2022 NCAA Women’s 100 Fly Showdown On the Clock

Anya Pelshaw
by Anya Pelshaw 27

September 29th, 2022 College

The women’s 100 butterfly at NCAAs this upcoming March looks to be a huge showdown between Virginia’s Kate Douglass, Stanford’s Claire Curzan and Torri Huske, as well as LSU’s Maggie MacNeil.

This past year, the women’s 100 fly was one of the closer 100 races at women’s NCAAs as the top three swimmers were only separated by 0.14 seconds. The only 100 that was closer in the top 3 was the women’s 100 breast. The women’s 100 fly also had the top three swimmers under the old American Record record of 49.24 held by Claire Curzan (although Canadian Maggie MacNeil was third, for the purpose of this article we will include her).

Kate Douglass went a 49.04 to win and set a new American Record, Torri Huske was second in a 49.17, and MacNeil was right behind in a 49.18. The excitement does not stop in this race after March 2022 though as the top three swimmers from this past season all return for the 2022-2023 season and former American Record holder Curzan joins the mix.

It might be one of the most stacked events in history as the race will feature the most recent American Record holder (SCY) in Curzan, the current American Record holder (SCY) in Douglass, the current American Record holder (LCM) in Huske, and the NCAA and US Open Record holder (SCY) in MacNeil. The only thing missing is the SCM American Record holder but that title still stands with now-Notre Dame Associate Coach Kelsi Dahlia.

Either way, this race looks to be an exciting showdown come March. What might make it even more exciting for some people is that the four will *mostly* not compete against each other before March, with the exception of Huske and Curzan who are Stanford teammates. So, when they show up in March, they’ll each be seeing each other for the first time this season (hugs all around).

To show the magnitude of this SCY showdown even more, the four make up the fastest four times in the SCY 100 fly ever. MacNeil holds the fastest time of 48.89 which she swam at 2021 NCAAs, setting new NCAA and US Open records in the process. Both Douglass (49.04) and Huske (49.17) swam their best times at 2022 NCAAs, and Curzan’s best (49.24) is not much older as she swam it at her high school state meet in February 2022.

In addition to SCY success in the event, the group has also battled it out in the LCM pool. MacNeil is the defending Olympic Champion, Huske is the defending World Champion, and Huske, Curzan, and Douglass went 1-2-3 in the 100 LCM fly at Wave II Olympic Trials last summer.

It’s just the beginning of the season, but the hype begins now. Will it take a new American Record to win? Will it take a new NCAA (and US Open) record to win? Could another swimmer break onto the scene and make it a 4+ person showdown? The countdown for this race begins today, with 169 days to go.

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Sam M
2 months ago

2024 Torri Huske wins the 100 fly
And for 2023 I think Lindsay looney sneaks into the A final

Sam M
2 months ago

Women’s 100 fly NCAA 2023 prediction
1st Maggie MacNeil – 48.3
2nd Kate Douglass – 48.6
3rd Torri Huske – 48.7
4th Claire Curzan – 49.0

9th Gretchen Walsh – 48.7
(I think she will miss the A final)

5 months ago

I don’t know who will win the 100 fly, but I will bet large $ Huske will beat none of these 3 other women in the fly split of the 400 MR

5 months ago

Huske or Cadwallader take it.

This Guy
5 months ago

Gabi Albiero had a great summer and could potentially give these swimmers a run for their money. I don’t think she get first or second but a good finals swim could see her sneak in for a bronze. Gonna be a fun final

Reply to  This Guy
5 months ago

Good point, and I hope it happens! She dropped about a second and a half in long course, so within the realm of reason.

We talked on the podcast that some big name is going to be left out of the A final in this 100 fly.

Reply to  This Guy
5 months ago

shes great, but not on their level. They are on that elite top 5 in the world level.

robert kravutske
5 months ago

wow!!!!……this will be fun!!!!…..I love watching tory husk……so fast off the blocks……loves the big races…..marking my calander…..andy coan….

5 months ago

But for R Smith’s go pro move I would have said the 100 back 2023 NCAA race would be the event of the year. This four-way match up is clearly an epic one of a lifetime. Looking forward to it!

maximum mchuge
5 months ago

Also, a strong group of secondary people. Ellen walshe, the Texas flyers, alons, albiero, and rhyan white could all knock on the door of 49

Last edited 5 months ago by maximum mchuge
Reply to  maximum mchuge
5 months ago

Could this be the year the entire A final goes sub :50?
Anyway put me down for a $5 trifecta bet with MacNeil – Huske – Curzan.

Reply to  BearlyBreathing
5 months ago

very possible but don’t forget Douglass has never finished worse than 2nd in 14 NCAA races.

4 individual gold
2 individual silver
4 relay gold
4 relay silver

She can get a hand on the wall in scy

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