2016 Short Course World Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Swimmers are all set to go for day 3 prelims of the 2016 FINA Short Course World Championships in Windsor, Canada. The action this morning will get started with with the men’s 100 IM, which will see World Record holder Vlad Morozov swimming in the fastest of the circle seeded heats next to Japanese Olympic medalist Daiya Seto. Other notable names featured in that race include Team USA’s Michael Andrew and Australia’s Mitch Larkin. Morozov will return to the pool later in the session for the 50 freestyle, where hes slated to swim next to Team USA’s Michael Chadwick.

The women’s version of the 100 IM will also see the current World Record holder competing this morning, as Hungarian iron lady Katinka Hosszu is slated to defend her short course world title in the event. She’ll also be competing in the 200 back in this session. So far, Hosszu has already won 3 golds for Hungary with her victories in the 400 IM, 200 fly, and 100 back.

MEN’S 100 IM

  • 2014 World Champion: Markus Diebler (GER), 50.66
  • World Record: Vlad Morozov (RUS), 50.30, 2016
  • Championship Record: Markus Diebler (GER), 50.66, 2014

Top 8 (of 16):

  1. Vlad Morozov (RUS), 52.33
  2. Michael Andrew (USA), 52.58
  3. Daiya Setyo (JPN), 52.76
  4. Shinri Shioura (JPN), 52.86
  5. Jack Gerrard (AUS), 52.89
  6. (T-6) Wang Shun (CHN), 52.91
  7. (T-6) Philip Heintz (GER), 52.91
  8. Kyle Stolk (NED), 53.07

Russia’s Vlad Morozov, the 100 IM World Record holder, cruised to the top seed for semis with a 52.33 in prelims. He was followed by Team USA junior standout Michael Andrew, who clocked a 52.58 ahead of Japan’s IM duo of Daiya Seto (52.76) and Shinri Shioura (52.89).

The USA’s Matt Josa, who hit the wall in 52.59 this morning, was disqualified for going past 15 meter underwater on the backstroke leg.


  • 2014 World Champion: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 24.58
  • World Record: Therese Alshammar (SWE), 24.38, 2009
  • Championship Record: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 24.58, 2014

Top 8 (of 16):

  1. Kelsi Worrell (USA), 24.94
  2. Silvia Di Pietro (ITA), 25.37
  3. Jeanette Ottesen (DEN), 25.38
  4. Rikako Ikee (JPN), 25.55
  5. Maaike De Waard (NED), 25.62
  6. Melanie Henique (FRA), 25.65
  7. (T-7) Emily Washer (AUS), 25.88
  8. (T-7) Emilie Backmann (DEN), 25.88

Kelsi Worrell smashed the 50 fly American Record this morning with a 24.94 for top seed, making her the first American woman to swim under the 25-second barrier. The previous record mark was a 25.65 done by Christine Magnusson in 2012. Worrell will still have the semis and finals of this race to make a run at the World Record and Championship Record. The USA got 2 swimmers into the semis, with Sarah Gibson touching 10th through prelims.

Olympic medalists Jeanette Ottesen (DEN) and Rikako Ikee (JPN) are big medal contenders in this race, as well as Italy’s Silvia Di Pietro, who picked up 2nd this morning.


  • 2014 World Champion: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 22.22
  • World Record: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 22.22, 2014
  • Championship Record: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 22.22, 2014

Top 8 (of 16):

  1. Junya Koga (JPN), 22.93
  2. Jeremy Stravius (FRA), 23.09
  3. Xu Jiayu (CHN), 23.42
  4. (T-4) Miguel Ortiz (ESP), 23.47
  5. (T-4) Pavel Sankovich (BLR), 23.47
  6. Tomasz Polewka (POL), 23.50
  7. Mitch Larkin (AUS), 23.57
  8. Albert Subirats (VEN), 23.59

China’s Xu Jiayu and Australia’s Mitch Larkin, who both medaled in last night’s 100 back, will be in the 50 back semis tonight. Larkin, the 100 back champ, landed 7th, while Jiayu placed himself as the 3rd seed for semis. Leading the way this morning, however, was Japan’s Junya Koga, who was the only swimmer sub-23 in prelims. France’s Jeremy Stravius wasn’t far behind in 23.09 for 2nd.

The U.S. will field 2 swimmers in tonight’s semis, as Michael Taylor (23.87) and Jacob Pebley (23.88) qualified 13th and 14th respectively.


Top 8 (of 16):

  1. Alia Atkinson (JAM), 58.47
  2. Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 58.87
  3. Emily Seebohm (AUS), 59.16
  4. Jenna Laukkanen (FIN), 59.67
  5. Lena Kreundl (AUT), 59.81
  6. Marrit Steenbergen (NED), 59.82
  7. Ella Eastin (USA), 1:00.40
  8. Fanny Lecluyse (BEL), 1:00.58

World Record holder Katinka Hosszu (58.87) dove in for her first race of the morning in the 100 IM, but it was Jamaica’s Ali Atkinson (58.47), who frequently battled Hosszu during the FINA World Cup Series, who turned in the fastest time of the morning.

Team USA’s Ella Eastin registered a 1:00.40 for 7th, while teammate Lilly King also grabbed a semifinals spot with her 1:00.84 for 13th.


  • 2014 World Champion: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 20.26
  • World Record: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 20.26, 2014
  • Championship Record: Florent Manaudou (FRA), 20.26, 2014

Top 8 (of 16):

  1. Vlad Morozov (RUS), 21.27
  2. Douglas Erasmus (RSA), 21.31
  3. Jesse Puts (NED), 21.42
  4. Simonas Bilis (LTU), 21.43
  5. Kenta Ito (JPN), 21.45
  6. Kristian Gkolomeev (GRE), 21.47
  7. Luca Dotta (ITA), 21.50
  8. Michael Chadwick (USA), 21.56

Vlad Morozov swam to another top seed for semis, this time with his 21.27 in the 50 free. Former NCAA sprint stars Simonas Bilis (LTU) and Kristian Gkolomeev (GRE) turned in a pair of 21.4s to earn top 8 slots through prelims. The USA’s Michael Chadwick (21.56), touched in 8th, and teammate Paul Powers (21.60) will enter semifinals as the 11th seed.


Top 8:

  1. Daryna Zevina (RUS), 2:02.87
  2. Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 2:03.39
  3. Hilary Caldwell (CAN), 2:03.74
  4. Hellen Moffitt (USA), 2:03.83
  5. Emily Seebohm (AUS), 2:03.91
  6. Sayaka Akase (JPN), 2:04.63
  7. Miki Takahashi (JPN), 2:04.76
  8. Kathleen Dawson (GBR), 2:05.12

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu lined up another event for tonight, picking up 2nd seed for the 200 back final behind Russia’s Daryna Zevina. Hosszu will be defending her short course world championship title in this event. Olympic bronze medalist Hilary Caldwell (CAN), Australia’s Emily Seebohm, and Team USA’s Hellen Moffitt were all in the 2:03-range behind her this morning.


  • 2014 World Champion: Daniel Gyurta (JPN), 2:01.49
  • World Record: Daniel Gyurta (JPN), 2:00.48, 2014
  • Championship Record: Daniel Gyurta (JPN), 2:01.35, 2012

Top 8:

  • Marco Koch (GER), 2:03.69
  • Andrew Willis (GBR), 2:03.88
  • Mikhail Dorinov (RUS), 2:04.19
  • Josh Prenot (USA), 2:04.52
  • Ilya Khomenko (RUS), 2:04.63
  • (T-6) Nic Fink (USA), 2:04.69
  • (T-6) Yukihiro Takahashi, 2:04.69
  • Erik Persson (SWE), 2:04.96

Germany’s Marco Koch, the 100 breast champ, will look for a 2nd gold tonight after taking top seed for the 200 breast final. He was one of 2 men in the 2:03-range this morning, as Great Britain’s Andrew Willis followed closely for 2nd seed. The USA’s Josh Prenot and Nic Fink posted a pair of 2:04-mids, with both earning spots in the final.


  • 2014 World Champion: BRA, 1:37.26
  • World Record: USA, 1:37.17, 2013
  • Championship Record: BRA, 1:37.26, 2014

Top 8:

  1. USA, 1:38.82
  2. Russia, 1:39.36
  3. Brazil, 1:39.52
  4. Canada, 1:39.63
  5. Italy, 1:40.17
  6. China, 1:40.26
  7. Japan, 1:40.47
  8. Sweden, 1:40.49

The USA led prelims of the mixed 200 medley relay, with Ali DeLoof (26.18), Cody Miller (25.82), Matt Josa (22.71), and Mallory Comerford (24.11) outpacing the field.

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4 years ago

Kelsi Worrell with another AR and 1st seed in the 50fly. Way to go.

bobo gigi
Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

Another great swim from Kelsi but she should learn how to save some energy and just cruise in prelims. She has the margin to do that in all fly events. That’s the next step in her progression.
I know I repeat that very often but as a MP fan I’ve seen how he has always managed his schedule and saved the best for the finals knowing he also had a lot of races coming. At the end it can make a difference between a gold and a silver.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Or you can be left out of a final, as once happened to Aaron Piersol in Rome 2009.

There is and probably always only will be one MP. Comparisons to him aren’t really relevant.

Sean S
Reply to  Bigly
4 years ago

Worrell had her fastest round of the 100 fly at Olympic trials in the prelims last year. And that was in an event where she has a huge margin for error. It is something she could improve for sure.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Bigly
4 years ago

Think it happened to Lezak in…’04? in the 100 at Trials and almost happened to Adrian this year in Rio.

And hell, maybe she is saving energy on that swim. Her giant free split certainly shows she’s ready to go fast.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

“Hey Michael Phelps does it, you can do it too”. Cmon man…really?

4 years ago

Good swim for Andrew. Would love to see him make a final!

Reply to  Crannman
4 years ago

i know it’s off topic but I would like to see him go train a season with a different coach

Reply to  Crannman
4 years ago

He has to develop his underwaters. His breast to free he had no underwater and was swimming at the flags.

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Not a big fan of the 50s of stroke but Stravius’ 50 back is the only chance of gold for France this week.

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