7 Reasons You Need Commit’s US Trials app

by SwimSwam 12

June 23rd, 2016 News

Commit Swimming just released an application for Olympic Trials, which is expected to be the only mobile-friendly way to view heat sheets and live results.

You can access this app on the web at trials2016.commitswimming.com, or download it on your phone and tablet for both iOS and Android.


Not only can you view heat sheets and live results anywhere, anytime, but Commit’s 2016 US Trials app also provides:

1 – SwimSwam news

Read the latest US trials news (provided by yours truly). We’ll be covering every big story coming out of Omaha, and Commit’s app makes sure SwimSwam is right at your fingertips.

2 – Olympic team & records summary

Who’s going to represent Team USA in Rio? What American, US, or World Records are falling? Track Olympic Team qualifiers and broken records with Commit. This meet will have some of the fastest swimmers in the history of our sport. The world’s watching. Don’t miss it.

3 – Athlete profiles

Search athletes by name and pull up what they’re swimming, what times they went, and what place they got. If you want to learn more about an athlete, just click on their name and you’ll see their detailed SwimSwam profile. Profiles for Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin, Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Murphy, Missy Franklin and many more are available the second you want them.

4 – Split analysis

What did Michael Phelps go out in the first 50 of his 200 fly? How fast did Katie Ledecky bring home her 800 free? You can analyze splits for every event by 50 or by 100. Heats, Semi-finals, and Finals. Reaction times? No problem, Commit’s app shows them as well.

5 – Discounts for top brands

Olympic Trials is a special event, so it deserves special discounts. Click the gift card icon on the top right of Commit’s application and get some of the biggest promotions your favorite brands have to offer. These are exclusive promo codes, so take advantage!

6 – Printable PDFs

Sometimes there’s nothing better than your old-school ways, which is why Commit’s web version makes it easy for you to switch off the “Commit view” and look at the original Omega PDFs with buttons to print or download the pages you want.

7 – 2012 results for reference

Wish this app existed four years ago during the 2012 Olympic Trials? Well that’s not a problem: Commit lets you go back in time and see how fast our sport has become. You can visit the site now and play around with the different features, which will display the 2012 Olympic Trials data until the meet start this Sunday, June 26th.


“As much as we’d love to give everything away for free, we have to at least cover our expenses so our team can keep developing innovative technology for our sport,” says co-developer Nico Gimenez when asked about price.

$4.99: For full access to every feature on web, mobile, and tablet (iOS or Android) there’s a small, one-time cost. You’ll get all that’s mentioned above, responsive support, and more. Keep in mind heat sheets sold for this meet are $40.

Also, those who pay will continue to have access to everything after trials. You can easily reference times and swimmer data through the Olympics in August and beyond.

Free: The basic web version is free. Heat sheets & results, news, promo codes, and pdfs are available on Commit’s US Trials website at no cost.


Color codes in the app
Grey: Qualifying times
Purple: Heat results
Red: Semi-final results
Blue: Final results


Data comes from Omega Timing PDFs, which only become available after the full event is over. Therefore, Commit updates at the conclusion of each event, not the conclusion of each heat.


Web: trials2016.commitswimming.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/2016-us-swimming-trials/id1122888287?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.commitswimming.mobiletrials2016

Commit Swimming builds innovative software for our sport. Commit’s first product is a workout manager for coaches and athletes that helps collect, analyze, and learn from workout data. The startup was founded less than a year ago by Dan Crescimanno, Dan Dingman, and Nico Gimenez. Contact them anytime at [email protected] You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to their newsletter.

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Swimming News is courtesy of Commit Swimming, a SwimSwam partner.


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5 years ago

I have not been able to get the heat sheets to work on this app. Frankly I’m sorry to have paid $4.99 and then still have to go through USA Swimming on my mobile browser to see the heat sheets that way.

Reply to  Robin
5 years ago

Hi Robin –

This is Dan from Commit. We are sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing the heat sheets and results on our app. Email us at [email protected] and we will do everything we can do help you!

5 years ago

Will Time Trials be on this app?

5 years ago

got to use commit at i think the ncaa’s.. it was awesome,, all the stuff swimmers want to know.. they were even making tweeks and adjustments ‘ON THE FLY’ during the event from suggestions made by users.. i was truly impressed…

5 years ago

so bummed I can’t make it to watch the trials in person this time. I went in 2012 and it was awesome. We couldn’t blow money on the heat sheets though for all the events, so this is great…I’ll definitely be using it to keep updated this time around.

5 years ago

Is this available on UK itunes?

Reply to  SBGla
5 years ago

SBGla – I honestly have no idea. Let us know if you try and download it and can/cannot find it!

Andrew Majeske
5 years ago

Will meet mobile be covering trials? It did in 2012.

5 years ago

This app will be good while on the golf course. A person has to do something instead of biting our fingernails down to the stubs!

When will the 2016 Trials info and heats sheets be loaded onto the app?
Will the app keep the 2012 info for comparative analysis for all of the “stat” people?


Reply to  Swimfan
5 years ago


1. Heat sheets usually don’t get published until the day before. However, we did see the psych sheets come out yesterday, so we’re working on getting that data in the app for you.
2. Yes we will keep the 2012 info available for those that want to flip between 2016 and 2012!

Thank you

5 years ago

Based on the disclaimer, the app isn’t offering live results (as stated in the first paragraph), right? Only after every event is complete? Please clarify before I buy.

Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

Hi Swimmer,

Correct, the app displays the results after the event (same time Omega PDF becomes available). Sorry, we didn’t intend to mislead you by using the word “live”. Thanks for noting the confusion, and going forward we’ll just use the word “results”. We hope you find all the other features valuable regardless!

Thanks and feel free to email us with any other questions you may have: [email protected]