Judge Orders Closure of Rio Olympic Park Due To Safety Concerns

A Brazilian Judge has ordered the closure of the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, citing safety concerns as the reason behind the decision. The park, which includes the aquatics complex, velodrome, tennis courts as well as other sporting arenas, has been used for concerts and other events since the games concluded.

Located in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood, many of the buildings in the park have been poorly maintained and been allowed to fall into disrepair. Judge Eugenio Araujo has ruled that until local authorities can certify the buildings are safe for use, they are to be shut down. The aquatics complex itself was a temporary build which was dismantled after the Olympics finished and used to construct two other pools.

The aquatics complex played host to the world’s elite swimmers and divers in August 2016. The diving pool memorably turned green during the first few days of competition, and later had to be drained and re-filled. According to local media, the Brazilian Government are said to be planning an appeal against the decision.


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Samuli Hirsi
2 years ago

one wiseman once said olympics should be held in same place in Athens every four years. now it is just corrupt useless process that destroys communities of poor people and is money machine for corporations. Then everything is left to rot…. London notwithstanding, they seem to have used those used venues the right way…..

2 years ago

Barcelona, at least a few years ago, is also a bit of a mess. Beautiful setting, but rusted and used mainly for suntanning.

2 years ago

Place was already a dump in 2016

2 years ago

Brazil is a sh–hole in sunshine. The Conger Curse will haunt Brazil for the next thousand years.

Woke Stasi
2 years ago

Michael Phelps seems to be having bad luck with the Olympic swimming venues where he had so much glory. The Athens pool is now drained and filled with garbage and rainwater. The Rio pool is a mess and off limits. Perhaps others can comment on the current status of the Sydney, Beijing, and London swim venues. So much for him taking his family on return trips to show them the places where he electrified the world. Sad!

Reply to  Woke Stasi
2 years ago

Not sure how this is even bad luck to Michael Phelps. Lochte, Czeh, and many others have competed in both these pools. Hes had so much glory in london and beijing, the most glory being in beijing. If any, he’d have the most memorial value at the beijing pool. To answer your question, the Beijing pool is still up. It is used for many other things than swimming though (will be used in the 2022 olympics for curling). The london pool is still up, too. It was just used in the ISL london stop

Reply to  Woke Stasi
2 years ago

Sydney Olympic pool is much loved and much used

Reply to  Woke Stasi
2 years ago

The London pool is still in incredible condition – just as beautiful as in 2012. I swam a practice there when I was in London over the summer.

Reply to  Woke Stasi
2 years ago

Actually I was in Athens two years ago, the competition pool appeared to be in use by a local swim club. The rest of the Olympic park is abandoned and overgrown, however.