Gerda Szilagyi Denies Sister Lilliana’s Abuse Allegations Against Father

by Emma Edmund 6

January 01st, 2022 Europe, International, News

The excerpts from Szilagyi’s letter have been translated from Hungarian.

Gerda Szilagyi, sister to two-time Hungarian Olympian Liliana Szilagyi, published an open letter Friday denying her sister’s allegations of abuse against their father, Zoltan.

On Thursday, Liliana Szilagyi published a lengthy Instagram post in which she described physical, spiritual, and sexual abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her father until she cut ties with him in 2016.

Liliana Szilagyi wrote that her mother was also abused, and that the two of them are working together to heal.

Zoltan Szilagyi, 54, was also a Hungarian Olympian, competing at the 1988, 1992, and 2000 Olympics. He refuted the allegations his daughter made in the Instagram post, writing that Lilliana cannot prove he ever abused her, her mother, or her sister Gerda. He wrote that he expected the issue to be resolved in criminal proceedings.

In the meantime, Hungarian Swimming Association president Sandor Wladar launched an investigation into Liliana’s claims.

Now, Liliana’s younger sister Gerda, who still trains with Zoltan and is a top backstroker in the country, has come forward responding to her sister’s allegations. She sent a letter to Hungarian news site Index, which the site published without changes.

First, Gerda Szilagyi challenged Wladar’s decision to launch an investigation, alleging that he has never looked for her or inquired for her wellbeing, and questioning why he is now so concerned with her family life.

“I don’t even understand how he dares to interfere in my family life without knowing me and the environment in which I grew up and as a result I bring better-than-good results,” Gerda Szilagyi wrote after detailing her accomplishments in 2021, which included winning two gold medals at Hungarian championships. 

“Beyond these, I also find it outrageous that, as a leader, he is the first person in the swimming association to constantly pursue expulsion tactics and portray both my father and me in a bad light,” she added. “Contrary to what she and Liliana Szilágyi claim, my father never abused, nor did Liliana Szilágyi.”

She wrote that she had been a member of the Szilagyi family since 2003, therefore she would’ve been aware if her father had been abusing anyone in the family since 2003. She also wrote that her father never encouraged anyone to restrict their eating, or even to be swimmers.

“My father never wanted us to be swimmers. He has always kept in mind that our dreams and goals will come true,” Gerda Szilagyi wrote.

Gerda Szilagyi asked Wladar not to harm her team, which Zoltan coaches. She wrote that under her father’s coaching, she got into her top university, placed fifth and sixth during Junior World Cup competitions, and that she is studying to be a lawyer, and that she has received financial and non-financial support from him.

Finally, Gerda Szilagyi questioned where Wladar got his information, and that she was “outrageous” that he has interfered with her family life.

“I also find my father’s expulsion campaign, his character murder, outrageous because he did nothing but give in private and swimming (unlike many who just lose),” she wrote. “Statements that denigrate my father’s personality and acts against him will greatly damage both my person and my vision. Yesterday’s statement by Mr Sándor Wladár, in which he mentions ongoing proceedings against my father, is misleading, contains half-information and does not reflect the full reality as anyway, the series of events that has been going on since Wednesday.”

She wrote she was worried the association would take action against her for pointing out this violation of privacy, but that she had to bring it up anyway.


Later in the day, Liliana Szilagyi responded to her sister in an Instagram post.

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2 years ago

We support you Liliana <3

2 years ago

Why report?

2 years ago

If you’re wanting to be a lawyer, conducting a toxic family feud via social media isn’t the best way to go about it.

Also, “misleading” and “half information” isn’t the same as “not true”.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Togger
2 years ago

The letter was sent to & published on a mainstream Hungarian news site .

2 years ago

Sounds more like a legal response not the words of an 18 year old unless dad “helped” write it.

2 years ago

Liliana just responded on her Insta