ISL Increases Total Money Pool To $13 Million In Season 4

The International Swimming League (ISL) has revised the financial structure for its fourth season in 2022 while significantly increasing the total amount of money that’s up for grabs for the athletes.

The ISL announced Monday that its Total Money Pool (TMP) has increased by $3.2 million (USD), coming in at a final tally of $13M after the TMP in Season 3 was $9.8M.

The structural changes are based on the implementation of salaries for the league’s ‘pro’ swimmers, which you can read more about here.

Financial Structure Changes

  • Swimmers opting to compete as a ‘pro’ for the season will earn a salary, rather than solidarity payments handed out in Seasons 2 and 3. Salaries range from $10K to $60K for the season.
  • ‘Pro’ swimmers can supplement their salaries through the introduction of loyalty bonuses for returning swimmers with continuity with their former teams, bonuses for top rookies who are drafted, aggregated ratings bonuses and ‘jewel’ bonuses (e.g. for swimmers who are undefeated and have ‘diamond’ status in their events).
  • The total prize money pool is $5,930,800 divided between money won through the prize money point system, MVP awards and club ranking bonuses.

The salaries come in place of the solidarity payments, with the main difference being that the salaries vary from $10-60K while the solidarity payments were the same for each swimmer.

The solidarity payments were $15,000 in Season 2 and $7,500 in Season 3.

The total prize money pool will decrease this season, coming in at $5.9 million after having been $6.9 million in Season 3.

Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom was the leading money winner last season, earning $269,125. Nearly half of that total came from the bonuses she claimed by winning Season MVP ($100,000) and Finals MVP ($120,000).

Season 2’s leading money-getter, Caeleb Dressel, won $291,788, while Sjostrom led the way financially in the ISL’s inaugural season with $174,624.

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M d e
2 years ago

Have they even paid everyone for the seasons to date?

I’m not opposed to swimmers being paid well, but i’d rather we didn’t just continually increase prize money when there is no way they are even close to breaking even.

Last edited 2 years ago by M d e
2 years ago

It is so confusing to me…changing every season and not sure of their language

2 years ago

wonder what the NY Breakers twitter account thinks about this

2 years ago

Season 4 is already a bust since its right during the new WC. Just finishing paying the athletes from previous seasons..

Barbossa Andrew 🐍
2 years ago

Is there a prize for most controversial twitter account?

2 years ago

i’m crying they’re increasing the total amount but have they even paid for the last seasons? 🤣🤣

Sun Yangs Hammer
2 years ago

Payable in expired Wendy’s coupons

its a scam
Reply to  Sun Yangs Hammer
2 years ago

Or by Dogecoin
Which by the going rate

the payout would be
2M. Seems about right

2 years ago

This will shorten the League’s life unless they want to put more money towards TV/advertising. Grigorishin will run out of money/will to fund it eventually

Reply to  NCAA>ISL
2 years ago

Have you seen oil prices lately? He’ll be doing just fine for some time.

Reply to  yaboi
2 years ago

He doesn’t deal in oil. And no, he won’t be doing just fine. Bubbles have a way of bursting.

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