2022 Women’s DI NCAAs: SwimSwam Pick’em Final Results


PLEASE NOTE: When we initially posted this last night, the total scores that were posted in the final spreadsheet were incorrect, as they did not include the team scores points in the totals. We have fixed the issue and the data shown below is now correct. Our apologies for the mix up.

The 2022 Women’s NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships is officially over. Congrats to Virginia on winning their 2nd-straight NCAA title, but they weren’t the only winner of the night. Let’s check in on our final Pick ‘Em standings. In this post, we’ll have our day 4 leader, plus the overall winner of the competition.

There were a number of curveballs on Saturday’s events, including Maggie MacNeil and Torri Huske missing the 100 free A final and Taylor Ruck missing the A final of the 200 back. Despite that, we saw high scores on Saturdays events. Even so, there were so misses across the board. Nobody picked Alabama’s Cora Dupre to finish 4th in the 100 free tonight. Similarly, 280 contestants had Alabama’s Morgan Scott in the top 4 in the 100 free, but no one had her finishing 2nd.

The leader of day 4 was “Poop” (classic), who racked up 76 points on the final day of the meet. Here is the spreadsheet showing the results from day 4 of the meet.

Next up, we have the results from the team scoring. We had 8 contestants tie for first, each scoring 30 points. Notably, we had no perfect team scoring selections, and only 2 contestants chose Texas to finish 2nd. Here are the results from the team scoring selections.

Lastly, let’s get to the part everyone is curious about: the final standings. We had a lot of movement on day 4, and Honor, the leader through the first 3 days of the meet, was dethroned. After scoring 51 points on day 4’s events and just 10 points in team scoring, Honor fell to a tie for 13th. So, who was the winner? Screen name oxyswim won by a sizable 9-point margin, ending with a total of 225 points. Congrats, oxyswim! There was a two-way tie for second between JH014 and allip13, both of whom scored 214 points.

PLEASE NOTE: Total scores that were posted last night were incorrect, as they did not include the team scores points in the totals. We have fixed the issue and the data shown below is now correct. Our apologies for the mix up.

Without further ado, here are the final standings of the 2022 Women’s NCAA DI Swimming & Diving Championships Pick’em contest:

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1 year ago

Blaming Tennesee for my results

Reply to  Noah
1 year ago

Well, you should know they went all in on SECs

Coach Cwik
Reply to  Noah
1 year ago

Hey, you taper for Senior Day and SEC’s, what are you going to have left in the tank????

1 year ago

Poop is a wizard at this game

1 year ago

124th. Not too shabby. My best showing, maybe ever?

1 year ago

71st after top 20 for the Olympics, the team predictions really lost it for me…

1 year ago

Would’ve loved to see a scoring of the psych sheets and how it fared vs the reality and the rest of the picks!

1 year ago

3rd after top 5 for the Olympics. If swimswam needs some extra input on previews lmk.

1 year ago

Please fix the scores so the team finish points are included. Thanks!

-Everyone who entered the contest

1 year ago

When do I get my prize 😆