A Look At Chinese Olympic Qualifiers Through Day 3 Of Nationals


The 2024 Chinese National Swimming Championships saw day 3 conclude tonight from Shenzhen. With the competition spanning a massive 10 days, we’re just getting started with qualifications for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

Per the Chinese selection policy, results from this competition represent a last-chance Olympic qualification opportunity.

The results will be combined with the 2023 World Championships and 2024 World Championships with performances ranked by times clocked in the final of each meet to determine the fastest swimmer to be added to the official lineup for this summer.

Let’s take a look at the qualified Chinese swimmers at this point taking into account any performances knocked out based on time ranking.

  • Note: times crossed out means a swimmer was faster than the qualifying standard, but was either faster at a prior qualifying meet, or are not in the top two swimmers during the qualifying period.

OQT’s Clocked Thus Far at the 2024 Chinese Nationals

  • Men’s 200m free – Pan Zhanle (1:45.68), Ji Xinjie (1:45.86)
  • Men’s 400m free – Pan Zhanle (3:45.58), Zhang Zhanshuo (3:45.82)
  • Men’s 100m back – Xu Jiayu (52.39)
  • Men’s 100m breast – Qin Haiyang (58.24), Sun Jiajun (58.73)
  • Women’s 200m free – Yang Junxuan (1:54.37), Li Bingjie (1:56.29)
  • Women’s 400m free – Li Bingjie (4:04.03), Liu Yaxin (4:04.88)
  • Women’s 100m fly – Zhang Yufei (56.36)Yu Yiting (56.82)
  • Women’s 100m breast – Tang Qianting (1:04.39), Yang Chang (1:06.79)

OQT’s Clocked From 2023/2024 World Championships

  • Men’s 100m free – Pan Zhanle (46.80), Wang Haoyu (48.06)
  • Men’s 1500m free – Fei Liwei (14:50.51)
  • Men’s 100m back – Xu Jiayu (52.54)
  • Men’s 100m breast – Qin Haiyang (57.69), Yan Zibei (59.23)
  • Men’s 200m breast – Qin Haiyang (2:05.48), Dong Zhihao (2:07.94)
  • Women’s 50m free – Zhang Yufei (24.15), Cheng Yujie (24.45)
  • Women’s 100m free – Cheng Yujie (53.39)
  • Women’s 200m free – Li Bingjie (1:55.83), Liu Yaxin (1:56.97)
  • Women’s 400m free – Li Bingjie (4:01.62), Yang Peiqi (4:05.73)
  • Women’s 800m free – Li Bingjie (8:13.31)
  • Women’s 1500m free – Li Bingjie (15:45.71)
  • Women’s 100m back – Wan Letian (59.49)
  • Women’s 200m back – Peng Xuwei (2:06.74)
  • Women’s 100m breast – Tang Qianting (1:05.27)Yang Chang (1:06.75)
  • Women’s 100 fly – Zhang Yufei (56.12)
  • Women’s 200m IM – Yu Yiting (2:08.74)


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1 month ago

I recognize chlorine daddy as the 100 free WR holder

1 month ago

doped up to their eyeballs. ban the team from China

1 month ago

druggies…who cares about their phoney times?

Reply to  Bob
1 month ago

let’s start with the 1980s USA track & field team and their medals. take all of them away?

Reply to  Smith
1 month ago

yes but everyone in the 80s was on everything

Brit swim fan
Reply to  Smith
1 month ago

Your logic is to imply 2 wrongs makes a right.

Instead of resorting to whataboutism, you can still be critical of the China situation.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Smith
1 month ago

oh wow you even mentioned this in multiple comment sections.

cool! this is a great point that we love reading!

T Boi Swims
Reply to  Smith
1 month ago

Let’s focus on the now and the issue relevant to the upcoming Olympics. Trck and field in the 80’s has NOTHING to do with the current WADA failure to report.

1 month ago

Swimming So White seems a bit butt hurt about WADA clearing the Chinese swimmers. Get over it snowflakes!

Reply to  GB500
1 month ago

Love white

Christine Breedy
1 month ago

Does the doping evidence include Chinese men? Pan and the breaststroker?

Reply to  Christine Breedy
1 month ago

Pan was not named – he was only 15 at the time. Qin was named

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

Here’s a list of some big names who are medal contenders for Paris (or important for relays), for the sake of the record


Zhang Yufei
Qin Haiyang
Wang Shun
Yu Yiting
Yang Junxuan
Peng Xuwei
Sun Jiajun

Unnamed/Not on the team:

Pan Zhanle
Tang Qianting
Xu Jiayu
Li Bingjie
Dong Zhihao
Ye Shiwen
Zhang Zhanshuo
Wang Haoyu
Ji Xinjie
Chen Juner

Last edited 1 month ago by Tencor
Reply to  Tencor
1 month ago

Chen Juner is listed amongst the 23 athletes.

Reply to  cheese
1 month ago

My bad there, too late to edit it now but you’re right

Reply to  Tencor
1 month ago

Wang changhao – the butterflier

Emma Eckeon
1 month ago

And Sun Yang for the 4×200 relay maybe… 7.01 without Sun Yang. Imagine if he comes back and swims 1.44 high…there is no way that the Chinese won’t take him for the relay…
With the possibility of upsetting the British the Americans and the Australians… they will take him for sure

Reply to  Emma Eckeon
1 month ago

Now that would be interesting. Would need to prove his form and the Chinese have a bit of depth these days. I think Zhang is the wildcard. All 4 Chinese will need to be on form to win a bronze

Emma Eckeon
1 month ago

Considering previous results I got a feeling that Sun Yang (unfortunately) still has a chance to go the Olympics…because I don’t see two guys dipping under the OQT in the 800 and one more guy in the 1500. So his best shot is qualifying in the end of May with a good time in the 800 if he is in fact training.
Even with this scandal the Chinese will take him if they haven’t two swimmers swimming OQT in the 800 or the 1500.

I got feeling that he is going to go for it…and he will probably be in Paris… adding fuel to doping controversy

Slow Breastroker
Reply to  Emma Eckeon
1 month ago

I want to see it just to watch the reactions

1 month ago

Ban all these Chinese athletes.

T Boi Swims
Reply to  Alexy's_my_baby
1 month ago


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