Anthony Ervin To Move To Los Angeles, Join Dave Salo’s Training Group at USC

U.S. Olympian Anthony Ervin will be leaving his Cal-Berkeley training base and moving the Los Angeles to train with Dave Salo and the USC professional group for the year leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Ervin announced the move in a press release Monday, noting that Southern California is his original home, and the area in which he grew up.

Ervin has generally trained out of the University of California, where he attended college and won an Olympic gold medal back in the year 2000. He retired at the age of 22 in 2003, but again trained at Cal when he made a career comeback in 2012 and once again made the U.S. Olympic team.

Long one of the coolest characters in swimming, Ervin – who earned an English degree from Cal – was true to form in the language of his press release:

“After 16 years, the time has come for me to return to the city of my birth, a journey home that I always knew I would make. I will always have the blue and gold of a California Golden Bear in my mind and in my heart, for Berkeley as a city and university has, with a liberal education, matured a wily teen into this 30-something adult.  I will always be grateful for the support of those personal relationships forged in Berkeley, and though I move forward, I will remain in touch with the friends, mentors, coaches, and teammates as we all continue to grow.  The time and place for structured learning has passed; and as the dusky twilight of my competitive career closes in on me, it is time to move forward into the wilds of life with my friends and family.”

Ervin is coming off of a disappointing summer that saw him fail to advance to the 50 free final at the World Championships and also swim a leg of the disastrous American 4×100 free relay that failed to make finals.

He’ll now join a Trojan professional group that is loaded with stars both national and international. Salo is well-known as a sprint coach, which should be an ideal fit for Ervin, a pure sprint specialist at the age of 34.

Ervin will swap longtime training partner Nathan Adrian for another elite sprinter in Vlad Morozov, a Russian superstar who is one of the better young sprinters worldwide.

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Good Luck

A bit last minute for a coaching change, but should be a fresh start for someone training specifically for the 50 come Rio. Hopefully it is a healthy mental and psychological change for Anthony. Best of luck!


Not really considered last minute anymore to make a change nine months out from Trials. You would think so, but I recall in previous years I remember the musical chairs of swimmers changing coaches/cities only a couple months, or in a couple instances, even only weeks before Trials, sometimes successfully–Margaret Hoelzer comes to mind, for one. It’s never too late to make a change when you feel things aren’t going your way. Though odds are increasingly against him, it would be cool to see Ervin make yet another team as a sentimental favorite if he’s in top shape– it can’t hurt training in familiar territory, and with Morozov. By the way, I never knew Ervin considered himself “wily” as a… Read more »


Having trained with Tony for the vast majority of my adolescence (through high school), he was always a really good dude, but wily is most definitely an apt description. Let’s just say he was one who would take his sweet time hopping in the pool and was notorious for hanging out in the diving well 🙂


Kara Lynn Joyce also switched from Colorado Stars to SwimMAC Elite weeks before trials in 2012 to go on to successfully qualify in the 50 freestyle.

To me, last minute changing for these older athletes is less of an issue than for a 21-22 year old. They won’t be as worried about fitting in with the new team, they take a more cerebral approach to the sport (KLJ and AE especially), they already know most of the people that they’re training with, they’re more comfortable in their own skins…it’s not like a younger swimmer who has to change, be convinced that the change was the right decision, get used to the new training, is still learning their own bodies, still going through hormonal changes. I think late changes for older swimmers can have all of the upsides (that “spark”) without the downside. Plus…Durden to Salo won’t… Read more »


actually a huge change in philosophy


Agreed. That was fun to watch. Ervin still has the best or just about the best flat out water speed. His starts are the problem.


If you can’t beat him (in a swim-off), join him (Vlad).


one of the best races of worlds

bobo gigi

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