2018 Georgia Fall Invite: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


Swimmers are getting an earlier start on finals today at the UGA Invite. This afternoon brings the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, 200 fly, and 400 free relay.


  1. Chloe Hicks, Michigan, 1:54.00
  2. (T-2) Erin Earley, Virginia, 1:54.32
  3. (T-2) Emma Sieberlich, Virginia, 1:54.32

It was a close race between the top 3 throughout the 200 as Virginia’s Erin Earley took the slight lead in 55.52 at halfway. Michigan’s Chloe Hicks reeled her in on the back half, matching the 2018 NCAA invite time to the hundredth as she won in 1:54.00. Earley wound up 2nd in 1:54.32. It was a tie with teammate Emma Sieberlich, who came through on the back half to touch 2nd as well.

The fastest time of the afternoon, however, came from Cal’s Keaton Blovad, who cleared last season’s NCAA invite mark in 1:53.79 to win the B final.


  1. Daniel Carr, Cal, 1:39.43
  2. Javier Acevedo, Georgia, 1:39.88
  3. Robby Giller, Virginia, 1:40.21

Cal’s Daniel Carr was just hundredths short of the NCAA ‘A’ cut, taking it out in 49.00 and holding steady ahead of Georgia’s Javier Acevedo. Carr hit the wall in 1:39.43 with Acevedo trailing by a few tenths in 1:39.88.

Virginia’s Robby Giller was also well under the 2018 NCAA mark as he dropped nearly a second in 1:40.21. Cal’s Bryce Mefford was the fastest man to the flip at the 100 in 48.49. He still led at the 150, but faded to 4th on the closing leg in 1:40.59. Behind him, Virginia’s Cooper Wozencraft clipped the 2018 NCAA time in 1:41.62.


  1. Abbey Weitzeil, Cal, 46.49
  2. Siobhan Haughey, Michigan, 46.72
  3. Veronica Burchill, Georgia, 47.37

Cal’s Abbey Weitzeil swam the fastest 100 free of her collegiate career, just 2 tenths shy of her lifetime best to win in 46.49. She’s now the current #1 in the nation for both sprint freestyles. Michigan’s Siobhan Haughey shaved over a tenth off her best to take a close 2nd in 46.72 as both women achieved the NCAA ‘A’ cut. Georgia’s Veronica Burchill was just 2 hundredths off that cut, touching in 47.37 for 3rd and clipping her best.

There were 4 more swimmers in that heat under the 2018 NCAA invited time, with Virginia’s Morgan Hill clearing 48 seconds to take 4th in 47.83. Cal got 2 under the mark with Robin Neumann (48.09) and Katie McLaughlin (48.40), while Michigan’s Margaret McNair MacNeil was also under in 48.25.


  1. Michael Jensen, Cal, 42.10
  2. Pawel Sendyk, Cal, 42.40
  3. Ryan Hoffer, Cal, 42.43

Cal’s Michael Jensen took almost 4 tenths off his lifetime best, using his back half speed to top teammate Pawel Sendyk 42.10 to 42.40. The Bears swept the top 3 as Ryan Hoffer was a nail behind Sendyk in 42.43. Michigan’s Gus Borges broke 43 for the first time, swimming below the 2018 NCAA cutoff in 42.53 for 4th place.


  1. Miranda Tucker, Michigan, 2:08.53
  2. Jamie Yeung, Michigan, 2:10.26
  3. Kaki Christensen, Virginia, 2:10.38

UCLA’s Emma Schanz (2:10.97) had the early lead in 1:02.47, but Michigan’s Miranda Tucker quickly took over on the 3rd 50 with the only sub-33 split of the field. Tucker went on to win it in 2:08.53 with the only time in the field that was faster than what it took to make 2018 NCAAs. Teammate Jamie Yeung was just a tenth shy of the mark in 2:10.26, narrowly out-touching Virginia freshman Kaki Christensen, who dropped almost 2 seconds to take 3rd in 2:10.38.


  1. Andrew Seliskar, Cal, 1:51.85
  2. Reece Whitley, Cal, 1:52.47
  3. Charlie Swanson, Michigan, 1:53.68

Cal’s Andrew Seliskar continued his string of impressive wins with another NCAA ‘A’ cut. Seliskar hit the wall in 1:51.85, with teammate Reece Whitley coming in behind with an NCAA ‘A’ cut time of 1:52.47. Between those two, the Bears could be seeing a lot more NCAA points in the 200 breast than they have in the recent past.

Michigan had a trio of men under the 2018 NCAA time as Charlie Swanson ran down Tommy Cope for 3rd, 1:53.68 to 1:53.70. Jacob Montague was just behind in 1:53.86.


  1. Dakota Luther, Georgia, 1:53.55
  2. Katie McLaughlin, Cal, 1:54.63
  3. Olivia Carter, Georgia, 1:55.76

Georgia’s Dakota Luther was already leading by a second at the halfway mark as she ran away with this one in 1:53.55. The top 3 were all under the 2018 NCAA invited time. Cal’s Katie McLaughlin and Georgia’s Olivia Carter had already hit that mark in the 100 free and this was their 2nd race of the afternoon. McLaughlin hit the wall 2nd in 1:54.63, while Carter touched in 1:55.76 for 3rd.

MEN’S 200 FLY:

  1. Zheng Quah, Cal, 1:39.29
  2. Mike Thomas, Cal, 1:41.29
  3. Camden Murphy, Georgia, 1:41.51

Cal’s Zheng Quah was over a second ahead when he turned in 47.48 at the 100-yard mark, and he continued to distance himself from the field. He was about half a second shy of his lifetime best to win it in 1:39.29. Teammate Mike Thomas held off a hard-charging Camden Murphy of Georgia at the finish, 1:41.29 to 1:41.51. Virginia’s Zach Fong was the final man under the 2018 NCAA time as he took 4th in 1:42.20.


  1. Cal- 3:11.14
  2. Michigan- 3:14.16
  3. Georgia- 3:16.82

Both Cal and Michigan were under the NCAA ‘A’ cut as the Bears dominated the race. Abbey Weitzeil had the fastest split of the field with her 46.66 anchor. Michigan’s Siobhan Haughey was also sub-47 with a 46.93 on the 2nd leg, giving the Wolverines the lead halfway, but Cal’s Katie McLaughlin roared back with a 47.43 for the Bears on the 3rd leg to give them the lead en route to victory.


  1. Cal (A)- 2:48.44
  2. Michigan- 2:52.70
  3. Cal (B)- 2:53.03

The Cal men nearly pulled off a 1-2 finish. The winning squad got a 42.16 leadoff from Michael Jensen and a 41.84 split from Pawel Sendyk as they swam to an NCAA ‘A’ cut. Zheng Quah anchored the B team in 41.85, but came up just short to Michigan in the race for 2nd. The Wolverines got a 42.59 start from Gus Borges and a 42.69 split from Charlie Swanson.


  1. University of Michigan            944   2. Georgia, University of            835
  3. California, University of, Ber  827.5   4. University of Virginia            631
  5. UCLA Swimming                   425.5   6. Harvard University                 78


  1. California, University of, Ber   1163   2. University of Michigan         1027.5
  3. Georgia, University of          795.5   4. University of Virginia            515
  5. Harvard University                 45

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5 years ago

Since no one has put a complete recap of Seliskar’s weekend, I’ll list his performances.

Day 1:
500 Fr 4:13.02 (prelims exhibition)
200 IM 1:43.42 prelims, 1:40.55 finals
50 Fr-r anchor 18.85
100 Br-r 51.32

Day 2:
100 Fl 46.3/45.59
100 Br 53.22 (prelims only)
200 Fr 1:30.82 (relay lead)

Day 3:
200 Br 1:55.61/1:51.85
400 Fr-r anchor 42.06

18.85/42.06/1:30.82/4:13.0 Freestyles
51.3/1:51.8 Breaststrokes
45.5 100 Fly
1:40.5 200 IM.

This type of performance is up at the top of the mountain with Dressel and Lochte at NCAAs. Maybe Dave Nolan in his prime could put together something simliar, but I’m not too sure about his ability to… Read more »

5 years ago

I’m glad to see Quah is doing well

5 years ago

It will be interesting to see Harvard in 2 years without Dean Farris

5 years ago

Michigan girls beating Cal & Georgia handly with all their depth at all events!!! – Go Blue!!!

Team Depth
Reply to  SUNY Cal
5 years ago

Sunycal says it like it is. I appreciate honesty on this site. The whole team seams to be swimming well while being hammered at practice and in class. Go Blue!

5 years ago

Jensen is looking fantastic, the only thing stopping Cal from getting that title is what happened last year, choking in the 100 free.

Reply to  jmanswimfan
5 years ago

Cal choked at diving last year! 🙂

Reply to  jmanswimfan
5 years ago

Texas won last year and I wouldn’t necessarily say they had a great meet. I doubt they’ll be off again this year. Cal swam well last year, Texas didn’t and still won. Texas is probably further ahead of Cal than last years NCAA score indicated.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
5 years ago

Texas was obliterated in the swimming portion of the meet, diving was a major crutch. Cal won the swim portion, but also had a lot of missed oppurtunities with guys just missing those A and B finals. Assuming both swim teams are firing on all cylinders and Cal scores some diving points, it’s going to be a battle

Reply to  Swammer
5 years ago

Cal won the swimming portion. Who cares, they lost the meet because it’s swimming and diving. Cal missed some scoring opportunities, Texas missed a lot more.

Last year it was a close meet because Texas didn’t swim very well. The previous 3 years Texas blew away everyone. If Texas swims well, they’ll probably win by 50+ points. If they don’t, it will probably be another close meet, and they may even lose.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
5 years ago

lol Texas fans have the most fragile egos

Reply to  SVIRD
5 years ago

Says the cal fan still salty about the Texas divers

5 years ago

Georgia girls swam really well even without Eva. Especially Veronica I think she had all best time in every event this weekend

Reply to  Troy
5 years ago

Reminder. They won NCAAs 2 years ago! Veronica swam well granted but all their relays got schooled by Cal and Michigan!!!

Reply to  Superfan
5 years ago

Unfortunately Last year they were outside top 10 and this year they are looking better even with loosing some good girls last year. This is a growth year for them and glad to see mid season some good swims.

Reply to  Troy
5 years ago

Hopefully top 10! Not sure they can be there without top 8 relays and right now only their 8free is probably top 8! Time will tell.

5 years ago

Seliskar and Whitley had identical last-150 splits. Seli only won because of his .62 advantage on the first 150. That’s a bit of a fun coincidence

Reply to  PVSFree
5 years ago

Fun coincidence yes, but I wouldn’t downplay the fact that he ‘only’ won cuz of his .62 advantage. He went out faster and was still able to hold on. He might be the most versatile swimmer ever in the NCAA

Reply to  Mike
5 years ago


Reply to  Swimshady
5 years ago

Most certainly more versatile than lochte

Reply to  Mike
5 years ago

Caeleb would like to have a word with you

Reply to  DMacNCheez
5 years ago

Caeleb is better overall cause of his dominance but Seliskars range is just insane, would be interesting to see what Caeleb could have done in a 500 free or 400im

5 years ago

Weitzeil now leading both sprints🔥

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Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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