Elizabeth Beisel Officially Announced As Part of Survivor Season 39 Cast

Olympian Elizabeth Beisel has officially been announced as part of the cast for the 39th season of the CBS reality television show Survivor.

Beisel was leaked as a member of the cast back in May, according to Inside Survivor, which covers the show. The season filmed last spring, and will air this fall. Beisel is one of 20 Americans on the cast.

A three-time U.S. Olympian, Beisel made the American Olympic team in 2008 at the age of 15. In 2012, she made the Olympic team again and won two medals: silver in the 400 IM and bronze in the 200 back. She returned to make the 2016 Olympic team in the 400 IM and placed 6th at the Olympics.

CBS announced the cast today, including full bios on the show’s website. A few entertainment media have also profiled some of the players. Here’s our quick roundup of Beisel’s coverage so far:

Official CBS bio

Asked about her inspiration in life, Beisel mentions her friend “Allison.” Though her last name isn’t mentioned, it’s pretty clearly a reference to fellow Olympian Allison Schmitt:

Who or what is your inspiration in life?
My best friend Allison. She and I have been to three Olympics together. After the 2012 Olympics where she won five medals, she went through a serious post-Olympic depression. She is now a mental health advocate for athletes and speaks around the country. She is a true hero.

Hollywood Reporter: Host Jeff Probst’s Analysis

Survivor host Jeff Probst talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the cast. He had this to say about Beisel:

“Elizabeth is probably the number one or number two most energetic person out there. I love her. When she walks in the room, I get happy. I think there’s something about her, at least for me, that’s just so likable and positive. And then you look at her background, the discipline that it takes, like I would know, to be an Olympic athlete just blows my mind of how many mornings she had to get up or how many laps she had to swim. And then to be a captain on the Olympic team, to have other people trust you. Next to Michael Phelps, I mean, this isn’t a woman who’s going to tire easily or let the rain get her down or losing a couple of challenges. She knows how to deal with that. She probably lacks a little Survivor experience. She’s a newer fan, but if she can get around that hump I think the audience is going to love her.”

Parade: Beisel Excited To Compete With the Men

Beisel talked to Parade.com about the season, mentioning that she’s excited to compete with the men on the cast.

“I’m most looking forward to going toe-to-toe with the men,” she says. “One of my favorite things in swimming was keeping the men honest. I’m confident I have more endurance than they do.”


Survivor‘s 39th season will be titled “Island of the Idols,” and features two iconic former winners (Sandra Diaz-Twineand ‘Boston Rob’ Mariano) returning to act as advisers for the all-new cast. The season will premiere on Wednesday, September 25 at 8:00 Eastern Time.

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She better hide the Olympic Rings tattoo


Curious to see which leg of the 400 Mixed Medley Relay her tribe forces her to swim. Probably the fly. Sure, her secret will be “out” to the model-slash-actors competing against her, but it’ll be worth it for the tarp, bag of rice, and box of matches.


Not sure if she can outwit or outlast the others, but she’ll definitely outswim them all!


I feel that swimmers are at a disadvantage for shows like this (ie Lochte on Big Brother). You have to stay under the radar and not come on as a threat, but our swimmers are just super competitive that I don’t know if they are capable of throwing comps or losing on purpose. We’ll see. Go Beisel!


They often have current/former professional athletes on the show; I believe none have won and few have done well. A retired NFL player placed a distant second a few years ago, but it was on his second shot. Also, the only Olympic medalist I can remember on the show was a track and field athlete who was surprisingly terrible at the challenges

Silent Observer

The very first winner of survivor was a retired soccer player

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name

I doubt Richard Hatch played much soccer.

*third winner


If I’m correct that would be Crystal Cox who is no longer an olympic medalist because she was doping.

Jeff is correct.

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