Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – Shoulder Stability Sequence

This yoga for swimmers article outlines three poses that will develop greater shoulder stability as well as a video of how to sequence the poses.

Down Dog


  • Start in table top (hands and knees)
  • Walk your knees back approximately two inches
  • Ensure that you have your shoulders externally rotated. Meaning that your elbow pits are pointed away from you and your triceps are twirling towards each other
  • On an exhale press the ground away from you staying connected to your shoulders bring your hips up and back into an inverted ‘V’ position
  • Feel active length in the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head keeping the neck in line with the rest of the spine

yoga for swimmers


High Push Up


  • Start in table top (hands and knees)
  • Keeping the shoulders directly over the elbows and the elbows over the wrists walk your knees back about a few inches
  • On an exhale engage the core
  • On an inhale bring your knees off of the ground extending your legs towards straight
  • Engage your glutes
  • Ensure that you have active length in the spine and that the space between your shoulder blades is filled with your upper back

yoga for swimmers

Scap Push Up


  • Start in a high pushup position
  • Keep the core strong and the spine long from the tailbone to the crown of the head
  • Keep your arms fully extended as you do this movement
  • On an inhale slowly lower your upper body bringing the outside edges of your shoulder blades towards each other
  • On an exhale press strongly into the ground raising the body up and feeling the space between the shoulder blades filled with the upper back

yoga for swimmersyoga for swimmersyoga for swimmers

The following yoga for swimmers video takes you through a sequence using all three of the poses described above.

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Steve Nolan

Ooh I love the high pushup, seems real similar to “yoga pushups” that I learned from my mans, Eric Cressey:

Though he ain’t love scap pushups no more 🙁

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