2016 Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships Day Three: Finals


  • Wednesday August 24th-Saturday August 27th
  • Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
  • Prelims – 9 am local (3pm EDT)
  • Finals – 5 pm local (11 pm EDT)
  • Psych Sheets and Live Results

Women’s 400 freestyle

  1. Li Bingjie (CHN) – 4:07.52
  2. Courtney Harnish (USA) – 4:09.45
  3. Ariarne Titmus (AUS) – 4:09.81

Li Bingjie of China took her third gold medal of the competition winning the women’s 400 freestyle in a time of 4:07.52 Li led the event from start to finish turning over two seconds ahead of the field at the 200 meter mark. The 14 year old has now won 200, 400 and 800 freestyle. There was a tight battle for the silver between American Courtney Harnish and Australian Ariarne Titmus. Harnish hit the wall first in a time of 4:09.45 followed by Titmus who took the bronze in a time of 4:09.81.

Men’s 400 freestyle

  1. Andrew Abruzzo (USA) – 3:53.39
  2. Trey Freeman (USA) – 3:54.14
  3. Jacob Vincent (AUS) – 3:54.14

American Andrew Abruzzo took the men’s 400 freestyle in a time of 3:53.39. Abruzzo was eighth at the 200 meter mark turning in a time of 1:58.42 and came back on the field splitting an incredible 1:54.97 in the second half of the race. Fellow American Trey Freeman, who turned second at the 200 meter mark, had just enough to hold off Australian Jacob Vincent in the final few meters of the race. Freeman took the silver in a time of 3:54.12 followed by Vincent who hit the wall in a time of 3:54.14.

American Sean Grieshop, who came into the competition as the favourite in the event, finished second in the B-final posting a time of 3:56.89.

Women’s 100 butterfly

  1. Eva Merrell (USA) – 58.78
  2. Rebecca Smith (CAN) – 58.84
  3. Gemma Cooney (AUS) – 58.97

American Eva Merrell led the women’s 100 butterfly from start to finish winning the event in a time of 58.78. Merrell turned at the halfway mark in a time of 27.56 followed by Canadian Rebecca Smith who split a 27.96 and Australian Gemma Cooney who posted a time of 28.04. Merrell was able to hold off Smith who finished in a time of 58.84 and Cooney who recorded a 58.97.

Men’s 100 butterfly

  1. Nao Horomura (JPN) – 52.61
  2. Cameron Craig (USA) – 52.63
  3. Noah Lense (USA) – 53.35

The race between Nao Horomura of Japan and American Cameron Craig for the 100 butterfly gold was as close as it gets. Craig turned first at the 50 meter mark in a time of 24.95 followed by Hormura who split a time of 24.97. The two stayed that close for the entire race, although the two changed positions at the final wall. Horomura out touched Craig at the 100 meter mark posting a time of 52.61 followed by the American who recorded a 52.63.

Craig’s time puts him seventh all-time in the United States for 17-18 year olds.

American Noah Lense finished third in a time of 53.35.

Women’s 200 backstroke

  1. Kaylee McKeown (AUS) – 2:10.01
  2. Lucie Nordmann (USA) – 2:10.20
  3. Minna Atherton (AUS) – 2:10.53

2015 World Junior Championship gold medalist Minna Atherton turned first at the 100 meter mark in a time of 1:03.87, but was passed in the second half of the race by Kaylee McKeown and American Lucie Nordmann. McKeown won the event in a time of 2:10.01 followed by Nordmann who recorded a time of 2:10.20. Atherton won the bronze in a time of 2:10.53.

Men’s 200 backstroke

  1. Michael Taylor (USA) – 1:57.39
  2. Austin Kaz (USA) – 1:59.91
  3. Matthew Mac (CAN) – 2:02.15

American Michael Taylor won the men’s 200 backstroke with ease finishing over two seconds ahead of the field posting a winning time of 1:57.39. Fellow American Austin Kaz finished second in a time of 1:59.91 followed by Canadian Matthew Mac who hit the wall in a time of 2:02.15.

Women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay

  1. United States – 3:42.70
  2. Canada – 3:42.84
  3. Australia – 3:45.37

The American team consisting of Grace Ariola, Lauren Pitzer, Eva Merrell and Isabel Ivey took the women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay in a time of 3:42.70. The Americans finished 14 one-hundredths of a second ahead of the Canadians who finished in a time of 3:42.84. The Australians finished third in a time of 3:45.37.

Men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay

  1. United States – 3:17.67
  2. Australia – 3:19.65
  3. Canada – 3:22.34

The only competition record broken on the third night of competition happened in the final event of the evening. The American team consisting of Ryan Hoffer, Daniel Krueger, Cameron Craig and Drew Kibler set a new championship record by a full second. The Americans posted a time of 3:17.67 destroying the record of 3:19.96 set by the Australians in 2013.

  • Hoffer – 50.17
  • Krueger – 49.14
  • Craig – 49.06
  • Kibler – 49.30

The Australian team was also under the old world junior record posting a time of 3:19.65. The Canada collected the bronze in a time of 3:22.34.

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tea rex
6 years ago

Canada keeps the momentum rolling after the Olympics. Their juniors barely lost to the American girls in the relay!

6 years ago

I know a swimmer who is at this meet and I did not see it mentioned in any articles but I think it’s worth acknowledging that during the men’s 4 x 200 championship relay Sean Grieshop had a suit malfunction just before his swim. He was about to anchor when the left front side of his suit split exposing his entire left thigh. The team won silver thanks to Sean keeping his cool. These moments are part of what makes this sport great watching someone overcome an obstacle like that. Kudos to Sean For not only having a great meet during his individual swims but also showing excellent leadership In and out of the pool!

6 years ago

B final was won by Robert Finke. Finke has won the 1500, the B final of the 400 IM in a time that ranks 6th all time for 15-16 males, and now the B final of the 400 Free with another best time. Abruzzo coming back in the second half of the 400 not a surprise, great swim for him.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

USA has very good male sprinters in the making.
Great battle between USA and Canada in the women’s relay. Probably a preview of things to come at the senior level in the next years.

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

But are they tall enough?

Reply to  Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

Craig haa to be 6’5, Kibler 6’4 and Krueger is roughly 6’6, Hoffer looks 6’2

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Swimmer1
6 years ago

Seem tall enough to me. They’ll be great sprinters.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Bobo, how about an Olympic recap?

Reply to  Aquaman
6 years ago
Reply to  Zanna
6 years ago

I meant Bobo

6 years ago

What happened to bayer in the butterfly? 4th at Olympic trials and she didn’t even medal at junior pan pacs.

Zika Ziki
Reply to  Swamfan
6 years ago

She obviously peaked for the OT and the three girls who finished ahead of her today are not exactly weaklings (all three of them would have finaled in the OT and finished ahead of the 7th placer). Also, have you seen the pool and the condition? not exactly primed for fast swimming.

6 years ago

How about that sick negative split in the 400 free by Abruzzo

Reply to  completelyconquered
6 years ago

I was so surprised he caught up and stormed past everyone, he was out of it in the beginning half.

Sergey v
6 years ago

No surprises tonight. Everyone went almost exactly according to their form as I predicted this morning.

Li Bingjie mini-Ledeckied the field. I hope she continues to improve. The boys 400 free on the other hand was meh, no outstanding mid-d talent on the horizon. Horton, McKeon, Jaeger, Hagino should not be too worried yet.
Top four in girls 100 fly could have won it, only 0.29 separated the top four. Great race.
Nordmann did face great battle with the two Aussies. Good swim by McKeown, but terrible swim by Atherton. She was all over her lane, circle swam all the way.

Also as expected, the American boys continue to dominate the backstroke. Gutsy swim by Michael Taylor.… Read more »

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