Stanford Women Lead Swimulator Rankings

by Andrew Mering 7

December 08th, 2016 College, News

After the mid season rest meets the Stanford women lead the Division 1 Swimulator rankings (basically scoring out as it stands now top times list (without divers), limiting individual entries to 3). California sits a close second with 403 points to Stanford’s 434. Defending champions Georgia are third with 295. At this point last season Georgia was ranked first with 387 points.

Stanford is carried by their four swimmers projected to score more than 40 points (Katie Ledecky 57, Ella Eastin 55, Simone Manuel 49, and Janet Hu 48). No other team currently has more than 1 (a fact some what due to short course worlds. For example Leah Smith is at worlds and only has 28 points because she doesn’t have a competitive mile time yet).

Stanford also has the highest single event score from any team with 46 in the 200 free (Simone Manuel 1st, Katie Ledecky 2nd, Katie Drabot 14th). 2nd is Kentucky in the 200 back with 42 points (Asia Seidt 4th, Danielle Galyer 7th, Bridgette Alexander 8th, and Ali Galyer 13th). 3rd is California in the 100 fly with 41 points (Noemie Thomas 1st, Farida Osman 4th, and Maddie Murphy 11th)

Top time

Average time

  Team Simulated Score Top Time Simulated Score Average Time
1 Stanford 434 477
2 California 403 337
3 Georgia 295 150
4 Texas 280 317
5 Virginia 253 279
6 Southern Cali 215 221
7 Arizona 206 179
8 Louisville 195 105
9 Michigan 194 193
10 Texas A&M 172 162

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5 years ago

Honestly, I would really love to see Katie swim the 400 IM. I feel that since this year they have Neal in the 200 Fr and next year they will have Forde in the 400 IM, this is really her year to swim it.

5 years ago

DIdn’t need a simulator to tell me that :l lolll
thx swimswam. always appreciate you guys.

5 years ago

They have the best diving of the group too I think. However their Olympian didn’t dive first semester….hope she didn’t go pro.

The Grand Inquisitor
Reply to  korn
5 years ago

Kassidy Cook did in fact dive at Ohio State Invite – her first meet back after recovering from a hand injury.

5 years ago

Would be shocked if Lia Neal didn’t score in the 200 as well!

G Lee
Reply to  CraigH
5 years ago

I’m pretty sure Katie, Lia, and Simone are training together for the 200 free. They’ll be ready trust. Might get a 1-2-3.

Reply to  CraigH
5 years ago

already been discussed they are going to do some damage to the 4×2 relay american record. Probably Neal and Eastin joining the other 2 studs.