Liliana Szilagyi

Liliana Szilagyi Responds to Sister in a New Instagram Post

Liliana Szilagyi has responded after her sister published an open letter refuting claims of abuse by their father and former coach.


Gerda Szilagyi Denies Sister Lilliana’s Abuse Allegations Against Father

Gerda Szilagyi, sister to Lilliana Szilagyi, refuted allegations her sister made against their father concerning alleged abuse within their household.


Hungarian Liliana Szilagyi Reveals Her Father Abused Her “Since I Was A Child”

Two-time Hungarian Olympian Liliana Szilagyi revealed that she was abused by her father from a young age all the way up until 2016.


L’Ungherese Liliana Szilagyi Rivela Di Aver Subito Violenza Domestica

La due volte olimpica ungherese Liliana Szilagyi ha rivelato che ha subito abusi da parte di suo padre da quando era bambina e fino al 2016.

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Liliana Szilagyi Prende Una Pausa:”Niente Tokyo,Devo Rimettere Assieme I Pezzi”

Liliana Szilagyi ha annunciato questa settimana che non cercherà la qualificazione per i Giochi Olimpici di Tokyo, in Giappone.

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Hungary’s Szilágyi Forgoing 2020 Olympics To Tend To ‘Body & Soul’

Liliana Szilágyi of Hungary announced this week that she will not be seeking qualification for the postponed 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.


World Championships Bronze Medalist Péter Holoda Joins Coach Shane Tusup

Péter Holoda, who swam collegiately at Auburn, will train under American-Hungarian coach Shane Tusup toward the Tokyo Olympics.


Trofeo Settecolli: De Tullio Vola Nei 200 Stile-I Risultati Del Day3

Marco De Tullio vola nei 200 stile, Ceccon in gran forma. I risultati dell’ultimo giorno del Trofeo Settecolli – Campionato Italiano Assoluto

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Trofeo Settecolli/Campionato Assoluto: Le Stelle Dell’Ultimo Giorno

Il Campionato Italiano Assoluto – Trofeo Settecolli giunge stasera alla sua conclusione. La nostra anteprima sulle stelle del Day 3

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Settecolli: Pilato, Salin, Caramignoli E Greg: Il Report Completo Del Day2

Settecolli: Il secondo giorno porta con sé il Record del Mondo Jr della Pilato, ma anche grandi prestazioni da parte di Salin, Caramignoli Paltrinieri

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57° Trofeo Settecolli: Stasera In Gara Anche Paltrinieri-Anteprima Day 2

57° Trofeo Settecolli: il secondo giorno di gare vedrà in acqua anche il campione olimpico Gregorio Paltrinieri, che gareggerà negli 800 stile

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Tusup Talks About Regrets, Burying The Hatchet In Eurosport Interview

Polarizing swim coach Shane Tusup spoke about career regrets and a desire to “bury the hatchet” on several conflicts in an interview with Eurosport.


2020 Sette Colli Start Lists: Koch Ready To Race, Romanchuk Out

24-year-old Mykhailo Romanchuk was set to battle Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri in the men’s 1500m free at Sette Colli, but will now no longer be competing.


The Olympics That Would Have Been: Dressel, Chalmers Have Epic Day 5 Showdown

In a rematch of their clash at the 2019 World Championships, Caeleb Dressel and Kyle Chalmers square off in the final of the men’s 100 free on Day 5 in Tokyo.


Budapest. Finali Day1 4 Nations Meet-Protagonisti Milak Hosszu e Kapas

Budapest.Andate in scena le prime finali del 4 Nations Meet. Gli ungheresi sono stati i protagonisti, con le vittorie di Katinka Hosszu, Milak, Kapas

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