Dressel Clocks 50.92 FL, Breaks Conger’s PSS Record in Des Moines


Friday Finals Recap

Topping off the evening in Des Moines was the men’s 100 fly final, headlined by Michael Andrew, who won the 100 breast on Thursday. At the finish, however, Andrew slowly fatigued as world record-holder Caeleb Dressel accelerated past him.

At the touch, it was Dressel with the win at 50.92, breaking the 2018 PSS record held by Jack Conger (51.00). This time marks Dressel’s 11th swim under 51 seconds in the 100 fly. Outside of taper meets, this is Dressel’s 2nd-fastest swim in-season. His fastest in-season time was from June 2019 at the Fran Crippen Meet of Champions (50.36).

Earlier in the meet, Dressel swam the 200 free final, where he placed 3rd at a season best of 1:47.55.

Top 10 Career Times – Caeleb Dressel, LCM 100 Fly

  1. 49.50, 2019 Worlds (Semifinals)
  2. 49.66, 2019 Worlds (Finals)
  3. 49.86, 2017 Worlds (Finals)
  4. 50.07, 2017 Worlds (Semifinals)
  5. 50.08, 2017 Worlds (Prelims)
  6. 50.28, 2019 Worlds (Prelims)
  7. 50.36, 2019 Fran Crippen Meet of Champions (Finals)
  8. 50.50, 2018 Summer Nationals (Finals)
  9. 50.75, 2018 Pan Pacs (Finals)
  10. 50.87, 2017 Summer Nationals (Finals)
  11. 50.92, 2020 PSS Des Moines (Finals)

Runner-up Michael Andrew re-set his lifetime best in finals, clocking in a World #6 time of 51.33. In prelims, Andrew also set a then-LTB of 51.49, just a week after setting his SCY lifetime best (45.47).

His time now ranks him 11th on the all-time U.S. performers list. After the PSS Des Moines final, Dressel and Andrew are now the top 2 Americans in this event.

Up next for Dressel and Andrew will be the 200 IM and 50 free, where both are favorites to final in both. Dressel is seeded in 10th with his season best of 1:59.97 in the IM while Andrew is seeded in 3rd at 1:57.49. In the 50 free, Dressel’s season best stands at 22.05 from February while Andrew’s 21.89 hails from January.

Top 5 U.S. Performers: 2019-2020 LCM Men’s 100 Fly

  1. Caeleb Dressel, 50.92, 3/6/20
  2. Michael Andrew, 51.33, 3/6/20
  3. Tom Shields, 51.73, 2/8/20
  4. Andrew Seliskar, 51.95, 3/6/20
  5. Jack Conger, 52.19, 3/6/20

2019-2020 LCM MEN 100 FLY

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7 months ago

I would guess this time would qualify still him for Olympics, but hes def gonna be faster at trials

Reply to  DBswims
7 months ago

Never completely safe.. Maxime and MA are looking dangerous. At trials though Dressel is gonna be sicko

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
7 months ago

MA is not looking dangerous. He was shaved and tapered for this. Doubt he breaks 51. If he goes 50.9 fly, 58.6 breast, 21.3 50 free, and 1:56 200 IM it will be a miracle, and still possibly not make the team. His best shot is the 50 free.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
7 months ago

MA really gets your goat. You can’t resist hating on him.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
7 months ago

I’d say Seli may end up being more dangerous than either. 51.9 off a 1:46 high 200 free is no joke. Dressel 1.4 sec off his best 100 fly time with that double. Drop the same off of Seli and you got a race for second (if not first, if Dressel tries a partial taper for Trials). That man has skeelz.

Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
7 months ago

why is Maxime not on the top 5 fastest times done by a Us swimmer in 2019/2020 ?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  DBswims
7 months ago

U.S. not like some other countries where there’s a time standard. It doesn’t matter if your name is Ledecky or Dressel. If you don’t get in the top 2 at Trials, you’re not going to the Olympics. That’s what makes U.S. OTs the best meet in the sport.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
7 months ago

Well, to be totally precise, there *is* still a time standard: the FINA “A” standard.

Normally, everyone in the US fobs that off as a “doesn’t matter” sort of things. But, in the men’s 400 free right now, Zane is the only swimmer with an “A” standard. Feel a little better about it after Kieran’s 4:06, but if one or the other of them have an off meet at Trials and Finke or Mitchell don’t step up…it’s a plausible scenario.

oeglis kampamampa
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
7 months ago

How big is the Chance of Dressel not making the Team in the 100 fly after winning the race by 1.4 seconds at worlds and posting a 50.36 unshaved and untapert last year. I think that he will dominate the race at olympic Trials for sure. I mean he is able to go out in 22.8 and this Weekend he was not in the near of his fastesttime going out. In Addition he the only men who is able to swim under 50 seconds if he is shaved and tapered.

Sun Yangs Hammer
7 months ago

The developers of FINA 2020 need to nerf this guy. Too OP

7 months ago

Any news of the practice time from Schooling?

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Hammered
7 months ago


Reply to  Hammered
7 months ago

A monotonous 50.7 I’m hearing.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Hammered
7 months ago

You have to still be relevant to be the butt of a very stale joke.

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