Storm Tracking: Missy Lands in Austin

Update: We’ve been able to confirm that Missy visited Georgia last weekend, and will be at USC in two weeks.

Missy Franklin is making the next stop on her national recruiting tour, as tonight she is wheels-down in Austin, Texas where she will visit Carol Capitani’s Texas Longhorns.

This is the third official stop on Franklin’s recruiting tour, with Texas coming on late in the party as sort of a darkhorse choice. Missy’s boyfriend John Martens swims for the Texas men, but it would be flippant to presume that this was enough of a reason for her to add the Longhorns to her itinerary. In fact, the late addition probably has as much, if not more, to do with Captiani’s addition.

Capitani is in her first season at Texas after coming over from the Georgia Bulldogs, who Missy has identified as a front-runner since the very beginning of her recruiting escapades.

A swimmer as good as Franklin will bring huge value regardless of where she ends up. At Texas, however, she won’t be needed quite as much immediately as she would be at two of her stops (USC and Georgia), though certainly more than the defending champion Cal women. That’s because Texas already has some good backstrokers in their arsenal in Lily Moldenhauer and Sarah Denninghoff, both of whom would be seniors next fall. Cal probably has the 3 best backstrokers in the country, whereas Georgia and USC both could use another one (not that either is devoid of backstroke talent, either).

For what it’s worth, the campus in Austin could be a little quiet this weekend. That’s because Texas will be at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas playing against their arch-rivals Oklahoma (though as one of our readers astutely pointed out, with the Austin City Limits music festival in town, Austin will still be jammed with visitors).


  1. whoknows says:

    missy was at uga last week

    • anonymous says:

      was she there for a recruiting trip or just to visit a friend?

      I’m so excited that Lia’s going to Stanford!!

      • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

        Was able to confirm Missy was on her visit at Georgia last weekend. Also visited a friend. She’ll be at USC in two weeks – see updated map.

  2. Coach says:

    Lia committed to Stanford.

  3. FREEBEE says:

    I find it crazy that Missy is not even going to visit Stanford?

    • Benny says:

      Missy wants a “real college social life and college experience.” She realizes the culture at Stanford is different and does not offer this experience.

      • PositiveEnergy says:

        C’mon…what a mean spirited comment. Support your university/team but not by bad mouthing other programs.

  4. C’mon, ‘Horns, let’s pull out all the stops.

  5. Swim guy says:

    Austin is PACKED this weekend with Austin City Limits music festival.

  6. cynthiacurran says:

    Yeah,Longhorns. Sarah a great backstroker she swam great in high school in Tucson and U of A and will at Texas too. Missy is needed at Texas but I don’t think she wiil go there.

  7. Josh says:

    I have a feeling Missy is going to choose either Georgia or Texas.

  8. John Sampson says:

    i think itll be USC….they seem to have alot of scholarships and dave had a ton of olympians. georgia would be beefed up if she chose there, and i just dont think texas has the training group to help improve missy. best of luck to her…and make your decision asap its killing us!

  9. horns rule says:

    Texas is close to home (CO), and Austin is the best college town in America!!!!
    What’s not to like?!?!?

  10. If she does pick UT-Austin, methinks it will be because of Capitani and not because of anything else that Austin has to offer. The things that make Austin “great” are all potential distractions that could pull her away from swimming.

  11. horns rule says:

    hmmm….ever been to Athens, GA?

  12. Royale w/Cheese says:

    As always, the Missy recruiting news is fascinating…didn’t realize that Texas has the boyfriend factor going for it. They might be more of a factor than a lot of us originally thought. I still tend to lean towards Cal or SC for her considering the success of those coaches in recent years.

    I guess we have to wait on this decision for a couple of more weeks unless she eliminates USC and pulls the trigger early…the suspense is killing me too.

  13. RedSwim says:

    She is coming to SC while football away to Arizona that week!. If SC smart enough then She needs to come to SC while SC playing Colorado at Colosseum next week. it is about the football game to attract the new recruit. Just saying….

    • Penelope says:

      if its about the football game then UGA messed up- they were getting waxed in Columbia last Sat night — Out of town AND humiliated- However, Athens is one fun( some would say too fun) of a college town…

      • JJ says:

        I think you’re wrong RedSwim. It shouldn’t just be about the football game. If that is the case, then the recruit who decides the school based on the football game chose that school for the wrong reason. No matter what a recruit should choose a school based on how much they love the campus, dorms, coaches, teammates, academics, etc. Yes, the football games are fun but it should not be the deciding factor.

  14. EK says:

    UT has won 9 womens national titles, along with 9 mens titles, and has a world class natatorium. If she picks Texas it shouldnt be a shock to anyone. And Austin is a fantastic city and UT is a fantastic university.

  15. PsychoDad says:

    Missy was watching women’s practice tonight and after that took long time to sign autographs for age group swimemrs that came to a meet and did not expect to see Missy there. Missy loves Austin and UT Swim Center where Colorado Stars come to an age group meet every January.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Random question… Related only because Missy is hanging out with Kathleen…and something I’ve wondered for awhile…

    Why did Kathleen Hersey need to give up her NCAA elegibility when she decided to train with Eddie Reese a few years ago? Couldn’t she technically practice with the guys but just attend the women’s swim meets? Just curious…!

  17. swimnorth says:

    Missy should be visiting Tennessee.

  18. Chance says:

    Saw Missy walking with a group of recruits as I walked back from subway before todays afternoon meet in austin, they were headed to ACL if I remember right. She seemed to be enjoying herself and laughing, hopefully that means she picks UT, even Cal is probably the right choice. UT certainly needs her more

  19. longseeker says:

    We don’t have the aquatic facilities of Georgia, UT and USC (theirs thanks to Olympics)… We don’t have MIssy’s boyfriend at our school… We don’t have the really warm climates of the above schools.

    We DO have the Number 1 Public University in the world rated higher than some Ivies.
    We Do have a great Coach in Terri McKeever who bonds so well with team members.
    We Do have NCAA Championships for Men and Women in consecutive years.
    We DO have wonderful weather in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay).
    We DO have a marvelous and diverse cultural hub in the arts, music and sports.

    So before you rule the University of California at Berkeley out, our aquatics programs will continue to compete at the top nationally.

  20. Nigel Tufnel says:

    Does anyone have a sense that Missy would prefer to be coached by a woman (Carol / Teri) or a male (Jack / Dave) – is this a non-factor in her process? Also, any truth to the rumor that Schmitz comes with MF as an assistant coach package deal? Seems so unlike our sport and more in line with UAA basketball. Also also how soon after the USC visit (10/25) should we expect the decision think? I believe I speak for the entire swimming-nerd-nation when I declare that this anticipation is killing us. Missy, if I may, you should go burnt orange: Carol is so ready for greatness.

    • Coach says:

      Todd is an awesome coach. No doubt about that. However, how many coaching staffs have room to add an assistant, and how many of those coaches (the schools she is visiting) would be willing to share the credit/ spotlight with Todd?

      I understand having a balanced, fantastic college career. It is too bad Missy and Todd can’t go the route that Bob and Michael went when Michael was an “assistant” at UM. I have no doubt that Todd could lead a women’s team to outstanding performances.

      • Nigel Tufnel says:

        Good point. I would counter that coaching in college is more than just producing athlete performances (whatever that means). Remember that recruiting, balancing budgets, scholarship decisions, as well as countless other tasks are part of a college coach’s job. All of this takes years of on-the-job experience to develop and gain proficiency. No doubt Todd can coach but it would take a while for him to lead in the same way that Teri & Jack do / have done.

        • Nigel Tufnel says:

          Also, remember that Bob’s time wearing the maize in Ann Arbor was short-lived. My take on Missy is that she’s much more interested in being a student-athlete than Michael ever imagined being. I am not sure the Bob-Michael-Michigan model is one to emulate here.

      • coacherik says:

        The one way this really works is that she would to go to UT and Schmitz take over Longhorn Aquatics. Assuming there is no room for a full assistant (he is making $75K at Stars, I believe) he would need to survive.

  21. Greg says:

    wondering if you have information ontop male recruits ryan murphy and Conger, such as where they are visiting, both will certainly help any team

    • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

      We do, but have been asked in some cases to keep their travels more on the downlow until they commit.

      • John Sampson says:

        off topic: but according to twitter and the georgia bulldog roster chase kalisz is not yet on campus…any scoop as to why braden?

        • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

          There was an issue with one of his classes that he took in his home-schooled program. Something *like* it was once accredited, but then wasn’t any longer. The plan is for him to be ready to go by January.

  22. @HCousinIII says:

    Just curious. Does anyone know if Michigan or Virginia were ever in the mix?

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