Kamminga Clocks Another Dutch Record: 2:07.54 200 Breast In Antwerp Heats


24-year-old Arno Kamminga of the Netherlands has a difficult time not breaking a national record when racing.

On day 1 of the 2020 Antwerp Diamond Race, he took the 100m breast Dutch mark down to 58.52 in the morning heats before slashing another .09 off the standard to land at 58.43 in the final. That outing made Kamminga, the two-time 2019 European Short Course Champion, the 3rd fastest performer all-time.

Now Kamminga has moved on to the 200m breast here in Belgium, logging another new personal best and national record in this morning’s heats.

Splitting 1:01.46/1:06.08, Kamminga hit the wall in a monster effort of 2:07.54 to obliterate the field by over 15 seconds. Kamminga’s time this morning overtakes his own previous lifetime best and Dutch standard of 2:07.96, a time he put up last Octobre at the FINA World Cup stop in Budapest.

Split comparison between the races includes the following, showing how the man was more aggressive on the front end during the morning’s swim. However with Kamminga’s historical pattern, we may see this 2:07.54 drop even further yet tonight.

Old Record of 2:07.96 – 1:02.14/1:05.82

New Record of 2:07.54 – 1:01.46/1:06.08

Kamminga is now positioned as the world’s 19th fastest performer all-time in this men’s 200m breast event. Seasons rankings-wise, the man moves from slot #6 to now become the 2nd fastest performer on the globe since last August.

2019-2020 LCM MEN 200 BREAST

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1 year ago

Honestly always happy for those Dutch swimmers especially Kamminga and toussaint for breaking records. But if they would be Russian people would be asking questions. So I’m asking. How is it possible that they’ve been breaking records and swimming pr’s every competition they’ve been in. Just doesn’t seem possible or right…

Swim dude
Reply to  Cardinal
1 year ago

It sounds like you’re not actually happy for those Dutch swimmers and just used two examples of improvement rates to turn this into a complaint about how the cheating Russians get accused of cheating

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  Cardinal
1 year ago

You say you’re happy for them and then you hint they are using drugs because they swim PRs. Can’t be feeling both

JP input is too short
Reply to  Cardinal
1 year ago

He’s 24 years old and getting better by tenths. It’s not like he’s 32 and dropping 3 seconds a pop.

Reply to  JP input is too short
1 year ago

Is he though (getting better by tenths)? This guy turns 25 this year and before this season, his PB was 59.14. He improved by 0.7 seconds this season already. In the 200 breast his improvements are even more massive. I think before 2018 he had never been sub 2:10 in this event and this season he already improved his PB by more than 1 second. In my opinion his progression isn’t any more suspicious than that of Peaty but it for sure is interesting that the Netherlands found two new medal contenders just in time for the olympics, especially when you take into consideration that Toussaint has previously been banned. They are certainly doing a lot of right things over… Read more »

Reply to  AnEn
1 year ago

To join the discussion. Kamminga never participated at any international youth competition. He is someone who started to make the big progress at a later stage. As a Dutchie, I am still not optimistic regarding the Olympics. In the past 4 global championships, only 1 of them (WC 2017) where succesfull regarding season/personal best times. All the others where rather disappointing. Being fast at this stage does guarantee being fast at the Olympics in Dutch swimming

Reply to  Cardinal
1 year ago

He is at the ripe age to shine in the swim pool, that is all.

Reply to  Cardinal
1 year ago

People ask questions when the country has a documented state-run doping program. That’s called reasonable suspicion.

1 year ago

Ok I know it’s an Olympic year but I feel spoiled by all this fast swimming already. Seriously why is everyone suddenly on steroids?

Reply to  IM FAN
1 year ago

You know at work, when you get a deadline 3 months off, you’ll start work on it in plenty of time but just really get in the zone a couple of weeks before with that added pressure of imminence? Plenty of pro swimmers are just the same.

1 year ago

Another improvement in the final: 2.07.18.

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
Reply to  nuotofan
1 year ago

2:06 upcoming?

1 year ago

And he just went even faster with 2.07.18 in finals

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