Jack Conger Issues Statement on Rio Incident

Jack Conger, one of four USA swimmers involved with incident in Rio that has dominated headlines the past week, has issued a press release clarifying his involvement in the situation.

News accounts of the incident began on Sunday with reports that Ryan Lochte had been robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning.  Details emerged that Lochte had been with fellow swimmers Conger, Jimmy Feigen, and Gunnar Bentz out late at a party, but Rio police disputed Lochte’s account of an armed robbery.  Eventually, after a number of different accusations and clarifications, Conger and Bentz were pulled off a plane to provide testimony, Feigen had to pay a fine related to early statements he’d made, and the IOC is convening a committee to investigate further.

Conger’s statement came shortly after Bentz also released statement that was very similar in both tone and content.

Here is the full text of Conger’s statement:

It’s good to be back home in the U.S. Participating in the Olympics was a wonderful experience, and I want to express my appreciation to Brazil and to Rio de Janeiro for being wonderful hosts. I also want to express my gratitude for the support I’ve received from my family and friends, USA Swimming, the US Olympic Committee, and the University of Texas.

Unfortunately, one event has become the focus of attention, and I want to briefly address that event today. First and foremost, I deeply regret the trouble and embarrassment this event has brought to the people of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, and the distraction it has caused from the achievements of my fellow Olympians. Brazil and Rio have staged a great Games, and it was a privilege to be there and to represent the United States of America. I also want to express my regret for its impact on USASwimming and the USOC.

Let me begin by emphasizing that I have been completely truthful in my statements throughout this unfortunate situation, including the information I provided to US officials before leaving Brazil.  In fact, the Brazilian authorities made clear to me from the very beginning that I was being considered only a witness, not a suspect.

Perhaps it will be helpful to provide a summary of what I believe happened that night:

Early Sunday morning I was with USA swimming teammates celebrating at the French House. Four of us took a taxi back to the Olympic Village, and on the way we pulled into a gas station to use the restroom, but ultimately relieved ourselves outside, for which I apologize. Ryan Lochte removed a poster from a nearby wall, which apparently alerted the gas station employees, leading to our being confronted by two armed security men. Although I cooperated with their requests while there was a heated exchange among others, at one point a weapon was pointed at me. Eventually, a man appeared who was able to translate for us, helping to defuse the situation. We paid some money to compensate them for the torn poster, and returned to the Village in a different taxi.

This has been an unsettling, humbling and frightening experience. It’s a reminder that all of us, when we travel and especially when we represent the US in the Olympics, are ambassadors for our country and should be on our best behavior.

Again, I want to express my appreciation to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, and my apologies. I appreciate the support I have received from my family and friends, as well as the support I’ve received from my teammates and so many others. Now, I am looking forward to getting back into my normal routine of school and swimming.

Conger and Bentz, are both college swimmers and first-time Olympians.  They earned gold medals for swimming in the preliminary heat of the 4×200 free relay.  Lochte, a four-time Olympian, earned gold in the same event.  Feigen earned a gold medal by competing in the preliminaries of the 4×100 free relay for his second Olympic Games.

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So great to have you home safe Jack. This will be further investigated and the truth will be on your side.

Nobody deserves to be shaken down at gunpoint over a sandwich advertisement poster, or accused of things they didn’t do. The Brazilian authorities are a disgrace.

The authorities were just investigating a report from Lochte’s mother. If the truth had been told in the beginning, none of this would have happened.

Judith Moore

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Jack Stewart

You are not in the United States when you are in another country. The mores of the different country dictates what is okay and what is not. I don’t anything wrong with how the Brazilians handled the situation. The fault lies in the disrespectful conduct of our swimmers, not those who interfered with their conduct. You should always remember when in a different country that you are not in the United States and what may not be acceptable in the US, may be quite acceptable where you, yourself, are the foreigner.

I see your point…to an extent. Be mindful that now CNN has more video posted after the two guards with guns told he four to get out of the taxi. It also shows the “destroyed” sign being carried out of the gas station hallway. It is a cardboard advertisement poster that was in a white plastic frame. The gas station attendant walked the poster I one hand and the plastic frame in another — neither are ripped, torn or broken — to show to Benz. Suppose the Brazilian authorities really wanted to lay into the four Americans and shame them. Send a message that Rio isn’t going to be treated like America’s toilet and you don’t just go to their… Read more »

Now the interpreter is being interviewed and makes it seem like no money wassolicied, they were holding them for the cops, legally min you…. the 4 guys OFFERED the money.

And since neither Gunner or Jack have even hinted at being robbed or shook down, can we end that a nonsense now?

Hulkswim, I appreciate the opposing views here. Plainly put, I think anyone who hazards a bender on the town in a dangerous place like Rio would have the common sense to fear what could happen to them in this situation. If two gun bearing security guards told me and three friends to get out of a taxi and motioned us to sit on the pavement with guns drawn, it would occur to me in that moment that due process is likely out the windows. The guards are suggesting they will call the police? Golly, I’d be a bit on edge to hear that knowing this is one of the most violent and corrupt cities in the world. This is what… Read more »

Not taking away from the craziness and embarrassment of this situation from the US athletes…..but is it not funny that the Brazilian police have spent this much time on a poster vandalism case when they have a murder rate that is through the roof and stray bullets flying through the equestrian events among other things. Seems like they actually started doing their job……If they spent this much time cleaning up the rest of the crime in the city they may actually save someones life…..

Attila the Hunt

I agree with you about the priority of Brazilian police and government.
Doesn’t excuse what Lochte did.

Lochte’s “robbery ordeal” was the highest profile case and broadcast all across the world. You think they’ll just ignore it?

Realize it is high profile….but I would argue that someone’s life is higher profile. The police department needs to get their priorities straight….we aren’t hiding in our houses since Lochte’s been back. I feel sorry for the civilians of Brazil and hope that this is a wake up call for the families over there to demand a safer living environment. Again, the swimmers are wrong but the people of Brazil deserve better…..and a cleaner environment or their children….

For the last time, they were given the option to wait for police. They chose to pay in order to avoid that. If they didn’t want to part with their hard earned money, they could have let the police handle it. The thing is, they knew they would be found in the wrong and it would earn them negative press, so they paid a few bucks to get out of it. No one is saying the sign was worth 50 bucks. I dont think anybody are saying the peeing on the wall is the worst thing ever, either. It’s something some drunk punks would do, but it doesn’t make them bad people, and like you say, most people have pissed… Read more »

That is not the whole issue. Another issue is the brazilian authorities committing so many resources to a minor, unreported crime, disseminating their own lies to make the crime seem much more serious than it was, trumping up charges against lochte and feigen, dramatically dragging conger and Gunnar off a plane like common criminals when they were only witnesses to the “criminal” act of tearing down a crappy poster, and finally extorting $11,000 from feigen to leave the country.

I used to like rio, but now see the brazilian authorities there as petty, vindictive, and pathetic. They also failed in their mission to prove that there is no crime problem in rio.

Attila the Hunt

I agree with you about the priority of Brazilian police and government.
Doesn’t excuse what Lochte did.

Lochte’s “robbery ordeal” was the highest profile case and broadcast all across the world. You think they’ll just ignore it?
This is was their opportunity to show the world that they were on their job and arrest perpetrators.

Just Another Opinion

Brazil doesn’t devote a single cop to this incident if Lyin’ Lochte doesn’t make up some cockamamie story that’s so unrealistic only his mother would believe it, she doesn’t then run to the press to share his heroic tall tale, and international media doesn’t then devote a massive amount of news coverage spreading the word about this outrageous (and fictitious) event.

You should totally be mad at the Brazilian authorities for getting Conger and Bentz into this mess. Entirely their fault. Couldn’t possibly be the publicity hound looking to monetize airtime as a “reality” celebrity.

To the Brazilians, the incident is more than a “minor, unreported crime…”. They put on a global and very visible olympic event and spent a lot of effort to try to ensure the safety of thousands of participants and fans. They spent billions to host a very important and world-class game and had promised the highest security. Of course they can be expected to get to the low-down of this lie as it flies against what they had long strived to do – make the area safe for the Olympians.

Escape Goat

Maybe they paid the guys because they didn’t want to make the papers if the cops showed up. Or maybe they had no idea who these guys pointing guns at them were and just thought they should do whatever they needed to do in order to get out of there in one piece.

“Maybe they paid the guys because they didn’t want to make the papers if the cops showed up.”

Agreed. Mystery solved. They had an interpreter, they knew why they were in trouble. Case closed.

This is ridiculous – it’s not there was “protocol.” There was a macho standoff, pride was at stake, U.S. guys paid $50 to get away from gun-pointing dudes. Obviously, Lochte handled it like a moron when it could have quietly gone away. It’s not first-world privilege to see that corrupt authorities are milking the situation for all its worth, to divert attention from their own failings (hello murder rate and the fact that gas stations need to hire armed desperados) and generally play to the home crowd, to help their PR problem. The embarrassment and possible loss of sponsorships for Lochte is more than enough punishment given the crime. That goes double for Feigen, and quadruple for the other guys,… Read more »
No one cares about Bentz and Conger. They weren’t charged, they were only sought after as witnesses. They peed on a wall, paid some money to leave before the cops came, and it’s all good. As for Lochte and Feigen losing sponsorship money, it’s true that they are embarrassed and will lose money, but you seem to be saying that that is “more than enough punishment.” I disagree with that. The punishment is whatever the Brazilian government gives them (in Feigen’s case, it ended up being an $11k donation). Anything they lose on top of that is between them and their sponsors, but Brazil has no obligation to take that into account when punishing them. A DUI in America will… Read more »

Are the brazilian authorities who leaked false information also being charged?

“For the last time, they were given the option to wait for police.”
As reporters have noted, the police frequently do not show up.

Tough neighborhood, when a gas station needs two (moonlighting) armed prison guards on the same shift. I wonder which ID they flashed, gas station or prison guard.

Attila the Hunt

As has been reported, the police actually did indeed arrive after the swimmers had left.

also- the crappiness of ones possessions make it less of an issue?

‘a crappy cardboard sign in a cheap frame’…

if the gas station- gas station- had less crappy things then we would care more? i get it now- the gas station owner should pay or make his employees pay for the damages because they have crappy things anyways. so screw them. right?

It matters if the muggers, née gas station guards, are making arguments that it is worth a lot in monetary value. If you dinged someone’s Kia in the Sam’s Club parking lot and they argued you need to pay 40 grand or else the police were going to be called and insurance companies bothered, I’m pretty sure most people would laugh. I don’t think the analysis is the same if you’re caught in Rio with someone holding a gun at you suggesting a cardboard sandwich advertisement poster was worth $50. Sure, you’re happy to pay just to extract yourself. Yes, it does matter that the armed guards pointed at a piece of crap they could have easily have just taped… Read more »

Ok, so WHY DID HE (Lochte) LIE?!?!? He could have said that “We all were treated like crap by these security guards due to a plastic frame that I decided to pull down, because I think I can damage other people’s property without getting punished for it”. Another thing he could have done was, KEPT HIS BIG MOUTH SHUT. They payed the “fine” ($50), now just got to bed, sleep and pretend nothing happened. Dont go on putting the blame in the way the guards handled the situation. You probably know that drunk people are not reasonable, so that was probably the “safest” way to handle this problem.

You’re right, of course. Lochte should have just drunkenly crushed 7 egg mc’muffins and crashed until noon. At this point it unfortunately comes down to Feigen, Conger and Benz needing to rehabilitate their reputations over what is an absolute ruse against them. We should all feel bad for them and be angered for them.

I can’t help but think of every time I pulled over to pee on the side of a highway or pulled over so my kids or another passenger could. I could not ever imagine living a nightmare like this over it.

swimswam reported on a coach who lost his job for peeing in public. in america, no less.


lol did you read this article? dude was naked in the hottub taking pictures of his junk.

but yea… peeing outside and lost his job… ok…

And why did the brazilian authorities lie? Sure, lochte should have kept quiet, but the brazilian authorities could have also let this go. Are they committing as many resources to find the thug who robbed the australian athlete at gunpoint? I doubt it.

Attila the Hunt

Brazil has spent billions of dollars to host the Olympics.
What do you think they’d do if some really high profile foreign athlete blabbering up on international media (yes, it was broadcast to billions of people.. google “lochte”) that he was being robbed with cocked gun on his temple?

I don’t think the fallout from this incident as it played out is any better for rio. Thes ‘muricans were hustled for a poster that fell to the ground and was put back up the next day. They then were hassled a lot by the brazilian authorities for lochtes lies / embellishments. Not a great postcard for tourism in rio. We already know that there is a crime problem in rio. Now we know that we might be the victims of abuse by the rio police as well (e.g., getting yanked off a plane for nothing, getting extorted for $11,000 to leave the country).

Sad all around.

CNN’s composite vid shows more cam action, but it’s low res, with a police logo covering up the time stamp most of the time, but still obvious parts are missing. I saw a longer version of the gas pump cam (21?), and recall a lot more “hands in the air,” but I can’t find the vid now. The police story is just as ‘fantasized’ as Lochte’s, and if they want to recover credibility, they should release all cams (and there may be more than 26, 21, 17), in the best resolution they have, and without the police logo covering up the time stamp. I’d especially like to see Cam26, to see what happened to the poster. At around 6:08:54, the… Read more »

American culture is superior. We have the biggest guns and we are the protectors of the free world. People better learn to respect that.


So in reading many of these posts several are saying it’s OK what the Brazilian cops/prosecutors/rent a cops did because that’s how things are done down there? Cops settle for $11k, prosecutors want $44k, rent a cops are somewhat reasonable in that they settled for $50 but apparently feel that pulling a gun is justified to get that amount.

Meanwhile class envy ensues. Lochte says he paid $6k for a $200 pair of shoes and some on here all of a sudden believe every word Lochte says?

They had cell phones. They should call US olympics staff on rescue if the have not done any wrongful.


While armed men are pointing guns at me and yelling in a language I can’t understand, I’m unlikely to try to reach for my cell phone.

Attila the Hunt

The could have reached for the phone as soon as they rode in the cab

The armed men left them leave with their cell phones. They had plenty of time to call US olympics before call mom to tell lies. Call US Olympics manager, do not call mom.

Public urination is illegal in most US states, so in fact if you caught it would be a problem. It would be an even bigger problem if you were a world-famous athlete from a foreign country and damaged property while in the US, and a bigger problem still if you then lied about it on national television, gave a false version of events to police, and left the country before it could be cleared up. You’d probably even defend a small-business-owner who pulled a gun on four men who committed an act of vandalism on your property and then attempted to flee.

Anyone who would defend that behavior – and there are plenty here – has a serious moral problem.

And by that I mean the gun-pulling.

Why was it Conger(R50) and Bentz($20) who had to pay the money that was demanded from them? Not only did Ryan cause all of the trouble by lying to a police officer, he didn’t even pay for the damage he caused. He let the 20yr olds do that for him, as well as all of the explaining, after he fled the country. Nice one Ryan, Jeah!!!!!

Scott Morgan

Joel: You keep saying “shakedown” without one iota of evidence to support that claim, while the growing mountain of evidence completely shows the opposite: the culprits were the swimmers. They could have stayed to wait for the police who had been called if this was a shakedown. But it wasn’t: they paid their damages and left.

Stop inventing conspiracy theories. Stop the odious “shakedown” lie–it reeks of prejudice towards Rio and has ZERO basis in fact. An intellectualy honest person would at least need ONE piece of evidence to claim a theft where there was none.

My latest conspiracy theory is the Rio prosecutors are trying to extort another 40 grand from Jimmy Feigen and they are bummed the judge couldn’t exact a second order to seize Feigen’s passport. Crazy of me and zero basis in fact.


Oh, and by the way, still waiting for the photos of the restroom damages prosecutors keep claiming. You’d figure that after five days of this international incident they’d be able to flout that out to the naysayers and conspiracy theorists. Like me.

Ignore the trolls, Joel. The story as told by the Brazilians as well as the Americans describes a shakedown exactly as you have described it. To Scott and others, thats ok because, “that’s how they do it in Brazil.” What a condescending and vile attitude. As Harry Truman said, “They think I’m giving them hell, but I’m just telling the truth and they think it’s hell.”


Tonight….Matt Lauer interviews Lochte….You bums who are against these boys should watch:

Yeah. We get it. You’re raising your kids to think it’s OK to represent your country at the Olympics, violate team safety rules, get drunk until early in the morning, piss on someone else’s property, damage their property, not be willing to wait for the police (who were called) because they know that will be embarrassing as hell, offer up money (not be robbed, but offer hush money in advance to escape a jam), fail to be honest and forthright about the event after it has blown up internationally until they’re in bigger jam they cannot escape, and then when they come home give them a participation trophy, tell them how great they are, and rage at the mean nasty… Read more »
Attila the Hunt


This seems a little silly to me. I understand that they have to be disciplined for breaking the USA Swimming code of conduct. However……… I think we have to bring this thing into a “closer-to-home” perspective. Imagine, if you will, that this situation happened in your town/city. Four college-age athletes go to a gas station; they’re drunk and they pee on the back of the station and tear down a poster. They try to leave in a taxi, but as they do security guards request that they get out. They do, and then are asked to pay damages; the athletes refuse, or are confused and don’t. Then the security guards draw their guns and demand payment; the athletes give the… Read more »

If someone demanded money for damages or not, while holding us at gunpoint, I’d call that robbery.

Thanks God you are not working in the judicial system. The guns were used to detain them. Then the translator came in and helped. The swimmers agreed to pay compensation for the poster as Conger said.

gun using to detain against their will until they pay… isn’t that being held hostage? or extortion.

That’s not what happened. The four drunkards begged the guard not to call police. They wanted to leave before police arrived and without paying for the damages they caused. Security called the police. The four tried to leave. Security pulled gun and told them to stay put. Lochte screamed at the guard. The Brazilian guy comes to help translate. Swimmers offer to pay for damages so that they can leave. Guard calls manager and accepts the offer. They leave.

Um yes, because you were there so surely you know what happened.

Oh, wow! YOU were THERE? Station attendant or security guard? Just how were they begging anyone for anything, since they didn’t speak the language? Apparently, the “request” for money had ALREADY been made. ONLY AFTER THAT, the guy who helped translate came.I know the station attendants were got to by the police, into changing their initial story of a torn poster, to that of significant damage to the bathrooms, which did NOT in fact happen. Do we know the helpful guy wasn’t also “encouraged” to tell a certain side of the story? Maybe not, but his take on the situation could have been much different from the Americans, him knowing that this is the way it’s done in Brazil, and… Read more »
Escape Goat

Everyone listen to Alessandra. (S)he was there and saw the whole thing–and not only that, but (s)he know what the swimmers were thinking at the time.

She’s booked with Billy Bush tomorrow.

I understand what you are saying; however, my point was that the security guards had no right to “tell them to stay put” to wait for the police (or to make some sort of compromise). I’m not saying it was robbery/extortion, per se, but I am saying that these security guards should take some of the blame. Of course, the athletes were totally in the wrong for acting inappropriately and exaggerating their story to the media. My point is that they should not have been put in a position that could even be misinterpreted as robbery. It’s an embarrassing situation either way.

the police was called. Naturally, the swimmers didn’t want to face the trouble with police so what did they do… they “compensated” as Conger said. The swimmers had the choice to wait for the police. They didn’t do that. They can be lucky the security staff agreed to this.

We have two statements by Bentz & Congar. Please read them.

But I don’t see the part that police was called/ or to be called and they begged no in either statement.

Since you are so sure they were called, why did it take so long for them to figure out what happened? If the police were called and were one their way they either 1.) showed up and were told the perpertrators were let go afer paying compensation or 2.) someone from the gas station called back and said not to send the cops because the perpertrators had been allowed to leave. Obviously neither of the above scenarios happened, because police were never involved, so it took them 2 days to figure out what happened / where the swimmers actually were. Threatening to call the cops is a common shakedown tactic for foreigners in places like Rio.

They were being detained until the police arrived. According to the translator that was the go between with them and the gas station manager, they asked to be let go if they paid the money. The NY Times article describes the money exchange. This is the same gas station manager that Benz talks about in his statement. The NY Times identifies him.

PAID THE MONEY FOR WHAT???? The poster? Could have asked them to put it back up on the wall. At gunpoint. Money was the object! Sheesh, people. I hope, if you ever get yourself into a scrape like this, people will be as understanding as you all have been.

Kidnapping, since they were forced to leave their taxi, at gunpoint. Remember OJ – pulled a gun on people to supposedly regain items stolen from him, not allowing them to leave? Charged with either robbery or extortion…AND kidnapping. If this is legal in BraZil, what AMERICAN citizen would think it could be? In their eyes, and to US standards, they WERE robbed or shook down. THE Rio police would know that. They were playing Lochte. They saw he was embellishing what really happened, so THEY cooked the books as well, with ALL the vandalism claims and that of a physical fight. Turned an AU naturel peeing and a torn poster into an international incident. Nope. I am sure that Rio… Read more »

valid points. I do think people are focusing on the fact lochte exaggerated too much.


I would call it Brazil — and it’s their country, NOT the USA!

They can have it.

Ugly American? Have you ever even been to Brazil? People like you make travel more difficult for the rest of us who belong to the world.


Tourism slogan: Come to Brazil and experience our fluid justice system. It’s our country!

Coach Mike 1952

What’s missing here is the state of mind of the person who tore down the poster – was he “just” drunk, or really plastered? His memory may be of police (security guards but to inebriated mind, police) “robbing” them. He may not have even remembered well the incident. No excuse, but a plausible explanation. Embarrassing nonetheless.

Attila the Hunt

He had DAYS to say he’s sorry.
He had DAYS to rectify and clarify what he had said earlier.
He had DAYS to ask the three comrades about what exactly happened.

Enough with the excuses.

He was a prisoner in Brazil….was he not? Could he leave the country? I would have shut my mouth and lawered up too….right or wrong that is the smart play….not that I am supporting them as what they did was wrong….I am just adding perspective…. Also, I have been reading Attila posts for days on end now so I don’t think it inappropriate to say – you sir seem like you have an ax to grind on a personal level. You might not – and I hope you don’t – but from the enthusiasm and volume of your posts I can draw no other reasonable conclusion. Either way you are gonna burn out on these message boards….but that is your… Read more »

and so did the rest of his pals. They all thought the lie would fly


Still waiting for what they should have done after the fact in your eyes that wouldn’t have earned them any critique from you. The answer to that is simple. There’s nothing they could have done to satisfy you because you don’t like white Americans. Just come out with it already.

Attila the Hunt

This is a desperation move by Lochte defense team.

What they should have done is NOT say anything. Take their medicine with the USOC for bringing the 20 year old out past curfew, and move on.

Then we have a ‘Jack and Gunner get sent home for staying out past curfew while out partying out with Lochte’ story, we all have a chuckle, and carry on.

But they lied. And the story spiraled out of their control. And here we are.


Perfect…..that’s all I’m asking and agree 100%!!

Now from ATTILA, because I don’t think he/she would feel the same.

Attila the Hunt

Now from Crooked Hillary, I asked you to stop blaming Brazil and stop defending Lochte.

Don’t think she can do it.

But the thing is- they didn’t say nothing. Ryan lied to his mommy, she went public, Ryan carried on lying, and the other three either said NOTHING or even supported the lie.

So Ryan is getting a heap of grief that he totally is deserving of.

Yes, it’s all Lochte. It bothers me hearing how the swimmers lied. Plural. Definitely feel bad for Conger and Bentz, their only mistake was hanging with a buffoon named Ryan Lochte.



Should not have vandalized a business, Lochte should not have lied, Feigan should not have tried to cover for him after seeing Lochte give the Billy Bush interview and gotten himself. Lochte and Feigan should not have given false police reports. Lochte (32 years old) should have never put his YOUNGER teammates in that position. After Lochte’s “tough guy” fabricated story unraveled, he should have stopped recreating it. When it was obvious his story was a no go, he should have completely came clean, admitted he acted like an idiot, apologized publicly to his teammates, apologized publically to Brazil and not hidden behind a lawyers statement and do the plea bargain and pay the fine as Feigan did. In other… Read more »

True and he didn’t have to post a statement that was so obviously done by his lawyer. His lawyer then made statements to USA Today saying Lochte didn’t lie, making the situation worse.

If he didn’t remember the incident well, he should have said so, instead of fabricating a story that made him look like a hero.

Hey, quit using my handle please.

Attila the Hunt
Achilles, Did you ever read the witnesses accounts? The guards did not hold them at gunpoint to demand money. Here’s the witnesses accounts: As a brazilian, i would like to show the other side of this. Actually the taxi driver testified yesterday. Police officer Veloso said on tv he was testifying at the moment of his interview. Second, a few witness were interviewed on national brazilian Globo Tv yesterday. One guy who was at the gas station at the time, and an employee of the gas station (who did not want to be identified, and was interviewed in the dark). The guy who was there said he translated some of the conversation for both parts. According to him, the swimmers… Read more »

Do you work for the Brazilian tourist board? You have a very vivid imagination; this does not remotely match the scene that the video shows which is calm and non-threatening with the exception of the two guy pulling guns.

Loche is a 32 year old adult!

This incident should not have happened. Because, anyone outside the country should respect the people and the visiting country as we should respect our own country. The mischief in US country maybe considered somewhat funny in some case. However it is serious and not funny in most countries. It seems a common sense. Further more, when we are in foreign country, we all each one of us are ambassadors of our own country. If foreigner acted as what Olympians did in our country, doesn’t it offend you? We all need to learn respect and thoughtfulness especially outside of our own country. How about the pride as an American and representative of US? What they did was a disgrace to our… Read more »
Except for Lochte, these guys did not do anything to “offend” the host country. Even what he did was minor, except as a lesson in how not to do PR. If a Brazilian guy pees behind my local gas station in the Framingham, Mass., he’s not pffending the U.S. of A. If there was minor vandalism and police were called and the guy’s buddy made a false statement, I guarantee it would not cost him $11,000 to get it resolved and get home to Rio. He’d pay a $100 fine or pick up garbage on the road for 4 hours. So, let’s get over this idea that the Americans did something horribly offensive. Stupid yes, not street-savvy, yes. But if… Read more »

You are NOT in your town/city. You are in RIO, a city that has a lot of problems which includes a high crime rate. Rio has been criticized over and over for not being the place for the games, blah blah blah. Then you get one more crime story that turns out to be embellished on top of everything else from somebody that is acting like a rich entitled frat boy. Yeah they are going to kick back, They are sick of being p****d on I imagine, no pun intended.

It’s not silly to vandalize a business, be drunk and disorderly in a business especially if the manager and/or owner doesn’t make a lot of money in the first place.

He knocked down a poster. An advert. That the station probably was given. For free. How much did THAT cost anyone? Why didn’t, in all these so-called negotiations, at gunpoint, didn’t someone just ask the guys to rehang the poster? The object was money. They had some dumb, drunk tourists and they were going to take advantage, and they did. At gunpoint. In US, that is robbery. Maybe not in Brazil.

So…..it’s the Brazilian’s fault ?


They should bear some responsibility for a crooked justice/social justice system.


That has nothing to do with this particular case; post hoc ergo propter hoc.


It’s about security and safety at the Olympics in general and speaks to the crime in Rio, so IMO it’s relevant.

Attila the Hunt

So Brazilian is responsible for Lochte’s lying?

I thought you’d stop defending Lochte.

But there wasn’t any crooked cops involved in this. The cops came to investigate Lochte’s lie, and he kept lying. So they jammed them up, rightfully so.

YOU know what Lochte told police? Do tell. Because obviously THEY have no intention of doing so. They have hardly been the paragons of truth and justice in all of this, either. Lochte told his tall tale to the press. Did he tell it to the police, as well? Maybe not.

They had cell phones. They should call US olympics staff on rescue if the have not done any wrongful.

There was nothing crooked here.