Katie Ledecky And Simone Manuel Highlight List Of 2013-2014 Scholastic All-America Team Members

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that standout swimmers like Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel are both still in high school, however the two national team stars highlighted a list of nearly 1800 swimmers honored by USA Swimming as 2013-2014 Scholastic All-America team members.

To be applicable for this award a swimmer must maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher and must swim a time faster or equal to the 2011 junior national bonus time standard. Both Ledecky and Manuel exceeded those requirements being the only two swimmers in the country to have a perfect score. A perfect score is achieved when a swimmer has a 4.0 GPA as well as a national championship title.

All SAA (Scholastic All America team members) will be given three certificates along with a bag tag; those who achieved 4.0 GPA will receive a special bag tag to commemorate the impressive athletic and academic achievement. Simone Manuel will earn herself more than just a tag, as this year marks her third year as an SAA team member which is celebrated with what is described as a special memento.

Ledecky is an SAA member for the second year in a row, and will have an opportunity next year to maintain her position as an SAA member and earn the same special memento that Manuel is receiving this year.

Overall, a total of 1782 applicants, which included 917 girls and 865 boys, were successfully added to the  SAA team. The southern zone had the highest number of swimmers added to the team this year with a grand total of 515.

SwimMac Carolina had the most individual swimmers from one club being added to the team as 37 SwimMac swimmers will now be SAA members.




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9 years ago

2 of the highest potential girls in the Usa swimming team ! They make Stanford look as unbeatable for next season in freestyle events . Well done girls , u rock

Jim C
9 years ago

To be eligible for this award a student must have completed 10th grade. So 3 years would pretty much be the maximum number of years that a student could qualify.

Purdue Pete
9 years ago

Congratulations to all recipients, for all college bound athletes, the ultimate goal should be a rewarding education. Great job to all!

9 years ago

its not really hard to guess Stanford will clean up all free events (individual and relays) at NCAA when both start their college

9 years ago

Stanford swimmers leading the way. Go Nerd Nation!

9 years ago

WOW!! congrats to both girls! No wonder they’re both going to Stanford!!!

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