Sandor Wladar

Energy Crisis Impacting Pools Across Europe

France closed 30 pools after their operator reported an annual electric bill of 100 million euros ($99 million) — up from 15 million the year before.


Tickets for 2022 FINA World Championships On Sale

Tickets are now on sale for all the sports competing at the 2022 FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary next month.

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LEN Updates Progress After 100 Days Under New President Antonio da Silva

LEN has gotten off to a prosperous start to the newly-elected leadership group head up by President Antio da Silva.

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Hungarian Swimming Association Helps Host Ukrainian Age Groupers

The majority of Ukraine’s junior national swimmers have been welcomed into Hungary as a means to avoid the current war raging with Russia within their nation.


Gerda Szilagyi Denies Sister Lilliana’s Abuse Allegations Against Father

Gerda Szilagyi, sister to Lilliana Szilagyi, refuted allegations her sister made against their father concerning alleged abuse within their household.


Hungarian Liliana Szilagyi Reveals Her Father Abused Her “Since I Was A Child”

Two-time Hungarian Olympian Liliana Szilagyi revealed that she was abused by her father from a young age all the way up until 2016.


Laszlo Cseh Saluta Il Nuoto, Il Video Dell’Ultima Gara A Budapest

L’ultima gara di Laszlo Cseh ha visto in acqua ad onorarlo tutti gli atleti della nazionale di nuoto ungherese, inclusi Hosszu e Milak

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Europei Budapest: L’Ungheria Schiera 61 Atleti Per Il Nuoto

I campionati Europei di nuoto del 2021 inizieranno lunedì 17 Maggio e la squadra di casa schiera un roster di ben 61 atleti.

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Campionati Europei Budapest: Partecipazione Record 51 Nazioni su 52

Campionati Europei di Budapest al via con un record di nazioni. sono 51 le nazioni presenti per le gare di nuoto su 52 stati membri LEN

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51 Out of 52 Nations Will Participate in the European Aquatics Championships

The LEN European Aquatics Championships will kick off this week, with artistic swimming, open water, and diving competition.


LEN’s Barelli Confirms Postponed European C’ships A ‘Go’ For May 2021

LEN President Paolo Barelli reassured all European National Federations today that the 2021 European Aquatic Championships will indeed proceed as planned.


Campionati Europei Di Budapest A Porte Chiuse. L’aggiornamento.

I Campionati Europei potrebbero svolgersi a porte chiuse. L’aggiornamento pochi minuti fa dal presidente Dell’Ass Ungherese Di Nuoto

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Tusup Talks About Regrets, Burying The Hatchet In Eurosport Interview

Polarizing swim coach Shane Tusup spoke about career regrets and a desire to “bury the hatchet” on several conflicts in an interview with Eurosport.


Hungarian Chief Says Europeans Moved to 2021; LEN Disputes

Despite president Sándor Wladár saying the event will be postponed a year, LEN told SwimSwam a decision has yet to be made.

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Updated: Hungarian OLY Trials Now Postponed; Some Athletes Will Auto-Qualify

One of the few remaining Olympic Trials meets still on the books has now been postponed, but Hungary has a unique plan for qualification.