Day 2 Relay Lineups: Phelps, Held Swimming On U.S. 400 Free Relay


After some speculation as to what changes would be made to each team’s 400 free relay roster that advanced to the final earlier today, the official lineups have been released, and most of the expected moves were made, with one surprise. Check out the full lineups for tonight below:

  1. Belgium (G.Surgeloose, J.Aerents, E.Vanluchene, P.Timmers)
  2. Canada (S.Condorelli, Y.Kisil, M.Thormeyer, E.Van Moerkerke)
  3. Australia (J.Roberts, K.Chalmers, J.Magnussen, C.McEvoy)
  4. Russia (A.Grechin, D.Izotov, V.Morozov, A.Sukhorukov)
  5. USA (C.Dressel, M.Phelps, R.Held, N.Adrian)
  6. France (M.Metella, F.Gilot, F.Manaudou, J.Stravius)
  7. Brazil (M.Chierighini, N.Oliveira, G.Santos, J.De Lucca)
  8. Japan (K.Nakamura, S.Shinri, K.Kobase, J.Koga)

The big surprise was Ryan Held, who split 47.79 this morning, getting the nod over Anthony Ervin who was 47.65. Other than that, the additions of Caeleb DresselMichael Phelps and Nathan Adrian are as expected. Dressel will lead-off as he has a terrific flat start, Phelps will swim in the same spot he did four years ago, and Adrian has been dynamite on the anchor in the past.

The Australians did as expected, moving out Matthew Abood for Cameron McEvoy, who will anchor head-to-head against Adrian. The Aussies have put their best legs 2nd and 4th with Kyle Chalmers and McEvoy, and will rely on James Roberts and James Magnussen to hold their own on the 1st and 3rd legs.

Russia has made the one expected change, moving out Aleksandr Popkov for Vladimir Morozov, and the French have added Florent Manaudou and Jérémy Stravius, which was also expected. Fabien Gilot and Mehdy Metella remain, moving out Clément Mignon and William Meynard.

Brazil and Belgium also made the moves that we thought they might, adding Emmanuel Vanluchene and Joao De Lucca to their rosters in exchange for Dieter Dekoninck and Matheus Santana who were both over 49 seconds this morning.

And then as expected, Japan and Canada keep the same lineups from this morning in the same order. Buckle up.

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Lp Man
5 years ago

Ervin!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

5 years ago

Why tho

Reply to  Uberfan
5 years ago

Probably to avoid the 49.3 or whatever that he went at worlds. Just in case.

5 years ago

I would be upset if I were Ervin.

Reply to  Dan
5 years ago

He still has the 50

5 years ago

Held v Morozov v Magnussen v Manadou on that 3rd leg is massive.

Philip Johnson
Reply to  OntheTop
5 years ago

Except for Magnussen. He will likely be a dud.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
5 years ago

He has to be way better than this morning for the Aussies to have a shot at Gold. Having Chalmers in a good position will hopefully get him going.

5 years ago

oh boy, not sure how I feel about this. I understand that Ervin didn’t do what he needed to at Worlds last year but I thought he absolutely proved himself this morning. What more could he have done?

That being said, Held threw down a huge swim this morning, maybe the coaches just want a young gun on the relay tonight. Either way, GO USA!

5 years ago

I’m sure Ervin was well involved and informed on decision. They have their reasons for choosing held and I have no doubt he will crush it

5 years ago

My guess is Ervin said something and offered the spot to Held.

Reply to  Nostradamus
5 years ago

If that’s the case, then that just solidifies Ervin as one of my favorite swimmers of all time. Just a great dude.

Reply to  Nostradamus
5 years ago

Wouldn’t be surprised. I can see him offering up the whole “I’m old and won’t recover as well as he would line”

Surely everyone would acknowledge he “earned” the spot and it was his to give up if he saw fit.

Reply to  Nostradamus
5 years ago

That was also my first thought.

Reply to  Nostradamus
5 years ago

I hope you are right and this is why. Ervin earned the spot but maybe he sees Held as the future and wants to give him a chance to gain experience on the big stage.

5 years ago

He’s 35, maybe he didn’t think he had another 47 in the tank?

Reply to  NONA
5 years ago

I totally think this is it. Held is young, hungry and is good at the 200. He isn’t going to fade.

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