2014 Men’s NCAA DI Championships: Day 1 Ups/Downs


Here is a look at the Ups and Downs from day 1’s prelims session. The normal print is how prelims played out and everything in parentheses is based on how the psych sheet predicted the first session to go. To view Jared Anderson’s live prelims recap, click here.

If you would like a scoring breakdown, click here. We compared the number of points the psych sheet predicted each team to earn to the number of points each team would earn if the finals finished exactly as prelims did this morning. (Yes, we know you can’t score in prelims and that the points are earned only during finals.)

You can view Braden Keith’s diving recap here.

  200 Free Relay 500 Freestyle 200 IM 50 Freestyle 400 Medley Relay
Alabama Down (Up) None (None) None (None) 1 Up  (1 Down) Up  (Down)
Arizona Up (Down) 1 Down  (1 Up) None (None) 1 Up  (1 Up) None (Up)
Auburn Up  (Up) 1 Down (None) None (None) 1 Down  (1 Up / 2 Down) None (Up)
California Up (Up) 1 Down (None) 2 Up / 2 Down (3 Down) 1 Up / 2 Down (2 Down) Up (Up)
CSU Bakersfield None (None) 1 Down (None) None (None) None (None) None (None)
Florida Up (Up) 2 Up (2 Up) 1 Up / 1 Down (2 Up / 1 Down) 1 Up  (1 Up) Up (Up)
Florida St None (None) None (None) None (1 Up) 1 Up (1 Up) Up (Up)
Georgia None (None) 1 Up (1 Down) 2 Up (1 Up / 2 Down) v (None) Up (Up)
Georgia Tech None (None) None (None) None (None) 1 Down (None) None (None)
Harvard None (Down) None (None) None (None) None (None) None (None)
Indiana None (None) None (None) 3 Down (1 Up / 2 Down) None (None) Down (Down)
Louisville Down (Down) None (None) None (None) 1 Down (None) Down (Down)
Michigan Up (None) 2 Up / 2 Down (3 Up / 2 Down) 2 Up (2 Up) None (None) Up (Up)
Minnesota Down (None) None (None) None (None) 1 Up (1 Up) None (None)
Missouri None (None) None (None) None (None) None (None) Down (None)
Navy None (None) 1 Up (1 Down) None (None) None (None) Down (None)
NC State None (Up) None (None) None (None) 2 Down (2 Up / 1 Down) None (Up)
Ohio St Down (Down) None (None) None (None) None (None) Down (Down)
Penn St. Down (Down) None (None) None (None) None (None) Down (Down)
Stanford Down (None) None (None) 1 Up / 1 Down (1 Up) None (None) None (None)
Tennessee Down (Up) None (None) None (None) None (None) Down (Down)
Texas Up (Up) 1 Up / 1 Down (3 Down) 1 Down (None) 2 Up (None) Up (Down)
Texas A&M Up (Up) None (None) None (None) None (1 Down) None (None)
UNLV Up (Down) None (None) None (None) 1 Down (1 Up) Down (None)
USC Down (Down) 1 Up / 1 Down (2 Up) None (None) None (None) Up (Down)
Wisconsin None (None) None (1 Down) None (None) None (None) None (None)
WVU None (Down) None (None) None (None) None (1 Down) None (None)

Note: Ups refer to swimmers in the A final, who can finish no lower than 8th barring a DQ, and Downs refer to swimmers in the B final, who can finish no higher than 9th and no lower than 16th (again, barring a DQ on the low end).


  1. 20
  2. 17
  3. 16
  4. 15
  5. 14
  6. 13
  7. 12
  8. 11
  9. 9
  10. 7
  11. 6
  12. 5
  13. 4
  14. 3
  15. 2
  16. 1


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7 years ago

No matter how you slice it (psych sheet scoring +/-, up/downs, or eyeball test)… Michigan and Florida are doing what needs doing, and Texas and Cal are on fire.

4 team race. Austin is going to be renamed SMASH City by the end of Saturday.

7 years ago

Michael Andrew swam 19.76 for 50 free!! And 1:59 200 breast

7 years ago

Great morning for Michigan. They only had 11 swims and managed to final in 8 of them (6 A, 2 B). Their worst two relays were today (200 Free – no depth on the free / 400 IM – no backstroker and using a converted flyer) and they still managed to make the ‘A’ final in both.

7 years ago

Would it be possible to add a “total” column? I can add up for the top contenders, but a total number would make it easier to spot surprises.

Reply to  Dan
7 years ago

Dan – We must’ve missed that column in our copy and paste. We’ll stick it in right now.

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