2017 Men’s Big Ten Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap — Pieroni Leads off with 1:31.8


  • When: Wednesday, February 22th to Saturday, February 25th | Prelims 11am | Finals 6:30pm
  • Where: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: Michigan Wolverines (results)
  • Live Results
  • Streaming (BTN subscription required)
  • Championship Central: here

The 2017 Big Ten Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships are set to kick off tonight in Columbus, Ohio. Swimmers will be competing in the 200 medley relay and 800 free relay. Indiana will be looking to dethrone Michigan, led by returning champions Blake Pieroni and Ian Finnerty. The Wolverines will look to defend their streak with defending champions Paul Powers, Tristan Sanders, and PJ Ransford.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:25.05
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:25.86
  • B1G Meet Record: Michigan, 2013, 1:23.25
  1. Indiana (Bob Glover, Ian Finnerty, Vini Lanza, Ali Khalafalla): 1:23.61
  2. Michigan (Tristan Sanders, Chris Klein, Vini Tafuto, Paul Powers): 1:24.03
  3. Ohio State (Matt McHugh, Jack Barone, Noah Lense, Mossimo Chavez): 1:24.15

The Hoosiers kicked off the meet in resounding fashion, soundly defeating defending champion Michigan and coming within  few tenths of the meet record in the 200 medley relay.  The squad of Bob Glover (21.19), Ian Finnerty (23.62), Vini Lanza (20.37), and Ali Khalafalla (18.43) finished in 1:23.61, a new school record.  The Wolverines finished 2nd, as Tristan Sanders led things off in 21.67, then Chris Klein closed the gap with a 23.23, while Vini Tafuto (20.54) and Paul Powers (18.59) closed things out for an overall time of 1:24.03.  That’s actually 0.09s faster than Michigan’s winning time from last year.  The OSU men almost kept pace with Michigan.  Matt McHugh led things off in 21.20, then Jack Barone (23.40), Noah Lense (20.68), and Mossimo Chavez (18.87) kept things close, finishing 3rd in 1:24.15.



  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 6:20.67
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 6:24.50
  • B1G Meet Record: Michigan, 2014, 6:09.85
  1. Indiana (Blake Pieroni, Marwan El Kamash, Anze Tavcar, Mohamed Samy): 6:11.98
  2. Wisconsin (Cannon Clifton, Ryan Stack, Matthew Hutchins, Brett Pinfold): 6:13.78
  3. Michigan (Mokhtar Al-Yamani, Felix Auboeck, Tristan Sanders, Jack Mangan): 6:14.00

Junior Blake Pieroni scorched a 1:31.83 lead off, the fastest 200 time in the NCAA so far this year, and Indiana never looked back.  Fellow Hoosiers Marwan el Kamash (1:33.41), Anze Tavcar (1:33.54), and Mohamed Samy (1:33.20) followed Pieroni and set another new school record en route to an almost-two second victory.

Wisconsin and Michigan waged a battle for second place.  Wisconsin’s Cannon Clifton opened it up by out splitting Mokhtar Al-Yamani, 1:33.32 to 1:34.78.  The Wolverines battled back with a 1:31.74 split by Felix Auboeck against Ryan Stack’s 1:34.90.  Tristan Sanders held the lead against Matthew Hutchins, 1:34.19 to 1:33.75, and it came down to the final leg.  Wisconsin’s Brett Pinfold rocked yet another 1:31 split, outracing Jack Mangan 1:31.81 to 1:33.29, and giving Wisconsin a 2nd place finish by a 0.22 margin, 6:13.78 to 6:14.00.

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4 years ago

live stream???

4 years ago

Licon 51.15 100 breast time trial. real good swim for only being partially tapered.

Reply to  BlueFish
4 years ago

What does this comment have to do with this article?

4 years ago

Wow, IN looks good so far. Buckle your seat belt for this one. – MI may be going down this yr!! How long has it been since they WEREN’T the winners of the BIG 10????

Reply to  SUNY Cal
4 years ago

The last time big tens were at OSU.

Reply to  SUNY Cal
4 years ago

2010 When OSU won

Candy Stripes
4 years ago

Blake went 1:31 and he wasn’t even shaved

Banner up
Reply to  Candy Stripes
4 years ago

Yeah I heard through a reliable source he only swam it at 90% and he didn’t rest at all. I feel like the rest of the NCAA should be really scared

Reply to  Banner up
4 years ago

I heard he did open turns and started from in the water.

First Chance ***k
Reply to  Bigly
4 years ago

I heard he swam catch-up drill the entire way

White Stelios
Reply to  First Chance ***k
4 years ago

I heard he split each 50 drill/swim

phelps swims 200 breast rio
Reply to  White Stelios
4 years ago

I heard he used it as a warm down swim.

Reply to  Candy Stripes
4 years ago

He was not shaved or tapered! According to a teammate he was still lifting and going 13,000 on doubles one week ago! He and Rooney will have a good battle at NCAAs.

Reply to  Candy Stripes
4 years ago

Eyewitness reports say that he was wearing a drag suit and no goggles

Reply to  Candy Stripes
4 years ago

He was swimming doggy paddle, and he took a coffee break at the 100

Reply to  Candy Stripes
4 years ago

I heard Chuck Norris was there

4 years ago

Dean Farris split 1:31.29 at Ivy Champs

Reply to  Bob
4 years ago

Wow, that’s a hell of a time for anyone, in particular a freshman who was a 1:38 in the 200 free when he committed as a senior.

Reply to  Bob
4 years ago

42.9 to the feet…kid is serious. Also split an 18.89 on the free leg of the medley relay.

4 years ago

Michigan gave lots of headway to Indiana tonight

4 years ago

Blake is unshaved. I smell a 1:30 in the near future. Townley has some competition

4 years ago

My stars, did Pieroni just go fast! That makes him the 7th fastest performer ever, according to USA Swimming. Only the 10th person to go under 1:32.

1. Townley Haas 1:30.46
2. Ricky Berens 1:31.31
3. Joao De Lucca 1:31.51
4. Shaune Fraser 1:31.70
5. David Walters 1:31.72
6. Conor Dwyer 1:31.73
7. Blake Pieroni 1:31.83 <-
8. Jack Conger 1:31.89
9. Yannick Agnel 1:31.90
10. Darian Townsend 1:31.93

Reply to  N P
4 years ago

N P – you’ve got a few missing in there. Koski went 1:31.54 last year chasing Haas, and Simon Burnett went 1:31.20 in 2006 (which was the record until Haas broke it last year).

He’s the 12th person to ever go under 1:32.

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Thank you for the clarification! That was such a fast swim for this time of year – I’m really hoping someone will get under 1:30 this March!

Reply to  N P
4 years ago

Simon Burnett?

Reply to  N P
4 years ago

what about simon burnett?

Reply to  N P
4 years ago

Missing at least one name, Simon Burnett 1:31.20 from 06 NCAA

jay ryan
Reply to  Stoyle
4 years ago

1:31.20 from Burnett was at the pre-Xmas invitational.

Tea rex
Reply to  N P
4 years ago

Missing Simon Burnett

Reply to  N P
4 years ago

I heard he dabbed on both his start and finish and immediately shotgunned a red bull as soon as he got out of the water. Interesting to see if he will chose to swim this on Friday of NCAAs when 3m diving is the clearly the better fit for Pieroni