IOC Executive Board Proposes Brisbane As 2032 Olympic Host, Will Vote In July

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board will vote in July, potentially awarding the 2032 Summer Olympics to Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane has been the frontrunner through most of this year. Rather than the more direct, head-to-head bidding process between prospective host cities, the IOC has shifted its process to identify a frontrunner earlier. Australia’s ABC News reports that host cities in Indonesia, Budapest, China, Qatar, and Germany had publicly expressed interest in hosting the 2032 Games. But the new process, designed to cut down on the cost and difficulty of the bidding system, allowed Brisbane to move into a frontrunner position in early 2021.

IOC President Thomas Bach cited “strong support across the political spectrum in Australia” for a Brisbane bid. That comes after a slew of cities had their bids for the 2024 and 2026 Olympics shot down either by voters or by local or national governments. That group included Budapest, Switzerland, Rome, Hamburg, and Boston.

The IOC will vote on July 21, deciding whether to official set the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane. It would be the third different Australian city to host the Summer Olympics, after Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000).

This summer’s Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The 2024 Summer Olympics are set for Paris, France, and the 2028 Games have been awarded to Los Angeles in the United States.

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3 months ago

I am loathe to compliment the IOC on much of anything, BUT, this change in the process of awarding the Games has to be better than the “horse trading” and sleazy way it was done before. Brisbane has the international cache AND the support of the major political parties in Australia to make it work!

You Don’t Say
3 months ago

However, the swamp has yet to be fully drained…far from it eh.

3 months ago

Am quite sure that the South East Queensland region is capable of putting on “The Five Ring Circus” and that it has the support of all requisite levels of government.

Whilst it is fortunate that a number of facilities are already in place and only needing upgrades rather than the “build all from scratch” infrastructure investment many cities have faced; public support is most likely muted at best (as compared to decades ago). Like many other Western countries, harder economic times has seen support for Olympic sports wane in real terms, be it for public $$$ for sports or even TV ratings, with people preferring to see their tax $$$ spent on health, education etc.

3 months ago

Great result for swimming- major swimming nation, QLD the home of many swimming greats (like ONeill/Trickett/Hackett/Henry), lots of open water and surf, friendly and safe place to be!

3 months ago

I’m sure Brisbane will be a fine host

Distance Per Stroke
3 months ago

Australia may still have Covid restrictions in 2032, perhaps a spectator-less olympics.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Distance Per Stroke
3 months ago

Yep no one allowed in at all! This way we will win ALL the medals . Omg its a dream come true!

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