Yannick Agnel Confirms He Will Retire After Rio

2012 Olympic champ Yannick Agnel officially confirmed his coming retirement after failing to make the semifinal of the 200 free, where he is the reigning Olympic champ.

Agnel finished 19th in 1:47.35, missing the top 16 and ending his individual run in Rio. He was 1:43.14 to win the event in London.

After the race, he told French media that he would be retiring after he wraps up his Rio lineup, which should still include the 4×200 free relay. That news comes courtesy of IndianExpress.

“This is my last international competition,” he said in the IndianExpress piece. “If I continue four years like the past four years, you will find me between four planks.”

Agnel is still relatively young to be retiring from the sport – he’s 24, and won his Olympic gold at just 20.

But it’s been a struggle for Agnel since London. Though he won a pair of gold medals at the 2013 World Championships, he fell to bronze in the 200 at the 2014 European Championship, then missed Worlds last summer with a lung inflammation.

Agnel actually missed qualifying for the Olympics in the individual 200 free, but was given a spot when Jordan Pothain, who finished ahead of him at French Olympic Trials, opted out of the event to focus on the 400 free.

He hinted after that meet that retirement after Rio was a strong possibility.

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6 years ago

don’t know what to see
it will be more boring in 200free

6 years ago

Definitely French swimming looks bad.Camille sadl< passed away,Agnel looks terrible in pool and now France only have Manaudou.

6 years ago

As a french, it makes me very sorry. The memories of London 2012 are still vivid ! Now, he’s going to enjoy life’s delights !

6 years ago

Bob Bowman destroyed Agnel. It’s hard to admit it, but it’s the truth.

Reply to  YouKnowWho
6 years ago

Bobbie did it again, another down the tube

6 years ago

Hell of a career, even though he’s faltered a bit the last couple years. That 200 free in 2012 will go down as one of the greatest swims of all time. Good show, old chap.

Reply to  SwimNerd
6 years ago

Old chap? Hes 24 lol

Eutaw Street Sprinters
6 years ago

1:43.1 might still win in 2020. One of the last of that golden generation of Bousquet, Leveaux, Bernard, Lefert, and Gilot that helped put French sprint freestyle on the map. Legend.

6 years ago

🙁 the textile wr holder of the 200 free 🙁

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