Alexandra Wall Was Determined To ‘Get Back To The Pool’ After Cancer Diagnosis

As we are all aware, there has been much disruption and disappointment for athletes because of the coronavirus outbreak. At a time like this, hearing a story like that of Alexandra Wall‘s can lend some perspective and remind us that athletes experience unprecedented circumstances every single day.

In the October of her senior season, after continuously having trouble breathing during training, she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

Her reaction? “I want to get back to the pool, I don’t want my season to be over, I fully plan on training again”. Dr Jon Divine is the Head Physician at the University of Cincinnati, and said of her response to the diagnosis, “I’ve just come to learn that okay, yep, that’s A-Wall”.

Wall underwent what they thought would be her only surgery in November, but after her lymph nodes became compromised as well, a second was necessary. After a full recovery from the surgeries, Wall went from diagnosis to complete remission in three months.

Wall admits she was “a little nervous” before her last meet as a senior, having not raced throughout her recovery period. But she got in, put the nerves to one side and enjoyed racing.

Her story is inspiring and reminds us that all we can do is the best with what we’ve got.

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7 months ago

Awesome kid. Great family. Cancer sucks!