Chad le Clos 2.0 Moving Forward: “The Dream is to be Olympic Champion Again”

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We sat down with new SCM world champ in the 100 and 200 fly, Chad le Clos. The 2012 Olympic gold medalist talks us through his last 2.5 years, from Energy Standard dissolving because of COVID through being a nomad and training wherever he could to finally landing in Germany with Dirk Lange. Le Clos emphasizes how much of a difference it has made in having a steady training base. He also alludes to difficulties outside of the pool setting him back in early 2021 and affecting his performances through the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
After his two wins in Melbourne, however, le Clos 2.0’s confidence is sky-high. He is not only predicting podium finishes in the world champs to come but PBs at the Paris Olympic Games as well.

Music: Otis McDonald

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2 months ago

Podiums predictions in Paris?

2 months ago

Chad will be the perfect rabbit for Milak’s next WR win in the 200 fly

2 months ago

He went 1:57.8 in the 200 back LC in 2015 at a nothingburger World Cup meet. Clearly, he can dolphin kick. Clearly, he has endurance and leg strength. The 200 back is by far the most stagnant event (especially now that Rylov is out) in men’s swimming. If he really is an opportunist, maybe he should tinker with it a bit more and see if he could have something there.

2 months ago

Well I won’t hammer on the dead point that is this comment section, instead I want to just appreciate the ridiculous and exciting athleticism and talent of guys like Milak, Honda, and Popovici who are making this rather unlikely.

Steve Nolan
3 months ago

Hoo, people are real down on Mr le Clos! (Coleman’s prediction gettin’ lit up!)

I think there’s two main things people aren’t considering here:

-Generally: More athletes are having success as they get older. (Hell, Tom Brady’s prolly past middle-age and he’s still in the dang NFL.) I don’t think it’s crazy to think Chad could hang on to a “peak” for another 2 years, if not longer.

-Specifically: Does anyone really think Chad was an incredibly efficient swimmer at his peak?? (Just off the top of my head – looking around from lane to lane when breathing, his weird li’l semi t-rex arms all the time, going out at 110% pace, etc.) Even if he does drop off… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Steve Nolan
3 months ago

Chad Le Clos
200 Fly Gold Medal +20000
200 Fly Podium +2300
100 Fly Gold Medal +3500
100 Fly Podium +400

Last edited 3 months ago by Itsthesuits
3 months ago

I think his best shot is 100 fly.

Hes been 50 mid, those couple 49ers have an off race and he has a good one he can definitley be in the mix. He also has a lot more experience which could be clutch when against the more rookie Olympians

Since the 200 is one of those races that can come down to how its paced, I fancy him for a chance at least on the podium

The 200 fly though. Idk. People are heating up and some have hotter hands than hes ever had in that event. Id imagine that he has his sights set on it at least to compliment 100 fly training. Hope for the best for him.

Awsi Dooger
3 months ago

This was the sad aspect of Melbourne, the knowledge that Chad would believe it translated to Paris

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