51 Out of 52 Nations Will Participate in the European Aquatics Championships


  • Monday, May 10th – Sunday, May 23rd
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Artistic – Diving – Open Water – Swimming
  • Event Site

After being postponed a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 European Aquatics Championships will kick off on May 10th, running until May 23rd. Held at the Duma Arena, a venue built specifically for the 2017 World Championships, the 2021 edition of the European Aquatics Championships will mark the 5th time that the meet has been held in Budapest. The open water races will take place in Lake Lupa.

51 out of 52 LEN member nations will participate in the championship as countries seek high level and safe competition outlets in the lead-up to Tokyo.

The artistic swimming and diving competitions will begin on May 10th, while open water swimming will begin on May 12th, and competition in the pool will start on May 17th.

While the meet will be taking place, due to Covid-10 protocols, it will look significantly different than in past years. Most notably, the meet will take place behind closed doors, with all required meet personnel and athletes being kept in a bubble similar to that of the ISL. All necessary personnel and athletes will be required to undergo regular Covid-19 testing throughout their time in Budapest.

LEN President Paolo Barelli said of the precautions and the event itself:

“Today this is the only way to organize such a large-scale event but I am sure, that despite all measures and strict protocols, our fantastic athletes will come up with outstanding performances,” Paolo Barelli said. “Let me thank them for their commitment as they had to train amidst extraordinary circumstances. Similarly, LEN is extremely grateful for all coaches, officials, and for each National Federation that even during these challenging times they did their utmost to keep up the desired level in their everyday activities. This dedication makes Europe the leading continent in aquatics. If we look at the entries, we see that everyone is eager to compete. 24-25 nations are entered to for diving, artistic swimming, and open water respectively, and despite the still existing lockdown measures throughout the continent, a record of 51 nations are to take part in the swimming competitions. LEN is really proud that we could welcome all our athletes, the leading aquatic stars, and offer them a racing opportunity of the highest standards at the European Aquatics Championships.”

Some swimming officials, such as the president of the Hungarian Swimming Association Sandor Wladar, are viewing the meet as an opportunity to prepare for the rigorous protocols that will be in place later this summer at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. According to Wladar, athletes will face daily testing and an even stricter environment in Tokyo, meaning the opportunity to practice competing at a high level, under those circumstances, is ideal for the continent’s athletes.

The European Championships will also serve as an Olympic qualification meet for many of the competing countries. Among others, Great Britain still has 12 roster spots available on their Olympic team that will be decided at the European Aquatics Championships.

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1 month ago

Great Britain only have 7 spots left on their olympic team not 12

Reply to  maybe?
1 month ago

Team GB has 35 spots allocated by the BOA , plus 4 more spots for relay only swimmers…so 28 as of now and up to (unlikely) 11 more

1 month ago

What is the only european nation not competing?

Commonwealths>Pan Pacs
Reply to  maybe?
1 month ago

Vatican City?

Commonwealths>Pan Pacs
Reply to  Commonwealths>Pan Pacs
1 month ago

Jokes aside, it’s probably more likely something like Gibraltar or the Faroe Islands, which are legit LEN member federations.

1 month ago

If not the necessity to get qualified for Olympic Games it would be better to stay away from this meet. If the woldometers info a reliable source then Hungary is a strong leader in number of COVID related deaths for the 1000 of population.
Brownish commented that Hungarian statisticians report any death as covid related if the person was tested positive for covid before death. Even if it was a car accident.
But still… Why to take even slightest risk a few months before Olympics if there is no strong need for that.

Reply to  Yozhik
1 month ago

Not sure about Europe, but many of athletes might have been vaccinated by now??

Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

Yeah no, most european countries (at least the western ones) have a vaccination campaign which is focused on age and comorbidities, and athletes don’t really fit into any of these categories.