2021 ACC Men’s Championships: Day 1 Split Analysis

by Robert Gibbs 1

February 24th, 2021 ACC, College, News, Previews & Recaps

2021 ACC Men’s Swimming Championships

  • When: Wednesday, February 24th to Saturday, February 27th Prelims 10:00 am | Finals 6:00 pm (Wednesday timed finals at 4pm; 1650 prelims Saturday at 4:00 pm)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: North Carolina State University (NC State) (29x, 6th-straight) (results)
  • Streaming: ACC Network
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Detailed Timeline: Here
  • Psych Sheets: Here
  • Live Results

The first night of swimming at the 2021 Men’s ACC Championships was a scorcher, as the top five teams in the medley relay all finished under last year’s winning time, a total of ten relays were under NCAA ‘A’ standard (seven in the 200 medley relay and three in the 800 free relay), and numerous school records fell.

For for viewing ease, here are all the splits from tonight tabulated and sorted. We’ll chat quickly about a few of the split that stuck out to us.

Louisville’s Mitchell Whyte continues to show his speed; last year he led off in 20.82 on the Louisville 200 medley relay that touched first before being DQ’d, and this year he clocked a 20.79, the only man in the field under 21. The Cardinals had an incredibly strong front half, as breaststroker Evgenii Somov split a rare sub-23, with his time of 22.91. Those two times actually put them under U.S. Open Record pace at the halfway point, as Texas went 20.84/22.91 on the first two legs en route to a 1:21.54 in 2017.

Pitt’s Blaise Vera is known for his sprint free speed, but he threw down an incredibly fast fly split, going 19.68, which appears to be one of the ten-fastest fly splits ever.

We’re seeing some fast freshmen over in the SEC, but UVA’s Matt Brownstead is right there too, splitting a 18.45. Had Brownstead split 18.76, the 2nd-fastest time in the field, Virginia would’ve dropped from 3rd to 7th, given how tight the team battle was.

Virginia Tech swimmer Blake Manoff was part of four school records today, setting Hokie records in the 50 back and 200 free while leading off the two relays. Manoff’s 1:32.23 was actually the fastest split in the entire field, including relay splits. That was part of a trend for the day, as four of the six fastest overall splits were actually leadoff legs.

200 Medley Relay Splits

Team Swimmer Time
Louisville Mitchell Whyte 20.79
Georgia Tech Kyle Barone 21.00
Florida State Mason Herbet 21.11
Virginia Tech Philip Manoff 21.16
NC State Kacper Stokowski 21.18
Notre Dame Brendan Santana 21.18
UNC Tucker Burhans 21.74
Boston College Samuel Roche 21.78
Virginia William Cole 21.82
Duke Takking Chang 21.97
Pitt Stephen Hopta 22.02
Team Swimmer Time
Louisville Evgenii Somov 22.91
Georgia Tech Caio Pumputis 23.20
Virginia Joseph Barnum 23.25
Pitt Coper van der Laan 23.28
UNC Valdas Abaliksta 23.39
NC State Rafal Kusto 23.49
Florida State Izaak Bastian 23.68
Virginia Tech Carles Coll Marti 23.71
Notre Dame Joshua Bottelberghe 23.77
Duke Cole Reznick 23.79
Boston College Ryan Mathis 25.31
Team Swimmer Time
Pitt Blaise Vera 19.68
Georgia Tech Christian Ferraro 20.07
Florida State Max McCusker 20.11
Virginia Tech Antani Ivanov 20.13
Louisville Dalton Lowe 20.25
Duke Charlie Gingrich 20.26
Virginia Maxwell Edwards 20.34
NC State Luke Sobolewski 20.38
UNC Boyd Poelke 20.41
Notre Dame Cason Wilburn 20.77
Boston College Kyle Floyd 21.97
Team Swimmer Time
Virginia Matthew Brownstead 18.45
Louisville Abdelraham Sameh 18.76
Virginia Tech Thomas Hallock 18.91
Florida State Peter Varjasi 19.01
NC State Giovanni Izzo 19.09
Georgia Tech Austin Daniel 19.14
Pitt Ellis Cannon 19.22
UNC William Messenger 19.26
Duke Matthew Whelan 19.39
Notre Dame Christopher Stensby 19.52DQ
Boston College Alexander Santana 19.92


800 Free Relay Splits

*Bold denotes leadoff

Team Swimmer Time
Virginia Tech Blake Manoff 1:32.23
NC State Eric Knowles 1:32.27
Louisville Nick Albiero 1:32.31
NC State Luke Miller 1:32.55
Virginia Tech Antani Ivanov 1:32.61
Georgia Tech Baturalp Unlu 1:33.16
Virginia Sam Schilling 1:33.66
NC State Erge Gezmis 1:33.70
Notre Dame Jack Hoagland 1:33.71
Louisville Colton Paulson 1:33.76
NC State Hunter Tapp 1:34.16
Virginia Tech Carles Coll Marti 1:34.29
Virginia Jack Wright 1:34.29
Notre Dame Sadler McKeen 1:34.46
UNC Tomas Sungalia 1:34.52
Georgia Tech Christian Ferraro 1:34.64
Georgia Tech Caio Pumputis 1:34.79
Louisville Michael Eastman 1:34.82
Virginia Justin Grender 1:34.84
Virginia Tech Samuel Tornqvist 1:34.91
UNC Dimiros Dimitriou 1:34.98
UNC Daniel Koenigsperger 1:35.00
Florida State Mohamed Ghaffari 1:35.02
Notre Dame Cason Wilburn 1:35.05
Virginia Sean Conway 1:35.10
Florida State Santiago Corredor 1:35.15
Florida State Yordan Yanchev 1:35.35
Louisville Hayden Curley 1:35.72
Florida State Jakub Ksiazek 1:35.74
Duke David Hallaron 1:35.76
Notre Dame Liam Hutchinson 1:35.85
Georgia Tech Clark Wakeland 1:36.26
Duke Cole Reznick 1:36.36
UNC Centenntos Villalon 1:36.46
Pitt Marcin Goraj 1:36.59
Pitt Dominic Toledo Sanchez 1:36.84
Pitt Armin Remenyi 1:36.96
Duke Matthew Whelan 1:37.27
Pitt Serhii Ahadzhanian 1:37.43
Duke Nicholas Talati 1:37.56
Boston College Matthew Szekely 1:38.61
Boston College Zachary Szmania 1:40.44
Boston College Tyler Roethke 1:41.68
Boston College William Suchy 1:41.75

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George Merrill
3 years ago

This is cool! Did yall do a split analysis last year? I likey. Quality content.

-Pack By God Alum

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