2016 U.S Olympic Trials: Day Eight Finals Live Recap


Tonight’s finals session will mark the official end of the 2016 U.S Olympic Trials where the remaining roster spots will be filled and a complete picture of the American Olympic swim team will emerge.

The first event of the night is the women’s 50m freestyle where Abbey Weitzeil is the top seed. Weitzeil already won the 100m freestyle earlier in the week, and is currently looking to add a second event for Rio.

Second seed Madison Kennedy has yet to make the team and will be driving to the wall in order to secure her spot on the team. In order to do so she’ll need to beat Simone Manuel, Olivia Smoliga, Lia Neal, Dana Vollmer, and Amanda Weir.

Of the women in the 50m freestyle final, only Kennedy and Katrina Konopka have yet to make the team.

The men’s 1500m freestyle is guaranteed to add at least one new swimmer to the pool roster for Rio. Connor Jaeger is the top seed in the 1500, and he’s already made the team with his performance in the 400m freestyle. None of the other competitors in the final have made the team so far, so it will be a dog fight to get their hands on the wall.

Jordan Wilimovsky is the second overall seed heading into finals and is already on the Olympic roster, but not as a pool swimmer. Wilimovsky is qualified to swim the 10km open water event in Rio.

Following the two finals, the complete U.S Olympic team will be revealed.


Top seed: Abbey Weitzeil (24.34)
World record: 23.73 – Britta Steffen (Germany)
American record: 24.07 – Dara Torres
U.S Open record: 24.13 – Cate Campbell (Australia)
U.S Nationals record: 24.25 – Dara Torres
JR World record: 24.74 – Rikako Ikee (Japan)
2012 Winning Time: 24.50 – Jessica Hardy

Abbey Weitzeil is officially leading the new age of American women’s sprinting after sweeping the two sprint freestyle events here in Omaha en route to her first Olympic berth.

Weitzeil emerged way out in front of the rest of the field in order to clock the fastest time of the field with a 24.28. That time is the fastest textile swim ever done by an American woman. Weitzeil improved her best time of 24.34 from semifinals which established her as the third fastest American woman in history.

Simone Manuel touched second behind her in 24.33. That time established her as the second fastest American woman ever in a textile suit, and the fourth fastest American woman of all time.

Finishing third was Madison Kennedy, who won’t be going to the Olympic Games.

100m backstroke champion Olivia Smoliga was fourth in 24.70. Dana Vollmer was sixth, Lia Neal was seventh, Amanda Weir was eighth.

  1. Abbey Weitzeil (24.28)
  2. Simone Manuel (24.33)
  3. Madison Kennedy (24.48)
  4. Olivia Smoliga (24.70)
  5. Katrina Konopka (24.84)
  6. Dana Vollmer (24.96)
  7. Lia Neal (25.00)
  8. Amanda Weir (25.13)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Connor Jaeger (14:58.59)
World record: 14:31.02 – Sun Yang (China)
American record: 14:41.20 – Connor Jaeger
U.S Open record: 14:45.54 – Peter Vanderkaay
U.S Nationals record: 14:45.54 – Peter Vanderkaay
JR World record: 14:51.55 – Mack Horton (Australia)
2012 Winning Time: 14:52.19 – Andrew Gemmell

American record holder Connor Jaeger won the 1500m freestyle to close out the trials in speedy fashion, fighting to the wall with Jordan Wilimovsky as the two secured another event for Rio.

The two were way out in front chasing down Peter Vanderkaay’s U.S Open record of 14:45.54, but ultimately fell short as Jaeger won in 14:47.61 and Wilimovsky was second in 14:49.19.

With that second place finish, Wilimovsky became the first American to qualify for the Olympic team in both open water and the pool.

  1. Connor Jaeger (14:47.61)
  2. Jordan Wilimovsky (14:49.19)
  3. Michael McBroom (15:06.60)
  4. Chris Wieser (15:09.70
  5. PJ Ransford (15:12.54)
  6. Logan Houck (15:13.89)
  7. Robert Finke (15:18.40)
  8. Zane Grothe (15:30.79)

For official results click here.

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  1. Jimswim says:

    So the Open water swimmers don’t count against the 26 swimmer limit?

  2. Jim Graham says:

    Pulling for Madison Kennedy to make the team. She seems like a cool girl and she’s been close in the past.

  3. Steve Nolan says:

    I’m so nervous.

  4. Hswimmer says:

    Weitzel and Kennedy with Manuel very close.

  5. Damiansport1 says:

    So Weitzeil and? Manuel or Kennedy?

  6. Danjohnrob says:

    I’ve read a lot of comments here and on other websites about how badly the US swimmers have performed at these OT and how much competition they will have from their international rivals, so I spent some time today examining how the US athletes rank relative to their peers. If you accept the premise that a swimmer who is ranked top 4 internationally going into the Olympics is a medal contender:

    On the Men’s side there is only 1 event (ironically Michael Phelps’ 200 fly) in which at least 1 US Rio bound athlete has not made a top 4 ranking; however, it is important to note that only 2 athletes (Murphy 100 back and Prenot 200 breast) have achieved a #1 ranking.

    On the Women’s side there are 4 events in which no US athlete is ranked in the top 4. On the other hand, the US Women have achieved 4 #1 rankings, albeit 3/4 of them are Katie Ledecky’s races.

    I think many of the US athletes are definitely capable of swimming faster than they did this week in Omaha for many reasons, but even if they just match their best times of the season they should be in contention for podium finishes in all but a few events. In terms of gold medals though, it seems objectively true that we are not FAVORED to win as many as we did in London because a number of international superstars have emerged in the last 4 years that will be very hard to beat in their specialties.

    In my opinion USA Swimming fans are in for a very exciting meet in Rio! In terms of expectations though, I don’t like to be overly optimistic so that I’m not disappointed in the end and I don’t think the US will win as many golds as they did in London.

    • Damiansport1 says:

      Exactly! I think USA swimming is in great shape before Rio.

    • tm71 says:

      Of course the 16 golds can’t be replicated I will be happy with 11.

    • Dennis Boyd says:

      Speculating that the following did not fully rest; Phelps, Lochte, Jaeger, Murphy, Ladecky. Maybe others but those just off the top of my head. Lochte’s 200 IM was pretty impressive with a pulled groin muscle. No matter what shots he got that had to hurt a lot.

    • PowerPlay says:

      Nice analysis. The rest of the world keeps getting better so it’s hard to compare against past Olympiads. Japan always seems to underperform, but European and Aussie women are always tough.

    • Victor P says:

      I agree with your assessment, but I would add two more observations. Rankings are only somewhat indicative of where we really stack up. I’m assuming that with the possible exception of Ledecky, most our swimmers were fully rested for this meet. Also, the highly experienced swimmers (Adrian, Phelps, Lochte, Vollmer, etc.) will make some final tweaks in the run up and swim faster in Rio. However, my only concern continues to be with sprinting on the women’s side. It seems that we’ve been talking about the fact that the rest of the world has been making more improvements in this area than we have for about 10 years. Encouraged to see the improvements in our top 2 (Weitzeil and Manuel). Hopefully, that will filter on down to everybody else wanting to make it to the elite level.

  7. Damiansport1 says:

    No surprises. Manuel and Weitzeil going to Rio, Kennedy third, shame for her but it is what it is.

  8. Friuti says:

    🙁 no Kennedy

  9. Hint of Lime says:

    Weitzeil and Manuel… Sorry for Kennedy 🙁

  10. tm71 says:

    Weitzel 24.28
    Manuel 24.33

    Kennedy misses by 0.15

  11. Sven says:

    Ugh. Was realllly pulling for Kennedy. Great races from Weitzeil and Manuel, though.

  12. Hswimmer says:

    My heart goes out to Madison Kennedy, as she’s improved so much since 2008 and 2012 and I really hope she stays swimming just a little longer. If not, I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

    • Dmswim says:

      In a recent interview she did (before trials), she said she was happy swimming and planned to keep going after 2016 no matter how trials went.

    • Ester says:

      I agree…I was really hoping she would make the team. She’s been swimming so fast, and seems to have such a great attitude. I hope to see more of her, whether it is in the pool and/or on camera…she would be a great commentator, with her wacky sense of humor. Wishing her all the best!

  13. Hint of Lime says:

    Zane Grothe has a sick mohawk going on

  14. Sven says:

    Weitzeil needs to just go pro. It has nothing to do with where she is going to college or who her college coach is, either. It’s just that she is seeing massive success where she is at and I don’t see any reason to risk making an unnecessary or detrimental change.

    • Philip Johnson says:

      Not that is the same swimmer as Franklin, but learn from her mistakes. Cash in now.

    • Steve Nolan says:

      100% agree.

      Ledecky, too. Really any college swimmer that could make a life-changing amount of money right now.

      • Philip Johnson says:

        And they can use all that money they earned towards their education if they decide to do it.

      • HulkSwim says:

        A degree from Georgetown wouldn’t stink.

        • Bayliss says:

          OMG YES! Katie and Abby are clearly in environments which are nurturing passion and success. I don’t think Bill Gates or Steve Jobs went to college to get there computer science degrees after they started microsoft and apple so umm… .

      • PowerPlay says:

        Go pro after Olympics. Take the money for yourself, as NBC will have monetized you. College can wait.

      • SwimFL says:

        You obviously do not know who Katie Ledecky’s uncle is. I don’t think there’s a lack of money in that family.

        • MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel says:

          Who IS Katie Ledecky’s uncle, you big tease?

          • northernsue says:

            Jon Ledecky. Currently a majority owner of the NY Islanders and was a past owner of the Washington Capitals. It was cool to see him in the stands (in jeans) in Kazan, cheering Katie on.

          • Wirotomo says:

            I think the best money is your own money.
            Not your uncle’s money.

    • Jimswim says:

      Weitzeil has a ways to go before she can make life changing money from swimming. KL could if she knocks out two or three wins this Olympics.

      • Kaez says:

        Is Ledecky really the ideal sponsor personality someone is looking for? She is not a really social extrovert compared to Missy Franklin, I think its smart for her to get an education, Ledecky is much more introverted than Missy

        • Brovane says:

          Just because Ledecky turns pro doesn’t mean she cannot go to College. If she takes gold and sets several world records she could be easily looking at enough money to set her up for life. Take the money Ledecky, screw the NCAA who could care less about sports that don’t end in ball.

    • Samos says:

      agreed…it’s not as though she has big career plans, so take the money while she can! Congrats to Abbey and Coach Coley

      • Retired Swimmer says:

        Everyone is saying “take the money now”- college is an investment for a LIFETIME. How many professional basketball players and football players (sports with arguably longer career lifetimes than swimming) have squandered their earnings in just a few years after going pro. Remember that. Go to college, get an education, and make something of yourself for a 30+ year professional career instead of 12 years swimming on a club team.

    • 5wimmer says:

      You can’t say that she’s better off doing that when I presume you do not know her. She’s most likely going to college to have the experience and because she wants to.

  15. Alec says:

    I think Weitzeil is going to surprise some people in Rio.

    She went faster in every round at Trials and showed the kind of consistency it takes to make an olympic final.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s 52 high and right around 24 flat in the 50 in Rio. Definitely has a chance for at least bronze, and it the Campbell’s come back to the field who knows.


      I think that also might certainly happen ….she has serious momentum , incredible speed and full trust in herself .

      • LPB says:

        And from the interviews seemingly full trust in her coach, who unfortunately will not be making the trip to rio.

        • Jimswim says:

          Has he said he isn’t going? Would be unusual for the coach not to make the trip even when not on the staff.

    • PowerPlay says:

      It’s alway good to dream, but that’s expecting a lot for a rookie

    • Victor P says:

      I think she’ll be 24.17 in the 50 and 53.05 in the 100. That’s an awesome improvement over the last 12 months. She just needs to keep training the way she has. Unfortunately, she’s still 1 to 2 years with the current training regimen from being at or near the top of the rankings. Let’s face it, she’s probably going to swim even with the 15 yo phenom from Canada and even Federica Pellegrini (who’s already been 53.18 in her off event). In the 50, there’s 5 women who are still a notch ahead – the Campbells, Sjostrom, Kromowidjojo and the British girl. There might even be 6 with Heemskerk (she can swim 52.69 100, her 50 can’t be too shabby). Also, we haven’t heard much from the girl from the Bahamas, although she’s been 24.20. It’s likely going to take 24.3 just to make the final. Same thing in the 100. There are 5 girls who are likely to place ahead if they perform as expected: the Aussies, the Dutch, and Sjostrom. If she makes top 6 in both events, I think she can count it a great success. Weitzeil’s real moment to shine will be in 2020. She will also be 23 – premium sprint age.

      Manuel’s also improved at a respectable rate. In 2012, she was 24.80. 4 years later she’s 0.5 faster. Quite respectable improvement. Manuel’s been 53.25 in 2014, so I would expect her to go 52 high in Rio. Hard to see that much of a drop (perhaps she’s back to 53.25) and perhaps that’s where her training needs improvement. For her, it will be a victory just to make the final. 2020 also stands to be her time to shine.

      That’s all from this armchair coach lol

  16. irviner says:

    Happy for Abbey and Simone. My heart’s broken for Madison. I hope she continues to swim competitively! She’s made drastic improvements!

  17. Damiansport1 says:

    Commercial Break during the race, thats new

  18. Sven says:

    Jaeger out front at the 300 and…. commercial break.

    • tm71 says:

      Let’s not complain they showed the women’s 800 without any breaks at all

      • Alec says:

        That’s exactly it though. That proves that all it is to them is marketing and star power. They don’t actually care about anything else.

        • Jimswim says:

          And you thought NBC was in this because they are altruistic? Really?

          • Alec says:

            I’m not naive guy.

            I’m just pissed about how they value narrative over competition.

            That Missy interview mixed in with 2 commercials during the men’s mile is a perfect example.

          • Jimswim says:

            I am just happy we are getting prime time swimming. How many years of reading about Trials in Swimming World, and then years of phone calls and internet to get results. We are getting more coverage every Olympic cycle.

          • John says:

            Enjoy your Olympics while you can. In 2024 if not 2020 NBC will have bought their way into dominating Olympic coverage for every country in the world because the IOC is so greedy. All anyone will see is what NBC want you to, at the time they want you to see it – and non-US will have to pay to watch it!

        • TAA says:

          Well they did it in track and field yesterday cutting away from the race on the track to do the shotput. As a non track person I appreciated the interruption from the boredom of the guys circling the track.

          • Sportinindc says:

            Okay, this swimmer will defend track & field. I was disappointed when they cut away from the 10, 000. Surprising since Galen Rupp will be part of the NBC Olympic machine.

    • Becky D says:

      Here coasting due to one hour tape delay in moutain time zone – gives me something to look forward to!

  19. samuel huntington says:

    Missy doesn’t seem upset at all that she missed the 100 back, she needs to get some competitive fire going

    • tm71 says:

      She doesn’t have the killer instinct that KL and MP seem to have

      • Attila the Hunt says:

        She doesn’t have the killer instinct?
        It was the killer instinct that got her the 200 back and free. Her technical aspect (and maybe physical too) wouldn’t have been enough, case in point 100 back and 100 free.

    • PVSFree says:

      She may not be showing it. To get to the level she’s at you need to be pretty competitive, I’m sure she’s not happy she missed the 100


      You guys have to listen more closely to Missy. Her cheeriness is how she is but it’s also a strategy for coping with the immense pressure. She said as much in her pre-trials press conference. Further, she also admitted that she was devastated to miss the 100 back but was proud of making the team in the other events. She admitted that she let the pressure get to her. I think she is very competitive and her fire is going– it just doesn’t show in the expected ways. I know everyone wants to see her sad or pissed to know that she’s human or not fake but everyone has a different way to deal and proceed in the enormously competitive, exciting, enriching but also potentially crushing context of elite sport.

  20. Alec says:

    Wilimovsky reminds me a lot of Brian Goodell the way he swims the mile.

    Just relentless rate…

  21. HulkSwim says:

    I guess Jaeger doesn’t rate like Ledecky

  22. Sven says:

    So far Jaeger is lucky Wilimovsky’s turns are fitting of an open water swimmer.

  23. Philip Johnson says:

    Interviewing Franklin right now. Look, I’m happy for her making the team. However, as a swim fan I’m disappointed. She is far from the form she was in 2011/12/13. She is only 21 and should be in her prime. However, she “scrapped” by at these trials and will probably not be able to replicate her 2012 success. All that potential to waste. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I was one of her biggest fans when she broke out in 2011, and I’m just sad to see this. I wish her the best of luck in Rio, but I’m prepared to be disappointed again.

    • Jimswim says:

      We couldn’t begin to count the number of young woman that stop improving between the age of 17 and 21. My experience is that about 90% of woman level off at those ages. Was Janet Evans a wasted of talent also?

    • bigNowhere says:

      This is a really dumb comment. Athletes have setbacks. It is part of sport.

  24. DMan says:

    NBC taking 2 breaks during the 1500.. WTF???

  25. rsginsf says:

    gotta love nbc for cutting away from the 1500 live feed to let us stare at a telling us screen ‘coverage will resume shortly.’ while the 1500 is going on.

  26. Philip Johnson says:

    American 1500 swimmers has a chance at a minor medal.

  27. tm71 says:

    Jaeger 14.47.61
    wllimovsky second
    Most predictable team except the men’s 200 IM and women’s 100 fly

  28. Philip Johnson says:

    Jordan Wilimovsky! Who says you can’t be a small swimmer and be successful.

  29. Danjohnrob says:

    Is that it? Are the Olympic Trials OVER?! Let’s do it again!!!

    • northern light says:

      Only on another channel.

    • MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel says:

      I know! My first son got married today. All week I followed Trials, and after dragging back to the hotel after a fabulous wedding bash, the first thing I did was click to see the women’s 50m and men’s 1500m finals. The end of of a perfect day!

  30. ScotSwimmer says:

    Anywhere I can watch the Livestream from outside the US?

  31. ScotSwimmer says:

    Is there anyway I can watch the Trials outside the US?

  32. rsginsf says:

    just gotta say: I’ve sure had my fill of nbc’s infatuation with Missy Franklin and–most especially–Michael Phelps. I hope we get to see & learn more about the rest of the team in Rio, tho I know it’ll just be much, much more of the same.

    congratulations to all who participated.

  33. Jimswim says:

    Outside of the top two that was a thoroughly unimpressive 1500.

    • ClubCoach says:

      I wouldn’t say that a 16 year old swimming a 15:15 on Saturday and then a 15:18 the next day on arguably the biggest stage is unimpressive

  34. Caleb says:

    What happened to Clark Smith?

    • thezwimmer says:

      He scratched. It’s a shame, because he probably could have gotten third, second if he had the race of his life (doubt it)

  35. aussie crawl says:

    Swimswam a big thanks for your coverage for the USA trials.
    I really hope from an aussie standpoint that we will clean sweep the relays haha.
    That Franklin, Lochte,Phelps and Ervin pass the legacy that they are going to leave & bring it on to the next generation.
    Bring on Night one of Rio.


      U guys certainly wont get the mens 800 free and IM relay gold from Usa ….. on the women’s side , u will probably have 2 Golds on relays – except the 800 free . But keep dreaming guys ….u never know LOL

      • Jimswim says:

        Did they add an IM relay? Thought we just had the medley relay?

      • aussie crawl says:

        Yes mate… the boys 200 relay and the medley relay.
        Dont forget that the 100 semis are on the same night as the 200 relay.
        Wouldn’t be surprised if Cam Mc bypassed it.
        I believe its a 45 minutes between the two. 🙂

      • Lollipop says:

        The Australian’s are only 1 second behind in the men’s 800 free relay, so I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty. Anything could happen in the medley relay as well, only about .5 behind. Agree that the women’s 800 free looks unlikely for the Aussies.

        • commonwombat says:

          Men’s relays:
          4×100 is a complete lottery. I see FRA as favourite. Both USA & AUS COULD win it but could just as easily finish off the podium should someone misfire badly.
          4×200: USA favourites but maybe not as secure a bet as expected. This AUS relay is one that always reads well on paper yet hasn’t “put it together” for some years
          4XMED: USA would need illness/injuries to a couple of major stars or a break not to win this. AUS likely minor medal but will be relying heavily on “bookends” firing to make certain.

          Women’s relays
          4X100: Barring illness or injury taking both Campbells out or a break AUS should win this comfortably. USA most likely bronze
          4X200: Barring Ledecky being ruled out or a break USA win. CHN only other team remotely in the frame. AUS some shot at bronze but not a sure bet
          4XMED: Reigning World Champs CHN looking slightly weaker than last year but still v much in medal picture.SWE unlikely to repeat their Kazan silver. AUS maybe a narrow favourite due to C1 clear superiority on anchor. USA’s best chance will be if King can blow race apart on BRS leg and poor AUS BRS & fly legs.

          Therefore I give USA 3 relays (2 near “locks” and 1 likely. Cases could be made for 2 others but neither can be seen as secure bets. AUS has one near “lock” and narrow favourite in one other. Notional cases may be made for 2 others but neither of these are particularly sure medal bets.

          • robbos says:

            I would struggle to argue with you here. I think your summary is on the mark.
            Strong near locks
            W4x100F (Australia),
            M4X100MED (USA).
            Medium near locks W4X200F (US), if Ledecky fires, which I expect her to, this goes strong, China only challenge,
            M4X200F (US), Australia may surprise
            The best races are;
            M4X100F, France, just favourite, great relay swimmers, US, same, great relay swimmers, Aus, McEvoy could win it for them if he blows field apart.
            W4X100MED, US v Aust, similar fly legs, Seebohm could nullify King’s superiority & then there is C1.

  36. ScotSwimmer says:

    Is it just me that thinks that its absolutely terrible that there is no international coverage of the trials. Within our sport we talk all the time about how we want to expand it and make it like countries such as Australia where it is pretty much the number one sport. We talk about being able to turn on the TV and be able to see swimming being talked about on the news and sports shows yet when one of the biggest meets in the world come around we are only able to get a one hour slot on American TV (Which from what I here has been filled with adverts and not even full coverage of that night’s finals) and absolutely no way to watch outside of the states. In my eyes I think swimming is the best sport there is. There is nothing better than watching a swimmer who has worked so hard all there achieve their lifetime dream. And there is nothing I would want more for the sport of swimming than to be able to go to school or work and here the person next to you say “Hey! Did you see what time *insert swimmer’s name* did” or “Do you want to come over and watch the swimming on Saturday night”. To sum up what I’m trying to say is that… Our sport is amazing and I think we ought to start showing everyone else in the world how great it is. Instead of having them watch our sport and admire our sport for one week every four years, why don’t we do that every week of every year.

    • TAA says:

      Of course we all want that. I think the platform to deliver is there. I used my 60 inch TV as my computer monitor this week and watched all the morning swims with my daughter. We would flip over to the heat sheets and each make our pick for the next heat. It was lots of fun I always picked the swimmer that got last for some reason. But eventually you can see that worldwide swim fans would be willing to pay maybe $5 to see the whole trials event live. If USA swimming made it available i wonder how many would pay? Probably not that many so eh never mind. Eventually the advertising dollars could come into play. How much is UnderArmour paying Phelps?

    • robbos says:

      Swimming is our most successful Olympic sport, so there is some interest in swimming in Australia.
      However, it’s a long way from being the number one sport.
      Like most countries we love our football & in Australia we have 4 different forms of football.
      Australian football (similar in a sense to American football, where it’s huge in Australia, but now known outside).
      2 forms of Rugby (Rugby League, huge TV following) & Rugby, international.
      Football as known as around the world or Soccer as known in America & some parts of Australia.
      All these forms of football are more popular then Swimming.
      Cricket a summer sport like Baseball.
      Then there is Tennis & golf.

      All these sports would be above swimming in Australia.

      • commonwombat says:

        Rob’s summation is pretty much on the ball. Swimming is AUS most successful Olympic sports and certain highly successful individuals CAN sometimes parlay this into some commercial deals but its actually quite a way down the list when it comes to most popular with regards to spectator numbers, media profile (outside of Olympic years), corporate $$$ and participation numbers.

        Winter is dominated by AUS football in all major cities exc Sydney & Brisbane where both rugby codes are more dominant. All have higher participation nos than swimming. Rugby Union is the more international of the codes

        Football/soccer has moved to summer away from the winter football codes. Actually has the highest participation nos with major growth in recent decades on female side

        Basketball has its place in the market. It had a major boom in the 90s but has dropped off somewhat. National League, like soccer, moved to summer. Netball has a strong participation amongst women and has national TV exposure largely due to major cross Tasman rivalry with NZL.

        Tennis is in decline. Golf is strong but profile has dropped considerably

        Swimming actually lost its TV deal for one year post London. In Olympic years, national titles may rate OK, outside of that it doesnt pull major viewer numbers

  37. samuel huntington says:

    Again posting this to digest the Trials. This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to argue with where I placed certain swimmers, I may change my view.

    people who performed better than expected: Dirado (managed schedule well), Haas, Shields (his 200), Smoliga, Ervin, Schmitt (100 only), Smith, Hannis, Pebley, Cullen Jones (always show up when needed), Baker

    people who performed about what was expected: Ledecky, Phelps, Jaeger (so consistent), Adrian, Cordes, Litherland, Worrell, King, Andrew (getting the sub 1:00), Bayer, Prenot, Licon

    people who performed worse than expected: Kalisz (seems stagnant), Grevers, Dressel (21.8 is disappointing), Grothe, Beisel (fractured finger didn’t help), Rooney, Nolan, Hoffer (easily biggest disappointment), Lawrence, Dwyer (wanted a 1:44), Lochte (will be better in Rio)

    Unsure, like always: Jack Conger

    • TAA says:

      Held and Weitzell were better than expected

    • PowerPlay says:

      Very nice summary; noticably missing is Ms Franklin? Murphy met expectations but his real test will be Rio.

    • Lollipop says:

      For me Prenot, Bentz and Litherland performed better than expected. Franklin and Phelps both probably add to the list of worse than expected. Conger and Dressel also performed where I thought they would be, a lot of people had predicted huge time drops for those two, but they both performed better than they have in the past at big championship/trial meets.

      • samuel huntington says:

        I think Prenot and Litherland did what I thought they would. Prenot has been very consistent at Grand Prix meets this year. Litherland has a crazy good last 100 so I wasn’t surprised he passed old man Lochte.

        Bentz did great.

        Did we really expect anything more from Franklin and Phelps? I didn’t.

        • Lollipop says:

          A lot of people expected better times from Phelps, all the predictions said at least a high 1:53 in the 200 fly.

    • samuel huntington says:

      Held – better then expected
      Weitzeil – about what was expected (she did go 21.2 in scy)
      Franklin – about what was expected (did anyone really think she would make it in the 100 back?)
      Bentz – better than expected

    • Stay Human says:

      Also a bit better than expected: Bethany Galat, Margalis (tough double and made both), Lisa Bratton, Ruby Martin (who?)

  38. PowerPlay says:

    Thank you SwimSwam. Your coverage was great and the forums are fun. LOoking forward to Rio.

  39. MichaelTran says:

    Amazing olympic trials!!! So many great performances. So many new faces and so much emotions and some pretty surprises!!! :)))))
    Men’s event:
    Male swimmer of the meet: Ryan Murphy
    Men’s performance of the meet: Josh Prenot-200m breast
    Top performances in men’s event:
    1. Josh Prenot – 200m breast final
    2. Ryan Murphy-100m back final
    3. David Plummer – 100m back semis
    4. Michael Phelps – 100m fly final
    5. Ryan Murphy-200m back final
    Women’s event
    Female swimmer of the meet: tie KL and Maya Dirado
    Women’s performance of the meet: Lilly King – 100m breast
    Top performances in women’s event:
    1. Lilly King – 100m breast final
    2. Katie Ledecky – 800m free prelims
    3. Leah Smith – 400m free final
    4. Maya Dirado – 200m back final
    5. Olivia Smoliga – 100m back final

    Top Races of the meet:
    1. Men’s 200m breast
    2. Men’s 100m fly
    3. Men’s 100m back
    4. Women’s 100m back
    5. Women’s 200m IM

  40. MichaelTran says:

    My final predictions for team USA in Rio
    Men’s event
    1. 50m free. Nathan Adrian-2nd Ervin-top 5
    2. 100m free. Nathan Adrian – 2nd Dressel – top 8
    3. 200m free. Dwyer and Haas – top 6
    4. 400m free. Jaeger – 4th Dwyer – top 8
    5. 1500m free. Jaeger – 3rd Wilimovsky – top 6
    6. 100m back. Murphy-gold Plummer-bronze
    7. 200m back. Murphy- silver Pebley-5th
    8. 100m breast. Cordes – bronze Miller – top 6
    9. 200m breast. Prenot – gold Cordes – bronze
    10. 100m fly: Phelps – silver Shields – 4th
    11. 200m fly: Phelps – gold Shields – top 8
    12. 200m IM: Phelps – gold Lochte – bronze
    13. 400m IM: Kalisz – silver Litherland – 4th
    14. 4x100m replay: the lineup for final:
    Dressel – Conger – Held – Adrian: Silver
    15. 4x200m replay: the lineup for Final
    Conger – Dwyer – Lochte – Haas: Gold
    16. 4x100m medley replay: the line up for Final
    Murphy – Cordes – Phelps – Adrian: Gold and WR

    Women’s event:
    1. 50m free: Weitzeil and Manuel : top 8
    2. 100m free: Weitzeil and Manuel: top 8
    3. 200m free: Ledecky – Gold Franklin – 4th
    4. 400m free: Ledecky – Gold Smith – Silver
    5. 800m free: Ledecky – Gold Smith – 4th
    6. 100m back: Smoliga- 3rd or 4th, Baker – top 6
    7. 200m back: Dirado: 3th Franklin-4th
    8. 100m breast: Lilly King – Gold Meili – 3rd
    9. 200m breast: King – top 8
    10. 100m fly: Kelsi Worrell – 2nd Vollmer – 3rd
    11. 200m fly: Adams – 4th
    12. 200m IM: Dirado – 3rd Margalis – top 6
    13. 400m IM: Dirado – 2nd Biesel – top 6
    14. 4x100m free: The line up for Final:
    Manuel – Weir/Neal – Schmitt – Weitzeil: Bronze – AM
    15. 4x200m free: The line up for Final:
    Franklin – Smith – Schmitt – Ledecky: Gold – WR
    16. 4x100m medley replay:
    Smoliga – King – Worrell/Vollmer – Weitzeil/Manuel: Silver – AM
    Overall: 11-12 gold medals!!! :))))

  41. MichaelTran says:

    My final predictions for Swimming in Rio:
    Men’s event:
    1. 50m free: Manaudou – Adrian – McEvoy
    2. 100m free: McEvoy – Adrian – Zetao
    3. 200m free: Guy – Yang – Hagino
    4.400m free: Yang – Horton – Guy and WR
    5.1500m free: Paltrinieri – Horton – Jager and WR
    6.100m back: Murphy – Larkin -Plummer and WR
    7.200m back: Larkin – Murphy – Rylov
    8.100m breast: Peaty – CVD – Kordes
    9. 200m breast: Prenot – Koch – Kordes
    10.100m fly: Le Clos – Phelps – Cesh
    11. 200m fly: Phelps – Cesh – Le Clos
    12. 200m IM: Phelps – Hagino – Lochte
    13. 400m IM: Hagino – Kalisz – Seto
    14. 4x100m replay: France – USA – AUS
    15. 4x200m replay: USA – AUS – GBR
    16. 4x100m medley: USA – AUS – China
    Women’s event:
    1. 50m free: Cate Campbell – Ranomi – Bronte/Sarah
    2. 100m free: Cate – Bronte – Sarah
    3. 200m free: Ledecky – Pellegrini – Sarah/Emma
    4. 400m free: Ledecky – Smith – Ashwood
    5. 800m free: Ledecky – Ashwood – Karpas
    6. 100m back: Seebohm – Nielsen – Wilson/Smoliga
    7. 200m back: Seebohm – Hosszu – Hocking/Dirado
    8. 100m breast: King – Meilutyte – Efimova/Meili/Atkinson
    9. 200m breast: Rie Keneto – Pedersen – Viktoriya Gunes
    10. 100m fly: Sarah – Kelsi – Dana
    11. 200m fly: Hoshi – Grovers – Belmonte Garcia
    12. 200m IM: Hosszu – O’Connor – Dirado
    13. 400m IM: Hosszu – Dirado – Overholt/Miley
    14. 4x100m free: AUS – NED – USA
    15. 4x200m free: USA – CHN – AUS
    16. 4x100m medley: AUS – USA – CHN

  42. Carlo says:

    Michaeltran I agree with most of your predictions however i,m “a bit” sceptical of the men,s 200 breast. The men,s 200 breast has always been tricky with swimmers sometimes swimming one solid 2:07 low swim and then struggling with 2:08 swims later. The WR holder from Japan is the ultimate example of that. There isn’t much consistency in this race ( on the men,s side) outside Marco Koch and Daniel gyurta. I think Marco Koch has the most ” most recent ” 2:07 swims. He is hardly ever swimming a 2:08 and his 2:07:5 this year was untapered.

    On the women’s side of the 200 breast, only rie kaneto is consistently between 2:19 and 2:21.

    As for the women,s 100 breast, I,ll still put Ruta meilutyte as the favorite due to her 50 breast speed. I agree with the rest of the predictions.

  43. bobo gigi says:

    Day 8 quick thoughts

    Women’s 50 free
    Expected win for Abbey Weitzeil in a good time. After the semis I thought Madison Kennedy would finish second but Simone Manuel is a racer. Tough for Kennedy.
    Both Americans can make the final but a medal looks out of reach with the Australian and European jet planes.

    Men’s 1500 free
    Again why I’ve changed my picks at the last moment one week ago to put the nightmare of predictions aka Clark “drama” Smith instead of Jordan Wilimowsky? I had picked Jaeger and Wilimowsky all year! Another silly move from my part. Good lesson for the future. 🙂
    Mr Jaeger looks great right now. He was clearly not fully tapered for this meet and will be much faster in Rio. He can grab the silver or the bronze in that event.


    Male swimmer of the meet. Michael Phelps 3 wins
    Female swimmer of the meet. Katie Ledecky 3 wins

    Female performance of the meet. Katie Ledecky 3.58.98 in the 400 free
    Male performance of the meet. Josh Prenot 2.07.17 in the 200 breast

    It was fun to watch. I like complaining about NBC but at least I’ve found some links to watch all finals sessions live. Of course I hate that ton of commercials. I’m not used to that here in France. But unlike most of people here, I like the duet of commentators. Dan Hicks for his voice and he does well his homework before commenting. Rowdy Gaines for his enthusiasm. I think that Michele Tafoya did a good job as well. Of course it could be better but I think we can’t complain too much guys. Not a long time ago that kind of meets didn’t have such a coverage.

    Good luck to the US team in Rio.

  44. bobo gigi says:

    Men’s 1500 free final (highlights)

  45. DMan says:

    So the question like this during the 1500 came up: “Rowdy, what’s your take on why the distance program in the US has fallen behind the rest of the world?”

    He should have said something ballsy like “Well, honestly if the US networks didn’t take so many breaks during the distance events, that would definitely help spark interest in distance freestyle here. I mean how are you supposed to get kids interested if they can only see 20 percent of a race?”

    Won’t ever happen, of course lol.

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