two young’uns – Ella J and Julie are right there as well, so it could be an exciting Trials event.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
2 months ago

She can be much more than just an Olympian in the 400 IM. Swimswam did a 200s add-up a few months ago, and literally everyone ranked above her has won a World Championship (whether short or long course), broken a World Record (whether short or long course), and/or won Olympic gold in the 400 IM. And after her 1:57.2 200 free at the Quebec Cup in February, the add-up is even faster now. She is truly in rarefied air. She is selling herself WAY short with a 4:36 in this event. Every single one of the women ranked above her are 4:31s or better. Physically, whatever it is, that makes great 400 IMmers, she’s got it.

Last edited 2 months ago by aquajosh
Reply to  aquajosh
2 months ago

For sure! I just looked back at that thread and you and I had a convo about MSH in the comments 😋

Pan Fan
Reply to  aquajosh
2 months ago

Except for the fact that the list is incomplete.

Kaylee McKeown would have ranked 4th but not listed

Reply to  Pan Fan
2 months ago

Kaylee has no 200 fly time

Reply to  Pan Fan
2 months ago

I wonder if Swimswam could do an updated list that would reflect the current rankings?

Reply to  Pan Fan
2 months ago

And what does Kaylee McKeown go in the 400 IM? 4:31.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
2 months ago

As much as I would like to see one of the youngsters grab the second spot behind Summer I can’t help but cheer for Mary-Sophie Harvey to make it instead. She has really put together some nice swims over the last year. Canada really does have some impressive depth in the 200 and 400 IM’s on the women’s side.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
2 months ago

I’d say yeah, but she also has a good chance in the 200FR

2 months ago

With Pickrem looking to have a stronghold on that #2 spot in the 200 IM the 400 looks like a great chance for MSH!

Reply to  NUSwimFan
2 months ago

She could also challenge for that second spot too! Looking forward to trials anyway!

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