Alberto Razzetti Breaks Oldest Italian Record On The Books With 4:01.57 400 IM

Toronto Titans swimmer Alberto Razzetti swam an event-winning 4:01.57 400 IM during Match 5 of the International Swimming League’s 2021 season. That swim for Razzetti was enough to take out Luca Marin‘s Italian record in the event from nearly 15 years ago at the 2006 European Championships of 4:01.71.

Split Comparison:

Razzetti 2021 Marin 2006
Butterfly 55.66 58.17
Backstroke 1:02.11 59.83
Breaststroke 1:07.92 1:08.19
Freestyle 55.88 55.52
Total 4:01.57 4:01.71

That mark by Marin was the oldest Italian national record on the books and the only one from 2006. Now that the short course record has fallen, the oldest Italian record is now the long course men’s 400 IM which was also set by Luca Marin at a 4:09.88, a year later at the 2007 World Championships.

Razzetti’s swim at Match 5 was the quickest in the field by over a second, beating out LA Current swimmer Tomoe Hvas who hit a 4:02.85 for second place. Razzetti raked 13 points for Toronto, contributing to their 536.0-point total which would allow them to win the meet over LA, DC, and Iron.

Men’s 400 IM – Match 5

The swim for Razzetti is an improvement upon his first 400 IM of the season of 4:04.21 which he delivered at Match 1. Prior to this year, Razzetti held a PB in the short course 400 IM of 4:08.43 from back in 2018.

Razzetti is now the 3rd fastest performer in the 400 IM this season behind Aqua Centurions swimmer Ilia Borodin and Tokyo Frog Kings swimmer Daiya Seto.

ISL Season 3 Men’s 400 IM Rankings – As of Match 5

  1. Ilia Borodin (AQC) – 3:59.57
  2. Daiya Seto (TOK) – 4:01.10
  3. Alberto Razzetti (TOR) – 4:01.57
  4. Tomoe Hvas (LAC) – 4:02.85
  5. Chase Kalisz (AQC) – 4:03.65
  6. Brendon Smith (NYB) – 4:03.96

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