Kirill Abrosimov Places First in the 2020 Russian Open Water Swimming Cup

The 2020 Russian Open Water Swimming Cup was held over the weekend on August 16, in the Penza Region.

The participants swam a distance of 5 kilometers. 

Kirill Abrosimov, one of Russia’s strongest open water swimmers, of the Moscow and Yaroslavl regions, also finished first for the men with a time of 59.02.89. Abrosimov’s last victory prior to this competition was in the men’s 10K in the 2019 Marathon Swimming World Cup in Ohrid.  

Daria Volobueva, of the Tula region, placed first for women with a 1:05.08.14.

Ruslan Sadykov, from the Perm Territory, took the silver medal on the men’s side with a 59.05.76, and Artem Mamushkin of the Tula and Ryazan regions, earned the bronze, with a 59.09.83. 

For the women, Perm Territory swimmer Ekaterina Sorokina won the silver with her time of 1:05.10.35. Bronze was taken by Sofia Vakhrusheva of the Tula Region, who swam a 1:05. 17.37. 

The total prize fund is as follows (separately for men and women):

  • First place: 30,000 rubles ($409.795 US dollars)
  • Second place: 20,000 rubles ($273.197 US dollars)
  • Third place: 15,000 rubles ($204.898 US dollars)

The general management that put together the Cup are the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Penza Region, the All-Russian Swimming Federation, and the regional public organization Swimming Federation of the Penza Region.

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