Report: Conger, Bentz Confirm Lochte Robbery Story Was Fabricated

An Associated Press report says Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz have confirmed that the story of a gunpoint robbery in Rio was fabricated.

Conger and Bentz were with Jimmy Feigen and Ryan Lochte early Sunday morning when Lochte said they were robbed at gunpoint.

But Brazilian police have alleged that no robbery took place, but that the four were involved in an altercation at a gas station that led to damages to the gas station bathroom.

Conger and Bentz were pulled off of their airplane home from Rio to speak to police about the incident. And now the Associated Press is reporting that the two confirmed that the robbery story was made up.

According to the AP report, Lochte first lied about the robbery when speaking to his mother. She then told the story to reporters, which is when the story became widely reported in the media.

Brazilian police say the swimmers stopped at the gas station to use the bathroom, but broke the door upon finding it locked. There are allegations of other damages to the bathroom as well. The swimmers were confronted by a security guard who was armed, though there are conflicting reports as to whether or not he took out his gun while dealing with the swimmers. You can read several of the differing accounts here.

Lochte is currently back in the United States, while the other three remain in Brazil until the situation is resolved.

There is full security camera footage of the swimmers at the gas station here, courtesy of Globo TV. Here’s a couple embedded videos of the security cam footage:

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Naya Missy

Massive jaw drop


How about a coaching statement from Bobbie ? Hello………..
Such disgrace and dishonor


What about all the fans demanding an apology from Marsh for not echoing the story? Maybe he realized who he was dealing with and said thanks, but no thanks. I’m staying out of this.

Attila the Hunt

Mea culpa from me to IOC, USOC because I demanded them to apologize to Lochte when the news first broke out few days ago.


Jeez give the guy a minute, this story just broke

Swimmer A

Welp, these four managed make an international story out of what was a pretty dumb and all things considered, insignificant, event. They got drunk, broke down a door, and paid off a security guard. But the whole false story is what people will remember and honestly it makes the US team look like dicks.


Yes, the coaching staff and other officials must be so angry and embarrassed to have this be the memorable image of this team. Ugh — hopefully it has a short half-life.

Victor P

Yes, how shameful of them to get shaken down and robbed. They’re so selfish! Didn’t they know Brazil’s reputation for armed robbery and police coverup, weren’t they at that team meeting? Now they’ve made themselves targets of a corrupt government that is desperate to refute any image of the corruption that is actually transpiring at home. Now the Americans will have to distance themselves and engage in the disparagement of their own swimmers. Don’t they know how uncomfortable that is – to have to stand up on principle to defend those whose names are being smeared despite not having committed a crime and who in the long run could suffer very serious repercussions for the rest of their lives for… Read more »

H2O Bruin

How old are you, Victor P?


Sad that yet another brilliant performance by a team on their biggest stage is tainted by a few idiots. Lochte has now been promoted from general ass-clown to an embarrassment to the sport in general. The USA went from looking like heros battling the PED using competition to zeros, at least on the men’s side. Here come the calls from family and co-workers asking WTF due to my association with the sport. Oh well. This to shall pass. I guess the Swim Swam parody of the four “super heros” making the Brazilian bad guys wet their pants seem a bit awkward now as well?

Victor P

Did you see them break the door down? Do you know what happened off camera?

Attila the Hunt

The fact that Lochte lied through his teeth several times on national and international media which jeopardized his teammates doesn’t bother you?

Victor P

He didn’t lie. Point out exactly what you consider to be his lies.


That he was held up at gunpoint bonehead!

Victor P

You did not see what happened off camera. Why did he raise up his hands, because he’s just that expressive? Why did the “security” guard pull them off camera. Here in the States, we’re the opposite. We like to have everything recorded when it comes to police matters.

So insults aside, “Swimmom”, please don’t ever try to be anybody’s advocate. You suck at it.

Jay Jay

there was no robbery.That’s already a lie

Thinky Thinky

With all that’s happened to create the ‘Black Lives Matter’s movement, do you really want to bring up the issue of recording in the US? Sure we like for their to be evidence, but do not pretend for a second that we have recorded all bad incidents or that good and/or bad things have happened just outside of camera reach.

Pocoyo Lover

According to media in Brazil, the security guard did unholster his gun because the swimmers wanted to leave without waiting for the police. But they did not cock the gun nor point it at his forehead. Remember that for the security guard these were drunk youths who had just vandalized the toilet and were threatening to go away without answering for it.

Bill Paxton

Exactly, he gave his interpretation of the events. While alcohol may have played a part in how he saw them infolding, he viewed it as a couple of guys who looked liked police were unlawfully ‘shaking him down’. Locate knows the law in the U.S. does not allow officers to take bribes and saw it as a crime.

Attila the Hunt

Did you not read the above;
Both Conger and Bentz already stated Lochte made up the robbery story.
This “lochte thought he was being robbed” did NOT happen.

Victor P

NO. That’s NOT what the account above states. They are quoting a Brazilian official. At NO point in time do we have ANY evidence that Conger & Bentz said as much.

Victor P


Attila the Hunt

1. Lochte lied about driving in a cab then got stopped by police
2. Lochte lied about the police telling him to get down
3. Lochte lied about the police cocked gun and held him at gun point
4. Lochte lied about how bent, conger, feigen on the ground already
5. Lochte changed his story later on, saying it happened at gas station.

Lochte lied not once, twice, but several times on national and international media.

He could had just issued a statement as soon as his mum spread the word, clarifying that there were some miscommunication. That would have been the end of it.

Victor P

1. He was, in fact, driving in a cab – (there’s the cab on camera! You know, the same cab driver that earlier the Brazilian authorities could not locate!). They stopped at a gas station, went to the pottie, came back to leave and the driver did, in FACT, wait until he was approached by somebody as yet unidentified… 2. You do not see what happened off camera. Funny, how they made sure that was deliberate! He DID raise his hands like he claimed in ALL of his accounts. 3. He himself stated that he made a traumatic error, but still noted that the gun was waved in his direction and the “security” guard is conveniently off camera. If everything… Read more »

Jay Jay

the justice system who is taking their politicians to trial for corruption? There are not only bad apples. Like not all American swimmers are perfect.


Our athletes will be fine.

Brazil is handing them with the upmost care. Guarantee it


Why are you defending Lochte so much? He screwed up.


when you snuggle with your ryan lochte stuffed bear, does it make the sting of the butthurt any less?

Joe Bagodonuts

Victor – You’re having to work WAAAAAAYYYY too hard to torture what is known to explain away all of the problems with Lochte’s story. Not quite sure why you feel the need to so vehemently (despite all evidence to the contrary) try to defend Lochte as being merely mistaken, misunderstood, in shock, suffering from PTSD, etc., etc.


You’re either willfully ignorant or just plain unable to process this. Either way you’re a dumbass.

Jay Jay

not only them.All the people who defended them on the previous thread.”Why would he lie? Corrupt brazilian police…”

Victor P

Still defending him now.

Mike Anderson

This is a disgrace. Where is the Head Men’s Coach in all of this? Where are the rest of the coaches? Where’s the leadership?


why does that matter? four grown men made a decision to go against the advice from officials and left the village to go party in rio. that’s their decision. now they need to carry the weight of this- funny thing is ‘this’ is such a minor story… that only became major when they lied.

I mean- ‘gold medal swimmers pee in public and break a gas station door while celebrating’ is a funny, 30 minute headline.

now we have law, government officials and the international media all over this.


Exactly !


Where’s the head coach? That’s not his job? He’s not their baby sitter. Also he’s the coach not administration. That’s chuck’s job to speak up and apologize not the coach – though I imagine bowman would not have anything flattering to say

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