Caeleb Dressel: “I don’t know if I’ll ever go a best time ever again”


Caeleb Dressel sat down with the media after winning the 100 fly, qualifying for his second individual event at the 2024 Olympic Games. Dressel spoke candidly about where he’s at in his career, stating he’s not sure if he will ever go a best time again. But he sure is trying.

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22 days ago

As long as he trains his hardest and swims his best it doesn’t matter, you really can’t control if you to a PB again.

22 days ago

Just don’t leave the team this time

22 days ago

Swimmers psych out the competition like this all. The. Time.

22 days ago

he had a great meet , is decently close to PB and has only been training a year

Cam and Florent are showing you can hit bests in early 30s and dressel is only 27

Last edited 22 days ago by C C
Reply to  C C
22 days ago

yeah its absolutely possible. dont forget phelps at Phillips 66 in 2015 too. He was pushing best times that meet

22 days ago

The guy looks like a Marine (no pun intended). Could probably be a Navy Seal with ease if he were so inclined. Looking forward to his performances in Paris.

Gaglianone’s Boot
Reply to  UVA Fan
22 days ago


live wire
Reply to  Gaglianone’s Boot
22 days ago

Boot, I could not agree more. A haircut and a bod does not make a Marine. And to use “Navy Seal” & “with ease” in the same sentence tells you all you need to know about this Fan.

Aragon Son of Arathorne
Reply to  live wire
22 days ago

a bod? Dude is a beast and can endure pain that most of those guys cannot. I’d be willing to bet dressel has the mental strength to get through buds. Do you have any idea of how rigorous a process Nesty puts them through?

Reply to  UVA Fan
22 days ago

Good grief many times NO. He quit the US National Team in the middle of the World Championships. Not what a heroic Marine or Navy Seal does.

Reply to  anonymous
22 days ago

Men’s mental health matters too

This guy
Reply to  Wow
22 days ago

Yeah. The navy seals don’t care about your mental health. You can either hack it or you ring the bell. Most of the torture they put you through is psychological. Mental health is important overall but it’s a different kind of important for elite military units. You don’t have it and they aren’t interested in helping you find it.

Reply to  This guy
22 days ago

Absolutely there is NO quit in a Marine or Navy Seal.

Reply to  Wow
22 days ago

it’s always this certain demographic that screams “men’s mental health matters!!!” and then say this crap LMAOOO

23 days ago

Sounds like he’s ready for Masters Swimming! You get used to slowing down after a few age groups…

23 days ago

Love his honesty. I wish all swimmers could tell us how they truly see things. But maybe that comes as they mature.

23 days ago

If he’s miserable swimming the best times won’t matter. If he’s happy swimming then it’s the cherry on the cake.

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