Former Michigan Lakeshore swim coach pleads guilty in indecent exposure case, is given one year of probation

Former Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics coach Troy Emmons accepted a plea bargain with prosecutors in his case, coming out of the incident with one count of attempted aggravated indecent exposure and a year’s worth of probation.

The Holland Sentinel reports that Emmons was originally charged with indecent exposure and disorderly person charges in addition to the attempted aggravated indecent exposure, but a plea deal caused prosecutors to drop the two other charges in exchange for Emmons pleading guilty.

Emmons was arrested on the night of April 4th, and Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics officially announced his resignation a few days later.

It appears alcohol played a major role in the incident. Emmons was registered with a blood-alcohol content of 0.14, according to the Sentinel, when he was arrested by police at a hotel in Douglas, Michigan.

After receiving a call about potential indecent exposure, police found Emmons in the hotel hot tub, completely naked and reportedly taking pictures of his genitalia on his cell phone. The Sentinel reports that Emmons was sending the photos to his wife, who was not at the hotel with him.

Emmons will be under probation for one year, and his punishment also includes alcohol treatment and alcohol testing during his probation period. He will also pay almost $3000 in fines related to the incident.

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6 years ago

i mean .14 is a pretty low bac. What the heck is this guy doing?

6 years ago

I’ve read a lot of salacious stuff on this website about coaches doing some pretty disturbing and cringe-worthy things. This incident, although wrong, is sort of funny.

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