2019 Canadian Swimming Trials: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


It’s day two of the Canadian Swimming Trials. Five women and one man have already booked their trips to the 2019 World Championships, and more will look to join them today – including in the all-important (from a relay perspective at least) 100 frees.

Last night’s 100 back runner-up Taylor Ruck is back to lead a loaded 100 free field including Olympic co-champ Penny OleksiakOn the men’s side, Trinidad & Tobago’s Dylan Carter is the top seed, but 100 back champ Markus Thormeyer the fastest seed for the Canadian title.

Kierra Smith will look to avenge a DQ out of the 200 breast last night after putting up the top time in the world. She’s the top-seeded 100 breaststroker, along with Richard Funk.

This morning’s prelims also feature the 400 IMs and 50 backstrokes.

Keep refreshing this page for live, event-by-event updates of all the action from Toronto.

Women’s 100 Free Para – Prelims

Aurelie Rivard put up the top swim out of prelims in the 100 free multiclass. She earned 912 para points with a 1:01.01, about a second off her own world record in the S10 class. The three-time Paralympic champ can go after her own world record of 59.17 tonight.

Behind her was Arianna Hunsicker, also in the S10 class. Hunsicker cut about three tenths from seed to go 1:06.47.

Men’s 100 Free Para – Prelims

The men’s side was also led by an S10 swimmer: Alexander ElliotHe was 55.25, a few hundredths off his seed time and good for 781 para points. The next-closest was Matthew Cabraja (S11), who went 1:04.70 for 654 para points.

Further back, S13’s Caleb Arndt had one of only a few time drops from seed this morning: he went 1:02.49, taking a second and a half off his seed.

Women’s 100 Free – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 54.49
  • FINA B cut: 56.40

Top qualifiers:

  1. Ruck – 54.41
  2. Oleksiak – 54.57
  3. Sanchez – 54.80
  4. Smith – 54.91
  5. *Hansson – 55.17
  6. Ackman – 55.27
  7. Zevnik – 55.31
  8. MacNeil – 55.38
  9. Fournier – 55.47
  10. *DeLoof – 55.52

It should be a very fun race tonight between Canada’s four young stars at the top. Each of the top four seeds was born between 2000 and 2001 in a battle of some of the world’s top teenage sprinters.

Taylor Ruck is the top qualifier at 54.41. She’s been as fast as 52.7 at last year’s Pan Pacs, and does seem to be on a tear after putting up a lifetime-best 100 back last night.

2016 Olympic gold medalist Penny Oleksiak is the second qualifier at 54.57 – she’s also been 52.7, but did that at the 2016 Olympics. Since then, she went 52.9 in 2017 and only 53.8 last year. She’ll look to get back towards her best tonight with a tough field around her.

Kayla Sanchez (54.80) and Rebecca Smith (54.91) are sitting third and fourth. Both were faster last summer – Sanchez a 53.6 and Smith a 54.5.

Fifth-place Louise Hansson of Sweden will be relegated to the B final as an international entrant. Further back, keep an eye on Alexia Zevnik, who was on Canada’s top free relays at both Commonwealths and Pan Pacs last year. She was 53.9 last summer, but only qualified in 55.3 this morning. The top four who make the FINA B cut will qualify for Worlds, and the top two who make the A cut will qualify to swim the event individually.

Men’s 100 Free – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 48.80
  • FINA B Cut: 50.51

Top qualifiers:

  1. Kisil – 48.95
  2. *Carter – 49.39
  3. Thormeyer – 49.48
  4. Olafson – 49.94
  5. Daly – 49.98
  6. *Miljenic – 50.07
  7. Liendo – 50.12
  8. Acevedo – 50.24
  9. Pisani – 50.31
  10. Gaziev – 50.33

Yuri Kisil appears on the cusp of joining Markus Thormeyer as the nation’s first two Worlds qualifiers on the men’s side this year. Thormeyer qualified out of the 100 back last night, and Kisil was just a tenth off the A cut in the 100 free this morning. He’s been as fast as 48.2 earlier in his career, and should be in great shape to jump under the A cut tonight.

Thormeyer also broke 50 this morning (49.48) and could push Kisil for the win tonight. Two more Canadian men broke 50, one of whom had never done so before. Carson Olafson went 49.94, taking exactly a tenth off his lifetime-best. He’s in line to be one of Canada’s top four and a potential relay swimmer here. Owen Daly also broke 50, but was still three tenths off his seed.

Dylan Carter was the second-best this morning, but will have to swim out of the B final tonight.

Further back, Joshua Liendo (born 2002) could challenge a national age record for 15-17 boys. He was 50.12 this morning, cutting a full second from seed and coming within four tenths of the age record.

Women’s 100 Breast – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 1:07.05

Top qualifiers:

  1. Smith – 1:07.14
  2. Knelson – 1:08.26
  3. Wog – 1:08.32
  4. Nicol – 1:08.85
  5. Kucheran – 1:09.45
  6. Angus – 1:09.54
  7. Wiseman – 1:10.09
  8. Herbert – 1:10.45
  9. Carnevale – 1:10.50
  10. Metcalfe – 1:10.82

Canadians swept the entire top 10 and will fill the A final tonight, led by Kierra SmithThe 200 breast star was DQ’d last night after putting up the top time in both the meet and the world this season. She came back nicely this morning with a 1:07.14, about a tenth off of making the A cut in her second-best breaststroke distance.

She’s about a full second ahead of Faith Knelsonwho qualified second. Knelson was a few tenths off her seed time.

Kelsey Wogwho was second in the 200 breast last night and qualified for Worlds after the DQ to Smith, is the third qualifier here at 1:08.32. She and Knelson should have a good battle tonight, coming in with seeds within two tenths of each other. And don’t count out Rachel Nicol, the veteran who was seeded three tenths faster than both – she was 1:08.85 this morning to easily qualify for the A final.

Men’s 100 Breast – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 59.95

Top qualifiers:

  1. Mastromatteo – 1:01.45
  2. Funk – 1:01.47
  3. Isings – 1:02.10
  4. Milanovich – 1:02.20
  5. Dergousoff – 1:02.34
  6. Guest – 1:02.67
  7. Wall – 1:02.88
  8. LeFranc – 1:03.48
  9. Naisby – 1:03.80
  10. Balamane – 1:03.88

2002-born Gabe Mastromatteo qualified first in the 100 breast, two tenths off his seed time. Mastromatteo, who should be 16 or 17 based on his listed birth year, was a standout at the World Junior Championships last year, and could be vying for a spot on Canada’s senior team this year. He’ll need to cut about a second and a half, though, to get under the A cut of 59.95 tonight.

Richard Funk is the favorite tonight: he went 59.89 last summer and could challenge the national record of 59.85 from 2012. Funk was 1:01.47 this morning, just a tick behind Mastromatteo’s qualifying swim.

Connor Isings is third in 1:02.10, just ahead of Alexander Milanovich (1:02.20). Isings was fourth in last night’s 200 breast final. The 200 champ is James Dergousoff, who qualified fifth this morning in the 100.

Women’s 400 IM – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut:4:43.06

Top qualifiers:

  1. Overholt – 4:41.04
  2. Pickrem – 4:41.50
  3. Cieplucha – 4:42.32
  4. Seltenreich-Hodgson – 4:45.06
  5. Harvey – 4:46.52
  6. Andison – 4:47.48
  7. *Demler – 4:50.12
  8. McIntosh – 4:51.23
  9. Kwan – 4:51.31
  10. Bellio – 4:52.50

Emily Overholt was 4:41.0 this morning to qualify first by about half a second over Sydney PickremOverholt was a junior sensation back in 2015, going 4:32.52, but hasn’t been under 4:39 since 2017. She could go after that tonight, coming in with a season-best of 4:39.48.

Pickrem was 4:41.50, about half a second off her seed. Both women are under the FINA A cut, and should earn Worlds berths tonight if they can remain in the top two.

Tess Cieplucha could be the top challenger. She went 4:42.32 this morning on a big drop from her previous best of 4:44. Overholt had the best fly and back this morning, but Pickrem was best on breaststroke and Cieplucha the fastest closer on freestyle.

Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson is fourth in 4:45.06.

Further back, 2006-born Summer McIntosh broke another 11-12 Canadian age group record. She went from 4:53 to 4:51.23 to take 8th overall. She’ll get another chance to lower the record in tonight’s final.

Men’s 400 IM – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 4:17.90

Top qualifiers:

  1. Cote – 4:21.41
  2. Zakala – 4:22.14
  3. Pratt – 4:22.41
  4. Gagne – 4:23.75
  5. Champagne – 4:24.14
  6. Palaschuk – 4:24.80
  7. Paquin-Foisy – 4:25.04
  8. Young – 4:25.75
  9. Gallant – 4:26.11
  10. Hussey – 4:26.70

Tristan Cote is the top 400 IM qualifier, coming within about half a second of his seed in 4:21.41. But the meet’s top incoming seed was Josh Zakalawho was 4:18.64 last April. He’ll need a drop of slightly more than a half-second from that to make the Worlds qualifying time.

2002-born Cole Pratt had a big drop from seed, going 4:22.41. He’s still about four seconds off the 15-17 age record, but leads a group of young talents in tonight’s A final. Fourth-place qualifier Collyn Gagne was born in 2000, and cut from 4:28 to 4:23.75 this morning. And three more A finalists were born in 2000 or later: Brodie Young, Jacob Gallant and Patrick Hussey.

Women’s 50 Back – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 28.22

Top qualifiers:

  1. Hanus – 28.30
  2. Ball – 28.36
  3. Hannah – 28.52
  4. Wilm – 28.71
  5. Broad – 28.92
  6. Danyluk / *Terebo – 29.07
  7. *Steins – 29.25
  8. *Bradley – 29.28
  9. Fazekas – 29.29

Danielle Hanus leads the women’s 50 back A final. She’s just eight one-hundredths away from the FINA A cut and a Worlds qualifying bid. Not far back is Emma Ball, who could make the A cut with a drop of .14 seconds.

2002-born Jade Hannah was 28.52, about a tenth off her best.

Men’s 50 Back – Prelims

  • FINA A Cut: 25.17

Top qualifiers:

  1. Zeng – 25.68
  2. Acevedo – 25.84
  3. Pratt – 25.87
  4. Dyck – 26.14
  5. *McDermott – 26.21
  6. *Cruz – 26.25
  7. Somerset – 26.35
  8. *Robrock – 26.43
  9. Veregin – 26.47
  10. Knox – 26.54

Tim Zeng is the top men’s qualifier in the 50 back. He’ll have his work cut out for him to make the A cut (25.17) tonight, needing a half-second drop. He was four tenths faster than his seed this morning, but has been faster in his career – a 25.47 from 2017.

Javier Acevedo is second – he’s the national record-holder with a 25.13, also from 2017, and might have the best shot in the field to get under the A cut and qualify for Worlds.

Cole Prattwho last night broke Acevedo’s age record in the 100 back, is third in 25.87.

Women’s 50 Back Para – Prelims

S2 Aly Van Wyck-Smart was the top point-earner this morning in the 50 back, going 1:24.65 for 345 para points. Only six women swam this morning – the closest to her was Clemence Pare in class S5, who had the fastest time at 1:00.36 and earned 263 para points.

Men’s 50 Back Para – Prelims

It was also a small field for the men, with just three competitors. Jonathan Dieleman led the way from the S5 class, going 57.97 for 219 para points. Jacob Brayshaw (S2) was second.

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3 years ago

I like how SwimSwam calls Penny the “co-champ” but in other articles calls Simone the “Olympic Champion”. Nice.

Reply to  EastCo
3 years ago

It isn’t fair, I agree. The only thing that can be said in defense of some Swimswam’s contributors is the fact that Simone moved forward from that point and Penny moved backwards.

Reply to  EastCo
3 years ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this double standard

3 years ago

Will they be taking 2 or 4 or 6 people in the 100 and 200 frees? Thanks!

Reply to  Jared Anderson
3 years ago

Thanks. Probably not a problem for the Canadian women

Reply to  Jared Anderson
3 years ago

It’s pretty much guarenteed that they’ll have at least 5 women under the Fina A cut in both the 100 and 200 freestyle anyway though.

3 years ago

Will be intriguing to see where Penny is in her fitness. I think she’ll grab the second spot but Kayla will give her all she can handle. Will be great to see her back at her best– esp to keep Taylor honest and on her toes, and the relay locked and loaded.

3 years ago

Based on Sanchez’s performances during the short course season, I would not be shocked if she won the event. She had a great time in the morning session yesterday in the 100 backstroke (but scratched the final), so it looks like she will be swimming very fast here.

Reply to  krbcan
3 years ago

What was the reason to scratch the final in 100BK yesterday? Has she known beforehand that she is no match to Masse and Ruck and decided to not waste her time and efforts?

3 years ago

I think Penny will surprise people tonight – if I recall correctly she was a mid-53 LCM earlier in the winter (?January, but was DQ’d in the race)

Reply to  Cdnswimfan
3 years ago

Penny did a 53.6 or .7 in January albeit in a DQ swim. Looking forward to seeing what she can do tonight.

3 years ago

The way of swimming breastroke by Kierra Smith is a kind of shocking for me ( I’m not a referee, just a swimming fan).
A lot more agreeable how Cole Pratt swims every stroke: 4.22.4 for him in the 400 Im and hopefully more on the tank for tonight final.

3 years ago

Nag record for Summer McIntosh (born in 2006) in the 400 im: 4.51.23 swum in the heats just finished. Great improvement for Tess Cieplucha (4.42.32). It’ll be a great race for the win tonight between Pickrem (my pick) and Overholt (both 4.41 in the heats).

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