Cate Campbell Excited for Skins Showdown (Video)


Reported by Anne Lepesant/Jared Anderson.


  1. Cate Campbell (LON) – 23.33
  2. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO) – 23.71
  3. Bronte Campbell (LON) – 24.31
  4. Margo Geer (LAC) – 24.33
  5. Kim Busch (IRO) – 24.37
  6. Pernille Blume (NYB) – 24.51
  7. Catie DeLoof (NYB) – 24.53
  8. Farida Osman (LAC) – 24.72

Not nearly as close in the women’s event, as Cate Campbell, swimming in lane 2, beat Ranomi Kromowidjojo by nearly four-tenths of a second, 23.33 to 23.71. Bronte Campbell took 3rd in 24.31, earning the Roar some big points. It was very tight in the middle of the race, as only 0.06s separated Campbell from 5th place finisher Kim Busch of Iron (24.37), with the Current’s Margo Geer sandwiched in between the two with a 24.33.

Cate Campbell is an incredible weapon – she was faster than Group A winner Sarah Sjostrom at either Group A meet. Iron’s Ranomi Kromowidjojo broke up the Campbell duo, and that’s key. That absolutely has to happen tomorrow, or Iron is probably toast and London might be the overall team favorites. It’s more bad news for the Breakers: Blume should be among the top-tier contenders with the Campbells and Sjostrom, but she was just 6th and will need a big swim tomorrow to make it out of the first round of skins.

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23.33 is flying, wow.


Gonna be really interesting to see how much time the 2 Cs gain through each round.

Ol’ Longhorn

Wild guess —— roughly 1000 times less than Ben Proud did by round 3.


Most likely a C1 v Kromo show-down. Will actually be quite a catfight to make the top 4. C2 should be favoured but it may depend on how much petrol she has left in the tank. Blume, on paper, should be there but was surprisingly off the pace here. Roar COULD, conceivably sub in McKeon for C2 and not lose much (or anything) but it may get down to raceloads on the day


Would love to see them try McKeon but I doubt they will since they’ll probably give her a few other events too (the 200 fly is a possibility, I think) compared to C2, who isn’t as versatile. I want to see them put McKeon in the 100 free, since she did better than C2 in the 4×100 (51.03 rolling vs. 52.53 flat).

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