Kevyn Lee

Kevyn Lee

Kevyn Wednesday Lee was born to parents Jerome and Anna Lee on March 4th, 1994 in Manhattan, New York. Kevyn began swimming at a young age when her and her father would travel to Harlem where there was a public pool that offered free lessons to kids. From there, Kevyn’s career began. Kevyn participated on many times throughout the city, including the 59th Street Barracudas, the Carmine Aqua Devils, and the New York City Aquatic Club. When Kevyn graduated from high school in 2012, she left the Big Apple to attend Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, where she currently swims under coach Mindy Williams. Kevyn is known among her teammates for her amazing photography skills, and for her New York City roots. She excels and specializes in distance events!


Kevyn proudly represented the borough of Manhattan throughout her high school career. She swam for the 59th Street Barracudas, the Carmine Aqua Devils and the New York City Aquatic Club throughout her childhood and four years of high school.

College-Simmons College


In her three seasons as a Simmons Shark, Kevyn has made her mark on the team. She has qualified and competed each year at both the GNAC and NEISDA Championships. She continues to improve and excel in distance events.


Kevyn is pursuing her degree in Communications and is on the Public Relations and Marketing track at Simmons College.