Bracket Challenge: ISL Logos 2020 – An Upset Into The Final Round

We’re on to the semifinals in our International Swimming League logo bracket, with just four franchises remaining.

Round 3 Recap

NY Breakers (61%) over DC Trident (39%)

It’s a return trip to the final for the New York Breakers, who skated by the DC Trident by a slightly wider margin than their round 2 win over the Tokyo Frog Kings.

We’ll continue to stand by last week’s assertion that New York Breakers vs Tokyo Frog Kings may have been the marquee matchup of the tournament. The Frog Kings did win the consolation poll and will finish in 5th place overall, but those two might be the runaway best logos of the bunch.

Most of our reader comments focused in on the brutal Breakers vs Frog Kings matchup from last week:

  • “The ‘real’ championship was last week between the Breakers and the Frog Kings.” – IU Swammer
  • “Who didn’t vote for Frog Kings???” – Sad
  • “This is a travesty. The Frog Kings are so clearly superior, I don’t understand what happened. I will absolutely be looking for merch even though I’m rooting for the Condors.” -Roch

Cali Condors (51%) over London Roar (49%)

If the last matchup was the battle of logos with white trim, this one was the battle of the golds. And it was a shocker of a vote. The Roar were a standout of last year’s poll, rolling to the final and coming within 6% of besting New York for the win. But this time around, the Cali Condors knocked off London in round 2, and it’ll be an All-USA final.

The vote here came down to just 11 total votes in an absolute nailbiter.

A few reader comments:

  • “Very similar concept, but I give the edge to the Condors since condors are sort of aquatic, and because I associate condors with California more than I associate lions with London.” – IU Swammer
  • “London and Lions – London’s pro men’s basketball team, who were the 2018-2019 British Champions, are actually called the London Lions. The Lion is also the national animal of England. The Royal Arms of England has 3 lions on it. There is actually a very, very long connection between England and Lions. That being said, I also slightly prefer the Cali logo. If you told me they were designed by the same person, I’d believe you. I like the particular shade of blue and gold chosen by Cali more than I like the gold of the London logo, and I think the Cali logo is a little more stylized.” – Braden Keith
  • “Toughest here is definitely London v California. They both look regal and epic, but I’ll take London because I like their lions better than whatever is going on in the middle of the Cali condors.” – Jonathan Charbroiled Steak

Consolation Bracket

5th Place: Tokyo Frog Kings (60%)

6th Place: Iron (28%)

7th Place: LA Current (7%)

8th Place: Aqua Centurions (6%)

9th Place (from last week): Toronto Titans

10th Place (from last week): Energy Standard

The Bracket

Round 4 Matchups

Championship Matchup

NY Breakers vs Cali Condors

Which ISL team has the better logo? (Final)

  • NY Breakers (51%)
  • Cali Condors (49%)
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3rd Place Consol (AKA The B-Final)

London Roar vs DC Trident

Which ISL team has the better logo (3rd Place Match)

  • London Roar (79%)
  • DC Trident (21%)
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Sun Yangs Hammer
21 days ago

London and Cali should have been the final ngl

Sad Frog
Reply to  Sun Yangs Hammer
21 days ago

wrong. Frog Kings were clearly snubbed

21 days ago

Unpopular opinion but I dislike the London and dc logos equally

21 days ago

I like Cali’s logo a lot better, it’s much more regal and polished. It’s something you could see waving on a flag at these massive sporting events. NY Breakers’ logo is just so Americanized and juvenile, which I guess is fine considering they’re in the NYC market for what I assume are primarily young swimmers who follow ISL. The Breakers’ logo just kinda looks like it’d be an E-Sports logo

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