Core Training for Swimmers

The Core Training for Swimmers Dryland Plan is now available in the SURGE Strength Academy. Core training is a critical piece of your dryland program no matter your ability or goals. SURGE Strength Dryland Plans are designed to give you multiple dryland workouts that you can start implementing immediately.


Core Training for Swimmers – Why it Matters

Because swimmers compete and train in a fluid environment it’s critical to have a strong foundation from where they can produce force. It doesn’t really matter how strong your arms and legs are if you can’t fully capitalize on their ability. Imagine you had to throw a ball as far as possible on a grass field. Now imagine you have to throw the same ball but you’re on an unstable rubber raft in the middle of a lake. Clearly you’ll be able to throw farther in the first example because you have a solid foundation to produce force from.

This is in part why the “supersuits” helped instantly improve every swimmers’ performance.

Core strength is also highly correlated to other important athletic and strength characteristics for swimmers. These include pull-up ability, shoulder health, even performance on starts and turns. Don’t neglect core training in your dryland program. And now with this Dryland Plan from SURGE Strength you’ll learn quickly what to do and be able to start improving that same day!



Core Training for Swimmers

Core Training for Swimmers


What You Get with the Core Training for Swimmers Dryland Plan

There are two main sections in this SURGE Strength Dryland Plan, a “practice” and “theory” section. The first part jumps right into it with a core strength test. You’ll then have the option between two main workout plans based on your current core strength ability. In addition to the main core workouts you’ll receive supplemental exercises to accelerate your improvement. We have also included multiple “bonus” core workouts.

In the “theory” section you’ll learn more about the core and how to properly approach core training to improve your swimming. Many of these lessons are taken directly from the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification Curriculum.

There is not a more comprehensive dryland plan for core training that also allows you to see improvements so quickly. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear from actual customers who thoroughly enjoyed this Dryland Plan from SURGE Strength.


Reviews and Testimonials for this Dryland Plan

Rebecca, a high school swim coach and swimmer herself, gained a lot from this Dryland Plan from SURGE Strength.

Rebecca Burrell - Head Swim Coach
Triton High School Co-Op Swimming

Before I always struggled to put together a cohesive set of dryland exercises (and then wondered if they were actually helpful), but the Core Training for Swimmers Dryland Plan gives me an efficient workout plan that works across my swimmers’ levels of ability and can see how effective it is for myself.

I’m coming off an injury myself and have started doing the Core Training for Swimmers Dryland Plan as supplement to my in-water swims and can already notice the difference in my strength and conditioning both in and out of the water.

The Core Training for Swimmers Dryland Plan takes out all the guesswork (and huge time commitment out of writing a core-focused workout). It paid for itself very quickly.

Thanks for doing offering this. I’m very satisfied and I’ll definitely be looking at the other Dryland Plans that SURGE Strength is putting together.




Core Training for Swimmers

Core Training for Swimmers





Core Training for Swimmers Webinar

Core Training for Swimmers Webinar



Core Training for Swimmers

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