Brazilian Judge Denies Request To Dismiss Case Against Ryan Lochte

Months after leaving Rio, U.S. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte‘s troubles with the Rio gas station incident aren’t over quite yet. A request for termination of the proceedings against Lochte has been rejected by Brazilian judge Juliana Leal de Melo.

Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger, and Gunnar Bentz were involved in a gas station incident that resulted in a false robbery report during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in August. In the report, Lochte alleged the swimmers had been robbed at gunpoint when returning from a party in Rio. However, it was later confirmed that Lochte’s story had been fabricated.

The termination request made by Lochte’s lawyer was based on “atypical behavior by Ryan,” as the case wouldn’t have been brought to the police had it not been for the heavy media attention. However, the judge noted that he was subject to Brazilian law, which allows the possibility of police investigation based on media reports.

The judge’s decision was made final on Monday and subsequently forwarded to the prosecutor, who now has 15 days to return the case to court.

As a result of the incident, all 4 swimmers have been handed suspensions by USA Swimming and the United States Olympic Committee. Lochte was suspended for 10 months, while each of the others were suspended for 4 months. All of the swimmers were barred from attending the 2016 Golden Goggles and the Olympic Team White House visit.

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Enough is enough. Ryan’s actions where stupid, but this is annoying now

Douglas Klein

You think?? Ryan did NOTHING illegal. Never filed a police report, let alone a false one. The scheme was a set up planned by locals to sting “Gringos”. Ryan and his buddies were the victims of a robbery and/or extortion. In short, he committed no crime, was not a threat to public safety and did NOT cheat. Ryan was truthful and credible concerning the events transpiring at the gas station that night in August. If there is a higher fine imposed, the USOC should pay for this! All of the venomious comments reflect ignorance and stupidity on the part of the public has no interest in evaluating the facts.


Actually he wasn’t truthful, he made up a story of his cab being pulled over by cops, and robbed how on earth is that truthful.

Douglas Klein

Steff: What you are forgetting or ignoring is that a loaded weapon was pointed at him by security officers demanding money. This is the definition of robbery. What about extortion? Read carefully the August 21, 2016 article appearing in USA Today where the journalist did an excellent job of analyzing the events that took place that night of August 13-14. Nothing else he said or did constituted a crime, even under Brazilian law. You and anyone else who thinks otherwise is completely wrong.


Do I think Ryan acted in a criminal way no, and he his punishment is too severe. That said he isn’t the blameless innocent victim people are making him out to be.

JP Highwater

Especially since the other three involved have since recanted that story and stated that they had vandalized (damaged) the restroom facility. According to video, a gun was drawn after they started to walk away from the station. What I understand is that the alleged robbery being reported to national media is what caused the police to investigate which then became accepted as a false report. That may not be the way the law is prosecuted it the US, but apparently, that is the way it’s done in Brazil. Note that the other three came clean and are not being prosecuted. Only Ryan who insists (contrary to his buddies) that his sequence of events is correct.


Exactly they have a right to run their legal system the way they chose wether we agree or not. If someone from another country broke are laws, would we be lenient or understanding


None of them said they vandalized the restroom facility. They all said the restroom was locked and they never entered it. The only “damage” was a advertising poster pulled down from the wall that wasn’t even damaged.


Absolutely untrue. Did you actually read any of their statements??? There was zero damage done to the bathroom and not a single swimmer said there was. They pulled down a sign and peed in the grass.


Oh dear. This isn’t true. They never “recanted” because they never told a story in the first place. They never stated there was damage done to the restroom at any time. There was no damage to the restroom. None of them ever went inside the restroom. That was a fabrication by the Rio police.

H20 Bruin

Lochte should have acted like an adult (32 years old). He represented the US, USA Swimming, an US Olympic athlete. If he is too dumb to understand that then he should not represent the US. There are things in life greater than Lochte.


honestly Brazilians are stupid what do they know


In the words of the greatest US President this century……”We need to bring him to justice”. Put him on a plane to Rio to face the music.

Douglas Klein



Sounds like you are a big fan of Dubbya! Smoke him out!!!

Douglas Klein

ANSWER MY QUESTION. What part of my comment “For WHAT STUPID” did you NOT understand? Ad hominem attacks reflect stupidity and lack of knowledge. Ryan committed NO CRIME, was NOT a threat to public safety and never cheated. He is a true authentic American hero. It might interest you to know that he cannot be extradited to Brazil because he committed NO CRIME. Period. End of story. Any questions?


He could just ignore it and not travel to rio, Interpol won’t care enough to come find him


Chances are he can’t simply ignore it and avoid any penalty if one is handed down…this is Brazil (a country with which we have great relations and an extradition treaty)

Douglas Klein

You cannot be so sure. The extradiction treaty is a two way street. Brazil has rarely if ever, extradited suspects to the United States for crimes they allegedly committed in the US. Why should we honor Brazil’s extradiction request when he committed no criminal offense, let alone an extradictable offense under the terms of the 1969 treaty with Brazil?


We have an extradition treaty, but this isn’t an extraditable offense under the terms of the treaty. Brazil could ask for a RED notice from Interpol. A international fugitive warrant that could cause him to be arrested if he goes to other countries. That would be a tad outrageous considering it’s a minor offense. Also, the Rio authorities came off so much dirtier than Lochte anyway. How come they can make false reports without any legal consequences? Weird.

Douglas Klein

It’s not so simple. Interpol may have an arrest warrant once the amount of the fine is finalized (which I will not be too surprised if it surpasses $500k.) Brazil is out to extract a pound of flesh through selective prosecution. As for Interpol, that is what happened to Chilean General Augosto Pinochet when he was arrested in London on an Interpol warrant issued by a Spanish judge arising out of the Chilean revolution and overthrow of President Salvador Allende back in 1973.

Iceage Swimmer

Please, let’s not put Ryan in the same discussion as the murderous dictator Pinochet! I think there’s a little bit of a difference there!

Douglas Klein

Iceage Swimmer: You are missing the point: I was stating, if you read my comment carefully, that the situation is analogous. In the case of General Pinochet, he was arrested by Interpol pursuant to a warrant issued by a Spanish judge accusing him of murdering Spaniards who were residing in Chile at the time of the overthrow of President Salvador Allende and beyond. People went mysteriously missing during that time period. In fact if you read the book and the movie adaptation of “Missing” and “Three Days on the Condor”, people were buried in the walls! Those were the crimes that were charged to Pinochet by the Spanish judge. This is similar to Lochte in that he would be arrested… Read more »

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