Initial Entries Revealed For Australian Olympic Trials


Just as we’re getting ready for the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials which take place in the month of June, the nation of Australia is about to see their best athletes vie for spots on the roster for Tokyo as well.

The start lists for the 2021 Swimming Australia Olympic Trials have officially been released, giving us insight into the events the nation’s best of the best athletes will be going for this summer. There are some expected entries intermingled with a few surprises, which still may change once the actual event begins on June 12th.

Based on these start lists, however, below are some key athletes’ entries as they stand today. We’ll delve deeper into the entries in separate, future posts.

In the meantime, here are some important things we noticed:

  • No Clyde Lewis. Changes can still be made to the entries, but, for now, the World Championships 200m freestyle finalist is absent from the entry lists.
  • Mitch Larkin has opted for the 200m IM in addition to his backstroke, with the 100m fly thrown in as well.
  • Kaylee McKeown opted out of the 400m IM, but has included the 100m/200m backstroke and 200m IM events.
  • Kyle Chalmers is gunning for the 100m/200m free; has not entered the 50m free nor 100m fly at this point.
  • Out-of-retirement Matt Targett and Andrew Lauterstein both appear on the entries.
  • Defending Olympic silver medalist Maddie Groves is not entered in the 200m fly.
  • 400m free Olympic finalist Tamsin Cook is capping off her return with several individual events here.

Notable Women’s Initial Entries

  • Minna Atherton – 100m/200m back
  • Holly Barratt – 50m/100m free, 100m fly, 100m back
  • Bronte Campbell – 50m/100m free
  • Cate Campbell – 50m/100m free
  • Tamsin Cook – 100m/200m/400m free
  • Elizabeth Dekkers – 100m/200m fly
  • Meg Harris – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Emma McKeon – 50m/100m/200m free, 100m fly
  • Kaylee McKeown – 100m/200m back, 200m IM
  • Taylor McKeown – 100m/200m breast
  • Leah Neale – 50m/100m/200m/400m free
  • Mollie O’Callaghan – 50m/100m/200m free, 100m back
  • Lani Pallister – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Emily Seebohm – 100m/200m back
  • Ariarne Titmus – 200m/400m/800m free
  • Brianna Throssell – 100m/200m free, 100m/200m fly
  • Madi Wilson – 50m/100m/200m free, 100m back
  • Maddie Groves – 50m free, 100m fly

Notable Men’s Initial Entries

  • Jack Cartwright – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Kyle Chalmers – 100m/200m free
  • Thomas Fraser-Holmes – 200m free
  • Cameron McEvoy – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Mack Horton – 100m/200m/400m/800m free
  • Mitch Larkin – 100m/200m back, 200m IM, 100m fly
  • Andrew Lauterstein – 50m free
  • Jack McLoughlin – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Thomas Neill – 100m/200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • James Roberts – 50m/100m free
  • Cody Simpson – 100m free/100m fly
  • Sam Short – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Zac Stubblety-Cook – 100m/200m breast
  • Matt Targett – 50m/100m free
  • Matthew Temple – 100m/200m free, 100m/200m fly
  • Matt Wilson – 100m/200m breast
  • Elijah Winnington – 100m/200m/400m/800m free


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Sapnu puas
6 months ago

Oooooo Larkin not doing 200IM then??? Interesting

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  Sapnu puas
6 months ago

Perhaps a mistake that’s since been corrected.

Larkin lookd like he’s currently entered in the 2004 OT Phelps triple (200 back final, 200 IM final, 100 fly semi).

Whether he actually attempts it a trials, or the Lochte double at the Olympics is another matter.


He said at nationals that he won’t be doing the double at Tokyo.

6 months ago

Larkin 100 fly should it be 200 im?

6 months ago

No Clyde Lewis is a big loss after his 1.44 in Gwangju – Gonna need a couple to step up; Neill or Short perhaps.

Sapnu puas
Reply to  Dee
6 months ago

Wait what happened to Lewis?!

Reply to  Sapnu puas
6 months ago

No idea, but he isn’t entered in any events and entries are closed now. Missed the final by a mile at Aussie Champs back in April, so I’d guess he just isn’t in shape. Hopefully nothing too serious.

Reply to  Dee
6 months ago

There is Winnington, Horton, Chalmers and Graham plus the younger ones as you stated Dee.

Reply to  Joel
6 months ago

Zac Incerti the big West Aussie, returning from injury,could be one to watch in the 100m 200m free

Corn Pop
Reply to  Gheko
6 months ago

Zac was a surprise 400 entrant in a few meets & looked good right thru to the wall. He & Tamsin could spring z surprise whereas many of the others look like they are hoping for cancellation….so so sloooooow. Zzzzzzzźzz.
Yes yes the new ‘ in season ‘ but boring even the die hard fans.

Last edited 6 months ago by Corn Pop
Reply to  Gheko
6 months ago

Love his loping style.

Reply to  Joel
6 months ago

I’m very curious to see what Neill will do.

Reply to  Joel
6 months ago

I’m hoping Chalmers will do a Duncan Scott & just take it out in the 200 & try to hold on, especially with his backend speed in 100 (just like Scott), both Winnington, (still very young) & Graham can push 1.44 & no country has a finisher like Horton. Hoping the 2 young uns go well too. But yes Lewis what is the issue there. He has been swimming terribly this year.

6 months ago

Is there any insight as to why Clyde Lewis isn’t on these start lists? He was recently in the Speedo Australia team photoshoot (also in the IG post from the AUS national team account), so I assume he is still active. Hope it isn’t anything bad and just an oversight to not have him listed as swimming

Reply to  HJones
6 months ago

We’ve reached out to ask, as that is for sure the biggest name absent. Corrections can be made until tomorrow, so there’s a chance he’ll show up. In either case, Australia is asleep right now, so hopefully we get some insights later.

6 months ago

I know McKeown won’t be swimming the 400 IM, but after that 4:32 with much room for improvement – I think she would win the event if she swam it in Tokyo.

6 months ago

Does that mean that Kaylee is not contesting 400IM at Olympics? Or can she still be picked because of previous times in the year?

Reply to  PeatyPiper
6 months ago

I think she said she wasn’t swimming the 400 ages ago, didn’t she? 100/200bk & 200IM individually, then relays.

Reply to  Dee
6 months ago

Hosszu had similar program in Rio and her strong 400IM result affected significantly everything that followed including skipping 200fly.
But it could be just “iron” specifics and McKeown has other reasons to not race in this event at OG.

Reply to  Yozhik
6 months ago

That’s the reason her coach gave.

6 months ago

clearly no one is a cody simpson fan here …

Joris Bohnson
6 months ago


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