2020 ACC Men’s Championships: Day 4 Ups/Mids/Downs

by Robert Gibbs 22

February 29th, 2020 ACC, College, News, Previews & Recaps

2020 ACC Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships

  • When: Wednesday, February 26th to Saturday, February 29th Prelims 10:00 am | Finals 6:00 pm (1650 prelims Saturday at 4:00 pm)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: North Carolina State University (NC State) (29x, 5th-straight) (results)
  • Streaming: ACC Network
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Detailed Timeline: Here
  • Psych Sheets: Here
  • Live Results

Day 4 prelims proved to be dominant showing by four teams, as the top four teams in the standings accounted for 23 out of 32 possible A-final spots tonight. Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Louisville each put six men up, including at least one man in every A-final, and NC State nabbed five spots.

Day 4 Ups/Mids/Downs

Team 200 Back 100 Free 200 Breast 200 Fly Total
NC State 2/1/1 1/2/1 0/0/1 2/2/0 5/5/3
Virginia 1/2/0 1/2/1 3/1/0 1/1/0 6/6/1
Louisville 1/1/0 2/1/3 2/0/0 1/0/1 6/2/4
Virginia Tech 2/1/1 1/0/0 1/1/1 2/1/0 6/3/2
Florida State 0/1/2 1/2/1 0/2/1 1/1/0 2/6/4
Notre Dame 1/2/2 0/0/0 1/0/1 0/2/2 2/4/5
North Carolina 1/0/2 1/0/1 1/1/0 0/0/0 3/1/3
Pitt 0/0/0 0/1/0 0/2/1 0/1/3 0/4/4
Georgia Tech 0/0/0 0/0/1 0/1/1 1/0/2 1/1/4
Duke 0/0/0 1/0/0 0/0/2 0/0/0 1/0/2
Miami (diving only)
Boston College 0/0/0 0/0/0 0/0/0 0/0/0 0/0/0

This morning, NC State should have done enough to hold off UVA for the lead, especially with a strong distance crew, and the battle for 2nd could come down to the mile.

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s morning should blow open the race for 4th, with the Hokies now projected to score nearly 70 points more than Florida State. Notre Dame is dangerous in the distance events, so they could make a run at FSU.

Further down, watch for Georgia Tech’s milers to rack up some points and pass Pitt in the team standings.

Projected Scores

Score After Day 3 Projected Day 4 Score (Not Including 1650s)
Projected Total (Not Including 1650s or Relays)
NC State 853 220 1073
Virginia 762 254 1016
Louisville 746 212 958
Virginia Tech 596 209 805
Florida State 589.5 149 738.5
Notre Dame 558.5 129 687.5
North Carolina 486 93 579
Pitt 385 77 462
Georgia Tech 379 67 446
Duke 344 38 382
Miami 197 197
Boston College 102 0 102

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ACC fan

Hi Robert, Did you score John Walker in the 1650 for UVA? He’s seeded last but should be top 3. Looks like coach sandbagged his entry time for strategy. That’ll make a big difference in the mile scores. Thank you for your continued great articles.


I’d be shocked if Walker finished in the top 3.

Joel Lin

What did he go?


he’s entered with a 1000 time. it’s not a strategy.

ACC fan

19:16 is a 1000 time?


he’s entered with 9:16…come on, think


Walker is recovering from mono apparently. Top 10-16 might be a realistic goal for him but probably not top 3.


Hey guys! Before we start getting mean >:( let’s just remember what’s most important… Having fun and enjoying our sport!!

Texas Swims in a Short Pool

Sounds like a Boston college mindset.


Just don’t forget UVA jumped on the relay last night and didn’t get called

Timing is everything

I think you meant to say they timed it perfectly and it made the difference!


Coincidence? I think not


They didn’t jump per the officials.


The video is close. Just suspect when Louisville was out for a start that looked cleaner.

Texas Swims in a Short Pool

-.14 RT, guess it helps when you got a lot of money, The ACC doesn’t want to upset them I guess.


Just don’t forget this guy is salty.

Wahoo Wah

Still bitter about augie ^ leaving UVA but UVA being in a better place because of it.