2022 Aussie Championships: Pop Star Cody Simpson Qualifies For Worlds


Day one of the 2022 Australian Swimming Championships lit the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre pool on fire, even without the likes of Olympic medalists Cate CampbellEmma McKeon, and Jack McLoughlin taking part.

We saw multiple swimmers per each event here tonight crack times that dipped under the qualification marks needed for Budapest, giving Australia a healthy-looking roster with 4 more days of competition yet to go.

Multiple personal bests were set during the session, including World Junior Champion Lani Pallister producing a big-time 8:17.77 in the women’s 800m free.

Mollie O’Callaghan, just 18, also impressed with a PB of 52.49 in the women’s 100m free to remain atop the season’s world rankings in the event.

The men’s 50m freestyle winner, Thomas Nowakowski was another standout, dipping under the 22-second threshold for the first time in his career to take gold in 21.86.

We also saw a couple of comebacks come to fruition, with pop star Cody Simpson most likely qualifying for Budapest in the men’s 100m fly. Simpson took a 10-year break from the pool to pursue a successful music career before delving back into training just 2 years ago.

Shayna Jack also made her mark after an absence, having served a two-year ban for having tested positive for a prohibited substance in 2019. These World Championships represent the 23-year-old’s first elite international meet qualification since her return at last December’s Queensland Championships.

Australian World Championships Tentative Individual Qualifiers Through Day 1

  • Elijah Winnington – 400m freestyle (3:43.10)
  • Mack Horton – 400m freestyle (3:44.06)
  • Lani Pallister – 800m freestyle (8:17.77)
  • Kiah Melverton – 800m freestyle (8:22.64)
  • Joshua Edwards-Smith – 200m back (1:56.71)
  • Mitch Larkin – 200m back (1:56.79)
  • Jenna Strauch – 100m breast (1:06.69)
  • Abbey Harkin – 100m breast (1:06.88)
  • Matt Temple – 100m fly (51.50)
  • Kyle Chalmers – 100m fly (51.67)*
  • Cody Simpson – 100m fly (51.96)*
  • Mollie O’Callaghan – 100m free (52.49)
  • Shayna Jack – 100m free (52.60)
  • Thomas Nowakowski – 50m free (21.86)
  • Grayson Bell – 50m free (22.08)

*Kyle Chalmers has previously stated he would not be competing at this summer’s World Championships; with his opting out, Cody Simpson would be the next in line for a possible slot as the men’s 2nd 100m butterfly qualifier

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1 month ago

Honestly so impressive

1 month ago

“I mean good for him for staying in shape and working out but he might wanna stick to singing. He’s not making any Australian national team anytime soon”

-Man 2021


Last edited 1 month ago by PFA
M d e
Reply to  PFA
1 month ago

As someone who also didn’t think he’d make it this far I’m glad my comment doesn’t make me look awful haha

Tommy Schmitt
1 month ago

This dude is an absolute beast and deserves more media coverage for his recent athletic achievements.
He has 0 pressure since no one expects him to make the team so he can really let out his full potential.

1 month ago

Let’s be honest… ugly tattoos notwithstanding, this is the biggets publicity the sport has gotten since MP in Beijing. Or at least it’s the biggest publicity it would get if everyone would get their heads out of their a..es and promote this guy as a serious swimmer on every platform everywhere and push him all over the media.
THIS is the guy ISL should pick up – all the disco-atmosphere with a real life popstar, who moonlights as a world-class swimmer.. the teen girls would love it and they’d buy tickets again, because there are tons of hunky guys in speedos around. He should be on Adidas billboards and stuff. But from that picture, he doesn’t even have a… Read more »

Blake pierogi
Reply to  FSt
1 month ago

I hope he isn’t on adidas. Seeing he is Australian and a star, I most likely see speedo.

Last edited 1 month ago by Blake pierogi
Reply to  Blake pierogi
1 month ago

What I mean is that it’s weird none of the big brands have picked him up a year ago. He’d have been a big draw even back then. I mean, he’s got like 4 million Instagram followers. What other swimmer has that? Not even Phelps. Swimming has always had trouble getting even their most elite superstars to break into the mainstream and now we have this guy, who’s already a household name with a built-in fanbase that isn’t actually connected to swimming already. That’d be the chance to get 4 million new swim fans and a bit of hype for the sport.

Reply to  FSt
1 month ago

I can’t tell if this guy is supporting Cody or roasting him ???

Reply to  monsterbasher
1 month ago

I think we should ALL support him. From a marketing standpoint, the sport of swimming should embrace this guy wholeheartedly and make him the offical mascot or whatever. That he’s actually a really great swimmer is like the cherry on top.

1 month ago

Did he say he’s going to swim at Worlds?

Maybe he’ll skip it like all those other lame Aussies.

What’s their excuse again? They want to save themselves for the Comm Games? Need a break from all the pressure?

Reply to  Marklewis
1 month ago

Are you upset about something?
We have Harris, OÇallaghan, Jack & wilson covering for the Campbell sisters & Mckeon.
We have Mollie again covering for Titmus in the 200.
Lani pallister covering for Titmus in 400 & 800.

Only Chalmers a big hole in the men’s thanks for your concern.

Last edited 1 month ago by Robbos
Reply to  Marklewis
1 month ago



Reply to  Swimswamswum
1 month ago

“Jeah”… I haven’t heard that word in years…

Reply to  Marklewis
1 month ago

at least those aussies can break 53 seconds in the women’s 100 free 🤡🤡🤡

Konner Scott
1 month ago

Mans is a world-class swimmer as a side quest

1 month ago

Rock on. Budapest concert in the planning?

Dean Boxall Hip Thrust
1 month ago


Reply to  Dean Boxall Hip Thrust
1 month ago

Swinger Singer+Swimmer 😂

Blake pierogi
Reply to  Hswimmer
1 month ago

It was sing/swam now it is sing/swim

Reply to  Blake pierogi
1 month ago


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