Kate Douglass 1:48.37 200 IM Post-Race Interview (Coleman’s Corner)


Kate Douglass went so fast in the 200 IM. Like, I need new pants fast. We get to the bottom of it in this interview. Get this yall: she didn’t even train for it until like, 3 weeks before the meet #flex

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15 days ago

pretty funny. She can never walk back the “I trained for 2 weeks for it” part

15 days ago

This was hilarious. I enjoyed the format

Steve Nolan
15 days ago

Ah, a corner rebrand, eh?

Idk if I’d wanna hang out near Coleman’s corner after dark. Some shady figures hang out around there.

15 days ago

I hate how this is cut up.

Mark Twang
15 days ago

Gotta dig that 70s pron music in the background! Coleman’s havin’ a nice playful tease.

Reply to  Mark Twang
15 days ago

ok I can’t let this stand. this beat is from one of about 5000 (not an exaggeration) songs that sample the iconic riff from Tom Tom Club’s 1981 classic “Genius of Love” which is inarguably one of the greatest songs of all time. The choice by Big Latto to sample it so heavily without accreditation is completely lazy but I am sure they pay out the royalties and such is capitalism in music.

it’s a lot of things but it’s not “70s porno music.” It’s an 80s funk classic that actually aligns more with hip hop musically, being sampled and re-drummed 40 years later as the backbeat to a modern hip hop song.

Hooked on Chlorine
15 days ago

Was that edited?

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Hooked on Chlorine
15 days ago

The video, no.

The banner picture, also no! That’s just how angular Coleman’s hair is.

15 days ago

I love this …More Coleman’s Corner and getting real. Maybe add some velvet in the background?

15 days ago


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